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We at the Organization for Independent Media have decided to hold a collaboration event with everyone within the Lethomonarchy. Those who are interested, the basic idea here is to highlight Family. More specifically, we want to highlight the ways NS, and Europeia, is like, well, a family. We hope to see everyone share their personal experiences and why you feel connected to the other faceless men behind screens typing out their RPG fantasies. Take the time to write your personal feelings, experiences, and history of it all. We hope to have a good Thanksgiving with your real families, as much as your NS family, so please leave a couple of snippets at the door of your newspaper.

We hope to see a continued interest in Independent Media.


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Calvin Coolidge said:
[class=chairman]Calvin Coolidge[/class] hopes this works. :p
[me] pleads for this to work. I've already begun plans for Peace-monger, I just hope we get some good involvement, especially with the newer outlets. :p


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I might do a big thing reminiscing on my time with this game, from my start back in 2013 until now. Hopefully I can find time for that.


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Will do something next week.