Notice: Whitmark


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Hello everyone,

It has come to our attention that the player known as Whitmark has extended his harassment beyond the admin team to individual Europeians via Discord direct message. He is currently using the alias "Benjamin Arnold" but may use different aliases as well. He may identify himself by inviting you to help him "destroy Europeia," insulting the admin team, etc. We encourage you not to engage with Whitmark or provoke him further. If you notice that you share any servers with his account(s), please let us know so we can notify their respective admin teams. Please also let us know if he contacts you under a new/different alias.

The Administrative Team*

*Note that not all admins had signed off on this statement at the time of publication, but it was posted due to the time-sensitive nature of the message.


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What a shame. I was hoping he found himself in a better mental state after over two years now; apparently not. Again, really wishing whatever issues he had/has will be fixed soon, and that he can move past this region, which seems to just be a source of negativity for him.