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Hello Europeia!

The administrative team likes to pay respect to our Honoured Citizens after their ceremonies have concluded by renaming a subforum in their honor. As usual, we are a little later than we'd like to be for these ones, but it's the thought that counts right?

Radio Operations and Radio Hub have been combined into the Pichtonia Radio Operations Hub, in honor of Pichtonia's long and storied contributions to the Ministry of Radio.

Also, the World Assembly Information Center is now the Mousebumples World Assembly Information Center, paying homage to Mousebumples' years of service regarding Europeia's World Assembly efforts.

It is our pleasure to honor these great Europeians and friends with these tributes to their work.

- The Admin Team


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Congratulations to Pichto and Mouse. Well deserved.


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Oh that's fantastic to hear! A very good announcement to see!