Military Times Editorial: Gleg stands alone, Kuramia the choice for third term as GA

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Military Times Editorial: Gleg stands alone, Kuramia the choice for third term as GA
June 22nd 2022
By Olde Delaware

Hello dear readers.

First let me say I am sorry that we did not produce an endorsement for the last President. I have always viewed the role of Speaker as being above politics despite the bully pulpit at the office's disposal. It was important to me that win or lose, that either President-Elect/President see me as someone they can work with in a non-partisan manner. Maybe I am wrong, but that's just how I view the office of Senate Speaker.

When I first set out to do endorsements, it was important to me that two major rules were enforced to the nth degree, the first being that other members of the board were either former GAs or senior ERN leadership and that each member remain anonymous even to each other as to not taint the pool with electioneering. It is imperative to me that each member be allowed to speak their mind in a candid way. So when elections come around, I try to scope out which members are on which ticket, I don't send them questions. Obviously I know they would answer them happily, but I figure its more fun to them if I let their colleagues weigh in as well as those other things I mentioned above.

I ask two questions of our board members who were not taking part in this term's Presidential election cycle. Who stated their plank clearer, is it something you endorse and can get behind and who will the next GA be. We've had a pretty good track record on endorsements, two candidates we have endorsed have gone on to win. We tied once. We've also had the same record on selecting the GA, two to one. This time around, our fourth time, the answers came quickly.

"Writinglegend's a clear winner in the ERN plank." one board member told me early this morning. "He has a detailed and credible plan for the next couple of months that builds on his success this term and ties it in with his foreign policy."

One board member stated that they felt neither platform really addressed the ERN but stated in part that " Gleg is much more upfront with his plans for how he views the role of the ERN in the new FA paradigm we face."

The position of Foreign Policy and where the candidates view the ERN as an extension of upcoming Foreign Policy planning is a comment made by a majority of the board who further relayed that it was hard to necessarily pick one over the other due to the realignment. In the end, it came down to details, which is an issue that has tripped up the Right Honorable Monkey in a previous election.

"Monkey's ERN policy isn't bad or anything, but it repeats a lot of things (training that's already happened/happening, considering shifts that have already happened, etc.), and there's a lack of tie-in with clear foreign policy objectives."

"Monkey's lack of ERN service while serving in the UDS does him no favors, he would know exactly where Kuramia left off and where the ERN was and what groundwork was laid if he were more active here."

With that said, the Military Times Editorial Team has reached a decision by to endorse the Venerable Writinglegend in his campaign to be the next President of Europeia.

The Editorial Board also selected the Venerable Kuramia to her third term as GA, also picking up a vote was the Right Honorable Istillian.


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Love your work here OD, I'm very curious to see what the next term will bring for the ERN, and this just had me wanting more!


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Thank you to the Military Times for the endorsement.

The ERN is near-and-dear to me. To see how active and transformative it is today warms my heart. Our Defender Olympics success was one of the highest highs of the last term!