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Hello dear friends,

I am not an eloquent writer like DH nor am I a capturer of imagination like McEntire. I think many of us would agree that with me, once you get to know me, what you see is what you get. I am honest and 'true blue' and will fight through heaven and earth for my friends and those I care about. Spring has finally turned to summer and it is finally July, the month of my birth. I decided early in the year that on my birthday instead of spending money on food and stupid things that I would take some of it and give back to those who mean the most to me and those I love. I looked through the card that HEM sent me once I was doing better in the hospital and pulled off five names at random to give back to.

These are the five:

@Lloenflys - $5.00 has been donated in your name to the National Audubon Society

@HEM - $5.00 has been donated in your name to the World Wildlife Fund

@Istillian - $5.00 has been donated in your name to

@SkyGreen - $5.00 has been donated in your name to SOS Children's Villages Croatia

@Sopo - $5.00 has been donated in your name to the Sloth Conservation Foundation

I am using the second half of this letter to say that this will most likely be my last article on my health and wellbeing and...well anything in Euro worthwhile for a long time to come.

The last few weeks have shown me that this relationship has been a one way street for the last few years, my love for Euro but not its love for me. I was banned from the discord over RL politics, something that multiple people in this region and outside of it are now aware of with even Aex, a long time nemesis of mine and someone with absolutely no reason to give me the benefit of the doubt agreeing that it was because of Admin Malice. I was dragged for being anti-LGBT on the NS forums with no one from Europeia coming to my defense despite years of myself giving full throated defenses of our LGBT residents and myself coming out as Bi last year. There has been no upward momentum for a few years now and from speaking with people I trust and love, Euro has changed and not for the better. It has become an echochamber, you're in or you're out and if you're out, you are out permanently and there's no coming back. I refused to believe that for years, but when people like Aex and HEM tell me that, I have absolutely no reason to not believe them.

I don't have that fear.

It was recommended to me by a close friend, Ava aka Klaus here in NS that my mental health is more important than Europeia. Something that others close to me have been saying for awhile now. Is it worth putting time and energy into something and someplace that doesn't love you as much as you love it? I don't think I have the reasons to justify it anymore. So I've done something I said I would never do again and that's move elsewhere. I don't intend to drop my citizenship, I'll post in the RS from time to time but politically I am done with Europeia and for the first time in a long time, I feel intensely better getting that off my chest.

Let me say in closing, to those people who are voicing these opinions in private and refusing to do so in public because of some fear of being "out". Grow a fucking spine. If Euro is going to change and stop this cliquey behavior, you need to step forward and say something. To the Admins, you were handed a silver platter on what the community believes needs to be changed and fixed and you've thrown it out the window and continue with 'business as usual'. Do better. If you have a problem with this, consider looking at the Administrator for Discord and their recent behavior. You should probably consider a change to someone who isn't overly combative and aggressive. To the cliques that exist, you are 100% what is wrong with Europeia and the public face you put on and the fake smiles you show are disgusting and disturbing.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

I appreciate you making a donation in my name. I hope nobody would ever feel obligated to do that, but it is very kind.

As I said in your previous thread, I spoke from the heart in stating that I believed stepping back could benefit you. I am glad that you reflected on that and your experience and are doing what is right for you.

I don't remember telling you that you were "out" of the region permanently, but if that's how you currently feel, then that's all the more reason to take a breath and a break.

No matter where you go from here, wishing you the best of luck.