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@1:40 Central Time
Early polls from the Oval Room show Prov in a slight lead against candidate Izzy in the race for People's Assembly Chair. Polls are set to close March 11th at 11AM.

The race for Chairperson of the People's Assembly has been broiled in drama after the last chair abruptly resigned yesterday.

"What I do know however is that I have been burned out of my energy due to partially the reasons outlined here and partially due to regional moderation, which left me wondering as to whether or not I'm even safe within this region or not." "To the people of Europeia that like it and can call it their home, I'm glad you have a region that's fitting for you. For me, that's not exactly the case. Therefore I bid you farewell." - Former PA Chair Seren

In response to Seren's abrupt departure, Interim-Chair Turbiatop has this to say,

"Former Chair's Seren early exit was a bit of a surprise to me, but I can understand the reasons to leave. She was a great chair, and I was glad to be her deputy in the first time as her being a Chair and would do it again any day. I hope she has a good time elsewhere in life even if it is not in NationStates!

The abrupt transition for me to become Interim PA Chair was not a bad transition. I knew being Deputy and seeing the Ordinance in the PA Assembly letting Deputy become PA Chairs:, was the right thing to do, I took up the initiative to take up that role to look after the PA administratively until a new chair is appointed!"
- Interim-PA Chair Turbiatop

Now that Deputy PA Chair, Turbiatop assumed the mantle of responsibility. They will remain Interim-PA Chair until elections are complete. They were appointed Feb 6, 2023 as Dep. Chair.

@2:30PM Central Time

As Prov's lead shortens they commented on the current elections and on the future, Candidate Prov said the following.

"I am thrilled for this election and can’t wait to see the outcome as the PA will be deciding what we the citizens decide to bring to the floor even if the senate might not bring it to the floor and while this election is only small and doesn’t matter much for the Europeia government this election decides what we the people want in the PA." - PA Candidate Prov

@9PM Central Time
PA Vote 2023.PNG

Prov holds their 7 point lead over Izzy with an 15-13 majority. It is currently too close for The Pelteain to make a prediction at this time. When asked to comment Candidate Izzy has this to say. As both candidate had a limited amount of time to campaign, voters were hasty to build their opinions on the best leader for the People's Assembly. While candidate "Pro" said that the election was "small" and doesn't matter" much to the Europeian Government, their analysis that it will decide what the people want is accurate. Maybe we should ask ourselves, why is this election considered "small" to the Europeian government? The Pelteain although a neutral paper believes that this election is significantly important, as the PA Chair will determine the direction of not only the People's Assembly but that of Europeia.

When asked to comment on the election, Candidate had this say to prospective voters. The Pelteain will issue it's next Election Update at 9AM Central, stay tuned!

"The PA's future depends on all of us. No matter what happens, get active!" - PA Candidate Izzy
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