Introduction to OIM

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The Organization of Independent Media stands with open arms to welcome a new age of private media in Europeia. We hope to usher in that new era with journalistic excellence, and coordinated media events, geared towards creating stellar content by and for Europeians.

Some goals of our organization include:

  • Fostering activity and discussion through private media
  • Developing guidelines for private media to better serve the public in news coverage
  • Educating aspiring journalists to improve the overall quality of media in Europeia
  • Running regular award ceremonies to highlight excellent journalism
  • Diversification of content
For those interested in joining our organization, all that is required is a post of interest in this thread, and your name will be added to our member list. No news organization of your own is required, any journalist can feel free to publish under the OIM banner. Expect our first coordinated media event to launch in the near future.


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I have no idea if you're still running membership this way, but I'd like to register my interest in joining anyway - hopefully my experience in Comms can be useful to any aspiring journalists 😄