[Interview] What it Takes to be Venerable

What it Takes to be Venerable
Celebrating Our Honoured Citizens by Talking with a Few of Them

Written by @Sincluda

On December 2nd, Europeia celebrates Honoured Citizens' Day, recognizing the contributions of most highly lauded citizens. These venerable people have always shined brightest and built themselves to be pillars of the region. Europeia couldn't have made it this far without them. Celebrating this holiday, the EBC interviewed three of Europeia's Honoured Citizens to give us a deeper look into who these people are. Interviewed for this article were Kuramia, Pichtonia, and Drecq.

What do you think have been your greatest contributions towards becoming an Honoured Citizen?

I'd hope it's my pizzazz with databases and gifs in all my speeches! But seriously, my work in FA is something I'm proud of. I'd like to imagine that I brought energy and made people want to engage with any ministry I ran. And if push came to shove, I'd do the work myself.

Pichtonia: Hmm. This is hard to say for oneself, because luckily we aren't the ones have to make that evaluation, but I would say my work during the Executive Split in Europeia was probably a decisive contribution.

Drecq: Definitely my years spend in the Senate. Really my only big contribution. 'm one of the few Honoured Citizens honoured not for primarily executive contributions.

How did it feel to receive your Ovation/Triumph and what do you remember about the ceremony?

It was shocking. I didn't think I'd done enough. Like I see all these other honored citizens and I'm like 'oh yeah they totally deserve this', and then it came to me and I was like 'whaaaaa?' I remember it being run by my bestie Pichto and it was the best fun!

Pichtonia: I thought it was very nice to read how others viewed your contributions and your influence on themselves. The addresses that were written for my ceremony were very kind, I sometimes like to look back at them. But of course it also feels a little odd to be elevated to that circle of a few folks. At the time I described it as feeling like a pug among German shepherds.

Drecq: Honestly, the ceremony was kind of a blur. It was nice though. The whole thing was unexpected and a little overwhelming.

What have you enjoyed most throughout your time in Europeia?

Oh everyone who's been here for a bit will tell you it's the community. I've been a part of a lot of things, a lot of groups, alongside Europeia. I've left them all behind because of lack of interest, feeling left out, toxicity, or just people drifting away. Europeia has stayed the test of time for me because of the people here. And I think it'll continue to do that too.

Pichto: Well, two things. Of course, the what I'd say I enjoyed most are all the contacts I've forged with many incredible players. You know, whether it's endlessly silly chats or even serious discussions, you know you can rely on this community to be there for you. But secondly, Europeia is still the prime political region on Nation States, and I can't deny that I simply very much enjoy this political game as well. Running for office, being a Minister, rising through the ranks, all of that. It's a lot of fun and I think I've always kept some ambition within me.

Drecq: Well, that goes back probably to the whole "primarily honoured for legislative contributions" thing: legislating. Working out the language for a new bill. Making it do exactly what you want and not any of the things you don't want. That is fun for me.

What advice would you give to other citizens on how to reach Honoured Citizen status?

Do the work. All you have to do is do the work. It really is that easy. Make a mistake? That's fine. We're all allowed them. Eat crow, make up for it by continuing to do the work. Love the people here, treat them well, and do the work. No one giving you work? Ask to do the work. Or just do it. You don's always need permission.

Pichtonia: Don't be afraid to fail, to make mistakes. We all do. It's how you bounce back from them what will be remembered.

Drecq: Find something you love to do (that is also beneficial to the region) and then do it. The old saying that if you love what you do you won't work a day in your life is true. If you love the thing you do in Euro then you are going to spend a lot more time doing it, just because you love it. Spending more time doing it means you will get better at it and probably better than people who spend less time doing it. And if you spent a lot more time than others doing a thing better than others that is beneficial for Europeia, then usually that gets rewarded. And after they've given you the Order of Senatia (or whatever award is appropriate for your hobby horse) a couple times eventually people will start considering you for an Ovation as the only award left to give that is appropriate to your dedication.

The EBC would like to thank Kuramia, Pichtonia, and Drecq for contributing their time to this interview. We would also like to remind everyone that Honored Citizens' Day is currently ongoing (as of this article being posted), and we encourage those reading to go and celebrate those who have helped build Europeia to the shining star it is today!
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I could have sworn we did Kurastock under my term, but I enjoyed this.
You ran it as Minister of Culture -- iirc, HEM nominated Kuramia for the ovation, and then I was there as Chief of State to officiate the ceremony with the First Minister, Dax.


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Fantastic little blurb!