[Inside Government] September 2021 Executive End-Of-Term Satisfaction Poll Results and Analysis

September 2021 Executive End-Of-Term Satisfaction Poll Results and Analysis
Results and Analysis

Written by ICH

With the mandate of the current administration coming to an end, the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation has decided to ask the citizens of the region for their opinion on the Executive and its officials' performance throughout the term. A total of 25 citizens responded to this poll, a drop of 3% when compared with the Executive Mid-Term Satisfaction poll, but nonetheless a decent sample size to assess the Executive's performance.

President, Vice-President, and Executive Satisfaction

Executive Satisfaction Rate: 92%
"Across the board, there were a lot of good changes, and everything was handled well."

At a time when a significant portion of citizens felt the Executive numbers had peaked during the mid-terms, the numbers in the poll proved them wrong as the Executive managed to gain from an impressive 85.7% to a superb 92%, a gain of 6.3% compared to the mid-terms, and a whopping gain of 34.3% from the previous term's Administration. The respondents were extremely satisfied with the steady and efficient management of the Executive by the Calvin Coolidge Administration and were also content with some of the changes brought to it. The Executive also had almost twice the "very satisfied" responses as the polls in the mid-term satisfaction polls, as 44% of the respondents were "very satisfied" with the Executive, compared to 21.4% during the Mid-Term polls, thus indicating that the respondents not only had a positive opinion of the Executive but were also very convinced with its performance. The positive perception created by the Executive also rubbed off on its officials, as almost all of them registered gains, and in a lot of cases, massive gains.

President Calvin Coolidge: 92%

"Calvin did a good job as president - he set out with an agenda and accomplished it."

With the Executive winning strong approval from a wide swathe of the citizenry, it is no surprise that the president has also been richly awarded a similar approval rating, recording a satisfaction rate of 92%, up by 2.7% from the mid-terms and a more-than-impressive gain of 53.6% from the previous president's satisfaction rate at the end of their tenure. The fact that a vast majority of the Ministries have been firing from all cylinders is a testament to Calvin Coolidge's leadership capability and also to the president's credit, they have managed to fulfil the citizenry's expectation largely, as reflected in the comments and their own satisfaction ratings. Almost half of the citizens, 44%, even gave the president a "very satisfied" answer, the icing on the cake for the president, as this indicated the citizens are sure of the president's impressive performance and there is no room to make them convince otherwise.

Vice-President Grandfather Clock: 84%
"A VP that got to stay in the spotlight more. What’s Kickin' in Cabinet was an amazing idea!"
"pls cry GC"
"Unsure where he's been very active. Regular speeches are good though."

In a continuation of the trend set by the Executive Officials, Europeia's best chef aka Vice President Grandfather Clock notched up an impressive satisfaction rate of 84%, improving from their satisfaction rate of 82.2% during the midterms by 1.8% and from the 69.3% of the previous Vice-President by 14.7%. The vice-president's "What's Kickin in Cabinet" initiative, summarising the Cabinet's workings, was met with wide approval as reflected in the comments, and this seems to be a view echoed by the other respondents as reflected in GC's high satisfaction rating. While the respondents desired to see GC in the spotlight more, their impressive performance in the other parameters seems to have largely made up for that and should GC run for President in the future, they are sure to have a successful VP tenure in their resume.

Minister Satisfaction:

Minister of Communications Monkey: 60%

"Got some good articles out quickly, the only exception being Mid-Term Exec polls. Nice work!"
"A clear improvement from the midterm!! Well done!"

In a slight relief for the Minister of Communications, they gained by 6.4% compared to the mid-terms, but their satisfaction rate of 60% largely pales in comparison to the other Executive officials' ratings and the average minister satisfaction rate of 78.5% in this poll, and Minister Monkey trailed previous Minister Lime's satisfaction rate at the end of the last term by 1.5%. The Ministry has outperformed the minister, notching up a satisfaction rate of 68%. However, there has been a clear consensus among the respondents that Minister Monkey has largely improved from their performance in the first half of their tenure judging by the comments left by the respondents.

Minister of Culture Sanjurika: 84%
"Tons of clever ideas, and Sanjurika managed them expertly! An incredible term for Culture!"
"Sanju has consistently done a fantastic job throughout this entire term, the amount of effort they have put into organising things is commendable"
"It was an awesome term with two major and majorly successful events!"

Sanjurika was quick to win a majority of the respondents' hearts, with their first term as a Minister in Europeia ending in a dream run as they are approved by 84% of the citizenry. This is a gain of 12.6% when compared with their satisfaction rate during the mid-terms and 14.8% from the end of the previous term. Sanjurika has succeeded in ensuring the Cultural events appeal to a large number of the citizenry, evident by the heavy turnout during the Summer Olympics and regular games, and has also worked out a formula that works for the Culture Ministry, moving its focus from Discord to the forums where anyone, irrespective of their time zones and schedules, can participate. According to the respondents, the Ministry has managed to keep up a high standard of performance throughout both the halves of the term, and this consistency was also well-noted by the citizenry. There was also praise for Sanjurika's management skills which certainly helped the Culture Ministry achieve a 96% satisfaction rate, the highest among the ministries in tonight's results.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Darkslayer: 84%
"We got some really good statements out this term, despite Sedgistan being an ass. Good work,!"
"dark is NOT the absolute worst this time"
"Nothing to say really, started off strong but then I haven't heard much from them apart from cancelling a useless NAP"

In an exception to the trends of satisfaction rates of officials and their departments, Minister Darkslayer outperformed his own Ministry by 4%, and his approval ratings have also registered an improvement of 12.6% from the mid-term numbers and 30.1% from the previous Foreign Minister's satisfaction rating at the end of their tenure. The Foreign Affairs Ministry's actions throughout the term have clearly struck a chord with the citizenry, and while some opined that the Ministry slowed down in the last half of the tenure, their sublime performance when considering the entirety of the term has helped the citizens conclude that this was a successful tenure when it comes to the Foreign Affairs of the region.

Minister of Interior Le Libertie: 96%

"LL went above and beyond in research, analysis, and being amazing in general. Our recruiters (and welcomers) have done very well, and we saw a lot of new additions to make work easier and more fun in Interior."
"Fantastic work on recruitment. Integration work has been slow, however."

Minister of Interior Le Libertie attained the highest score of 96%, an increase of 10.3% from the mid-term numbers as Europeia's population numbers have picked up in the latter half of the term and his number in this poll also improved by 11.4% when compared with the previous minister's ratings. Many citizens have taken note of Le Libertie's approach of using extensive research and analysis to help improve the Ministry's methods, and this was warmly welcomed by them. While according to some of the citizens, integration could still be improved, the excellent spell of recruitment that occurred under Le Libertie's watch trumps any discontent the citizens have regarding the Ministry. There was also a gap in intensity when it comes to the Ministry's and LL's ratings, as 80% were "very satisfied" with Le Libertie and 56% were "very satisfied" with the Ministry's overall performance, even though they both recorded a 96% satisfaction rating.

Grand Admiral Vlaska: 76%

"The series of resignations was bumpy, but other than that, I feel like more than a few tags were accomplished despite Defender dominance, and Vlaska proved strong in a leadership role."

Vlaska has managed to get the Europeian Republican Navy up and running after a string of resignations that affected the workings of the ERN, and has attained a well-deserved rating of 76%, gaining by 10.6% when compared to the previous Grand Admiral's satisfaction rate in July 2021. Vlaska has largely been able to meet the citizens' expectations and has put up a noteworthy performance as a leader, which could be reflected in the ERN's high approval rating of 80%, a gain of 33.6% from the mid-term poll's 46.4%. However, 60% of the citizens were "satisfied" with the Grand Admiral, while a lower proportion 16% of the citizens were "very satisfied" with Vlaska, thus indicating that while Vlaska met their expectations, there is undoubtedly much room to improve and exceed the citizenry's expectations.

Attorney General Sopo: 36%
"It’s tough to get stuff going in a Ministry as dead as this. I like what we got, even if it was only a little. Justice will need to stick around, but it needs serious revamps."
"I think the ministry should be abolished, it brings no real value to the region. Sopo tried something but otherwise, MoJ is a ghost town at this point"
"Doing more now than before. I think we need to see what a full term may be, however."

For those who were expecting the Ministry of Justice to make a turnaround in the second half of the tenure, they were left disappointed as the Ministry has, according to the citizens, more or less remained stagnant, primarily due to the Ministry struggling to find a sense of purpose which might re-invigorate the Ministry. Frustrations have reached such heights that one of the respondents even advocated for abolishing the Ministry, a sign which does not bode well for the Ministry's future. Sopo's satisfaction rate registered a meagre increase of 0.3%, not a level of improvement from a struggling Ministry that one can be proud of. When compared with the previous term's Ministers, Sopo's ratings contracted the most, down by 29.3% from the previous AG's ratings in July 2021. In a slight consolation for the justice minister, some have placed the blame for the Ministry's decline on the Ministry's structure and purpose but, the poor approval ratings does mean the citizenry is not too happy with the Attorney General's performance either.

Minister of Radio Kuramia: 96%

“A good mix of many different shows, all of them equally entertaining”

One of the stars of tonight’s poll results, along with Le Libertie and Greater Cesnica, Kuramia has managed to retain their crown of being the top-performing minister of the Administration, attaining a superb 96% satisfaction rating, improving from their own impressive 89.3% during the mid-terms by 6.7% and by 49.8% when compared to the previous Minister. The Ministry of Radio, from the beginning of the term, has been consistent in creating radio contents of superior quality and a diverse range, and thus has successfully managed to make 92% of the citizenry reasonable satisfied, and in a significant number of cases, very satisfied. The Ministry of Radio has also managed to have the highest average satisfaction rate among the ministries over the two polls conducted this term, with an impressive 90.7% mean satisfaction rating. This has proven that an overwhelming majority shares the enthusiasm expressed in the respondents’ comments.

Ministry of World Assembly Affairs Greater Cesnica: 96%

“GC did very well as a first-term Minister, and greatly increased our forum outreach, one of the most important parts of World Assembly influence, and arguably the most important one directly in our control.”

If the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs staff are looking at GC’s satisfaction rating, they are the only group of people who is not going to be surprised by them, as they saw the first-term minister‘s emergence to one of the most effective cabinet members first-hand. They scooped up an impressive 96% approval rating, in a dream finish, improving by 24.6% from the mid-terms and by 11.6% from the previous minister. GC has not only managed to maintain the high standard of performance set by their predecessor Pland Adanna, but have also improved on it on certain parameters, such as the forum outreach part of the Ministry. This has cemented the positive impression people hold of the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs and this could be said judging by the fact that it got the highest score, 96%, a notable achievement and certainly something GC can be proud of.

Next Term’s Cabinet

Which Ministers should return?


Other Potential Ministers

Breakdown by Ministries:

Ministry of Culture
: Baobab (4)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Kuramia (1)
Ministry of World Assembly Affairs: Sincluda (2), Pland Adanna (1)
Ministry of Communications: Bronyleader (1), Lime (1)
Ministry of Radio: Nate (1), Lime (1)
Attorney General: Monkey (1)

Next Elections

President Calvin Coolidge


Other Potential Candidates

Breakdown by Individuals:

UPC- 3
Istillian- 3
Monkey- 3
Lime- 3
SkyGreen- 2
Le Libertie- 1
Olde Delaware- 1
Sincluda- 1
Peeps- 1
Prim- 1
Grandfather Clock- 1



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