[Inside Government] Nov '21 End-of-Term Poll Results

Nov '21 Executive End-of-Term Poll Results
What did Europeians think of the last administration?

Polling done by @Prim, written by @Comfed

Hey, just a side note before I dump the data here, we were very close to getting a proper analysis for the data, but decided it would be best not to delay the results any longer. Apologies for not delivering an analysis. But you're here for the results, so let's not bother with talking, and look at the data! - Sincluda

Executive satisfaction​

Very Satisfied - 0% | Satisfied - 20% | Neutral - 14.3% | Dissatisfied - 34.3% | Very Dissatisfied - 31.4%
These are historically low results and are very bad news for the executive. Particularly noteworthy elements of this poll include zero "Very Satisfied" responses and 31.4% of respondents being "Very Dissatisfied" with the performance of the executive.

Is Europeia on the right track?​

Yes - 25.7% | No - 60% | Unsure - 14.3%
I have nothing constructive to add.
Europeia will continue on without Lime's poor leadership
Lime has the capacity to be good in the position of President, but his ego prevents him from attaining that.
This administration has put all others to shame in creating engagement
I’ll be honest, outside of Lime and Sopo and maybe Peeps (and Lime only at the very end, and Peeps’ role is behind the scenes) this has been a strong back half for the Executive!
Would have been Satisfied or better without Him at the top.
Some Ministries have been solid, but hard to approve of the executive as a whole when the Presidency is off the rails.
Some good highlights, but a notably poor term
Apart from Lime, the executive was starting to slowly recover. However, in my eyes, it was too little too late to be salvageable sadly.
A supermajority of respondents don't believe that Europeia is on the right track, and barely a quarter of respondents believe that it is. This may have to do with the several questions still circulating around the Lime administration's handling of the Frontier/Stronghold update, or the comments about the lack of transparency from the executive this term. The comments seem to indicate that may Europeians feel that the (now former) President was undermining his government and that many of the ministries themselves did rather well.

President Lime - 5.7%​

Oof. Just oof and why attack OD of all people.
Love him or hate him, you can't deny he generated activity and engagement
honestly i was fine with most of the stuff for almost all of the term but these most recent shenanigans have crossed the line
It seems like Vice President SkyGreen24 is the only Presidential figure around.
Are there words anymore for what's felt? He's avoided questions, argued reasonable criticism, jumped down Senator's throats for no known reason, says that there's shitty stuff going on that needs court action but refuses to do it himself, and seems happy to make everyone's life miserable. Most atrociously, his most loyal supporter, Skygreen, has had to derail his campaign to deal with this childish bullshit. Lime is aware of the difficulty he's caused his Vice President and is only too happy to selfishly do so to take potshots for what, as far as the public knows, is past offenses. I hope Lime takes some serious time to self reflect. He needs it.
I don’t think Lime deserves all the hate he’s been getting but I do think that there are ways to handle this that would’ve been better for everyone involved
Fine right after the midterm... but a massive collapse in the home stretch
Was doing okay, not well, not terribly. Then he just had to get himself embroiled in a controversy. I don’t care if the question asked was itself condescending at this point. This is a President who has frankly made a mockery of the office and of the powers given to it. If we’re ever in the position of electing Lime to anything in the near future, he could absolutely count me out as anything but a member resolutely opposing his election. Disgraceful.
Lime continues to dumbfound me through the sheer incomprehensibility of his actions.
i would’ve put neutral at the very least if it weren’t for his actions a couple days ago.
It's all been said. President Lime kicked things off slow, tried to get back on the right track, and everything imploded after that.
Absolute disaster.
Do I really need to point out why I was very dissatisfied or can I just point to his numerous encounters with criticisms and questions and call it a day? Seriously, there's no way I can sugar coat this like I at least try to do usually. This presidential term was just abysmal.
These results can only be described as a catastrophe for former President Lime. His overall approval is a historical 5.7%, and many commentators see the controversy over the question in the executive townhall thread and Lime's subsequent reaction to questions in the Senate as a disaster for the former President.

Vice President SkyGreen24 - 60%​

I think I did good
Cleans up where Lime fails.
He's been supportive, loyal, done tons of work for Euro and wants to do more. I feel euphoric thinking about him.
Sky has been the one keeping it all together, I am really happy that we got him as a vp, otherwise this train wreck would’ve completely gone up in flames
Considering everything that he's been put through, how he's been left holding the bag and gotten no real support from Lime, I think he's doing as good a job as possible.
imo sky is really only shining from relativity with lime
He has, in many ways, been the face of this administration, but has done good work. I cannot pretend I didn’t wish that he wouldn’t provide some moral leadership on the whole Lime situation, but maybe that’s just courtesy to his boss,
Where Lime has dismally failed the region, SkyGreen has been the saving face.
i think he did good
I think SkyGreen made a lot of improvement through the term and tried to step up when Lime didn't. That being said, I think it took a while for him to get warmed up too, and while communication was ok, I would've liked to see more action.
Done okay, but it's the VP
In general, the public has a much more favourable viewing of (former) Vice-President (now President) SkyGreen24 than the President himself. This may be an indicator that the voters will not punish SkyGreen24 for his association with the former president.

Transition Minister Peeps - 20%​

Peeps is still in government? Where's Peeps?
I'm not sure this turned out well....
What exactly does he do here? You'd think he would be more involved in the F/S transition discussions at least
More secretive than the DEIA :p
I haven’t *seen* anything and the question rages on. The Frontier update wasn’t delivered by Peeps and I wonder why they were put into office in the first place.
He wrote the Frontier Act. As far as I know, that's all he did. Maybe he should've just run for Senate?
I was barely aware he was even a minister.
Don't understand what he's done, to be honest
The approval rating combined with the comments seem to indicate a public confusion about the role of the Transition Minister and Peeps' duties in office. Many people question what Peeps had actually done, with comments about the transparency of the office notable.

Should Europeia be a Frontier or Stronghold?​

Frontier - 42.9% | Stronghold - 34.3% | Unsure - 22.9%
Still not worth it.
Frontier supporters need to address the fact that one of their major points - recruitment being more difficult - is utter bogus
If we can get over the squabbling, we should be just fine as a Frontier,
Still haven't felt convinced why we should go with the Frontier path and I'm leaning towards Stronghold, however my opinion could be swayed.
While Frontier continues to be the most popular option, it no longer commands the majority support it once did. Indeed, both sides seem to have lost support as many more undecided citizens emerge - proving that this is definitely not a resolved issue.

Ministry of Communications - 68.6%​

Minister of Communications Sincluda - 74.2%​

Ministry seems directionless.
Been some weird stuff going on.
Not perfect, but a good job nonetheless for someone who took over on short notice.
has made some little stumbles that could’ve easily been avoided, but i think he’s capable of learning.
For someone who came in near the end of the term Sin did as well as he could, really
Trying hard but isn't getting a lot of quick movement out of people.
Most people seem satisfied with the Ministry, with some commentators questioning perceived mistakes made by Minister Sincluda while running the Ministry.

Ministry of Culture - 57.2%​

Minister of Culture Sanjurika - 65.8%​

Sanju stepped up and did a great job
Quiet. Too quiet.
Murder Mystery was fun!!
I had high hopes and wanted Sanju back in office post-Bao, but I cannot say that this term was anything other than a failure for Culture.
I am sure Sanj tried to salvage the term, but tbh I still haven't seen much activity even since Baob left.
Maybe it was my break from NS showing here, but I really don't remember too many things happening with Culture.
Most people seem seen satisfied with the Ministry, and even more people reporting that they are satisfied with Minister Sanjurika, and many people feel that he stepped up well to finish the term despite a poor performance by former Minister Baobab. There were some commentators, however, who felt that despite Sanjurika's efforts, the Ministry was largely inactive for the balance of the term.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - 57.2%​

Minister of Foreign Affairs Kazaman - 57.2%​

Thank God for the speech from the foreign office, otherwise I'd have forgotten we had one.
FA did some nice work this term, Kaz has a great understanding of FA, even whilst slowly adjusting to the more social environment of NS
Not even sure what Foreign is up to...
Did a buttload of stuff, so good work
Steady as she goes.
, ambassadors have had nothing to do
There is a general feeling of satisfaction for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with most content with Kazaman's work as Minister. There are some who feel that the Ministry was not as active as it could have been this term.

Ministry of Interior - 82.8%​

Minister of Interior Calvin Coolidge - 91.4%​

Calvin shows his skills once more, very impressed
Calvin does it again
Recruiting is going great, and I think that integration efforts are best done passively so I'm not going to knock Interior for slacking in that area
Appears to have made some strides, will be excited to see what he does gameside if brought back.
One of the standout Ministers
The vast majority of people are happy with both the Ministry and the performance of Minister Calvin Coolidge. Despite recent discussion over gameside integration, most people do not fault the Ministry for this.

Ministry of Justice - 14.3%​

Attorney General Sopo - 11.4%​

let's just get rid of justice
Get rid of it
Blame Sopo but unironically
Nothing really positive or negative. At least this term was better than the last.
Meh. Sopo's performance fell far short of what he promised. Then again, I also think this Ministry should be nixed and he did *fine*
Thank you for your honesty during the Lime removal proceedings, Sopo
The Europeian citizenry is obviously not impressed with Attorney General Sopo nor the Ministry of Justice. Most feel that that Ministry hasn't done anything this term, and some think that the Justice Ministry should even be abolished.

Ministry of Radio - 80%​

Minister of Radio Xecrio - 48.6%​

Nate's address was appropriate, nonetheless Radio was still intense
As usual, high marks for Radio and iffy marks for the Minister. Since I've seen a lot of great shows come together somewhat spontaneously, and I wonder how much of that is from the Minister versus proactive radio hosts like Calvin or Kura or Darkslayer
I forgot that Nate was Radio Minister
He has performed the best out of any minister other than GC. A great performance to just get stuff made!
i feel like i haven’t seen much of him lately
Fine, nothing special. We had some shows -- not sure how much of that was Xecrio and how much of that was just organic interest.
Exceptional work in Radio, as I've come to expect from Radio.
Most are impressed with the showing from Radio this term, but some question whether this is from Minister Xerico or from the staffers themselves, with his approval rating being significantly lower than the Ministry itself.

Ministry of World Assembly Affairs - 88.6%​

Minister of World Assembly Affairs Greater Cesnica - 82.9%​

Amazing, waanderful
Maybe I’m a bit biased, but I cannot but be proud of the other Cretox protege haunting Europeian halls.
WAA seems to have IFVs coming out regularly and the minister seems to be around regularly, which is good to see.
There is little to say here. There is near-universal agreement that the Ministry is doing well, with the strongest approval ratings of any Ministry.

ERN - 71.4%​

Grand Admiral Darcness - 91.5%​

Darc's reorganization of the ERN was a great move, hoping to see it carry on next term
A bright light in an otherwise dark time
While the ern has seen a slight rise in activity, there is definitely more to be done.
Amazing reforms AND a liberation!? Wowza, keep Darc as GA, if he’s not pres
It’s nice to see the ERN active again!
Seems like Darc is trying to innovate the ERN and do new things. Too early to see how it will turn out, but certainly an improvement from the first half of the term.
The Navy was on the brink of death until Darcness came by and saved it. Even a little bit of activity is better than nothing for the ERN currently.
Most seem satisfied with how Darcness has been able to run the Navy, indicating that the Grand Admiral’s new measures to incorporate civilian management and decentralize governance are broadly viewed as a success.

Which Ministers should return next term?​

Darcness - 77.1%
Calvin Cooldige - 85.7%
Sincluda - 57.1%
Greater Cesnica - 62.9%
Kazaman - 25.7%
Xecrio - 20%
Sopo - 11.4%
Sanjurika - 57.1%
Peeps - 11.4%

Who should be a Minister next term?​

Sincluda (3) Communications, (3) World Assembly Affairs
Icarus (2) Radio, (1) Culture, (1) ministry not specified
Calvin Coolidge (1) Radio, (1) Interior
Kuramia (1) Radio, (1) Foreign Affairs
Darkslayer (2) Justice, (1) Culture
Pland Adanna (1) World Assembly Affairs
Darcness (1) ERN
Istillian (1) ERN
Xecrio (1) Radio
Le Libertie (1) Interior
Peeps (1) Foreign Affairs
Lloenflys (1) Justice
Sanjurika (1) Culture
GraVandius (1) Communications
Greater Cesnica (1) World Assembly Affairs
Olde Delaware (1) ministry not specified
Celtianna (1) ministry not specified
Sarah (1) ministry not specified

Who should've ran for president?​

Darcness (2)
Lloenflys (2)
Olde Delaware (1)
Sanjurika (1)
HEM (1)
UPC (1)
Sincluda (1)
Kuramia (1)
Pland Adanna (1)

If the election were held today, who would you vote for?​

Note that this data is older than the poll conducted by The Panda's Pen.
SkyGreen24/Istillian - 34.3% | Darcness/UPC - 34.3% | Gaudosia/Pichtonia - 11.4% | Monkey/Writinglegend - 20%

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I feel like the numbers here speak for themselves. But definitely an electorate willing to give uber low marks not just to the outgoing President, but a few other Ministers as well.

Le Libertie

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Nothing too surprising here. I do want to note that the prediction I made earlier does appear to be correct: Europeia is far from decided on whether it wants to become a frontier or stronghold.


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Nothing too surprising here. I do want to note that the prediction I made earlier does appear to be correct: Europeia is far from decided on whether it wants to become a frontier or stronghold.
Strongly disagree. Many more people will be voting than took this poll. The ballot box is the answer.


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Nothing too surprising here. I do want to note that the prediction I made earlier does appear to be correct: Europeia is far from decided on whether it wants to become a frontier or stronghold.
Strongly disagree. Many more people will be voting than took this poll. The ballot box is the answer.
There are issues other than Frontier/Stronghold deciding peoples votes, and it's not even the primary issue for many.


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Nothing too surprising here. I do want to note that the prediction I made earlier does appear to be correct: Europeia is far from decided on whether it wants to become a frontier or stronghold.
Strongly disagree. Many more people will be voting than took this poll. The ballot box is the answer.
There are issues other than Frontier/Stronghold deciding peoples votes, and it's not even the primary issue for many.
Elections give mandates.


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New analysis parts have been added written by Comfed!


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I'm genuinely surprised by the 60% unsure of the region's direction


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I'm genuinely surprised by the 60% unsure of the region's direction
It’s 60% no, not unsure.
I meant no then :p Still surprising.
Personally, I'm not really surprised. There's still a lot of detail to be formalised, and many of the threads discussing the topic are very chunky. The mix of "we're fine right now, keep Stronghold" and "Frontier looks like a new situation to take advantage on" is underpinned by debates about worth and risk with both and honestly I am very much undecided myself.


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Huh, I did better than I thought.

The numbers speak for themselves, though. There have been some standout ministries (WAA, Interior) but the absolute shitshow from the top of the executive has overshadowed a lot of the good work. This term could have been so much better, but alas.


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Wait you're telling me if I took this poll I could have had a higher approval number???

What was the response rate?