[Inside Government] External Executive Satisfaction Poll Analysis



External Executive Satisfaction Poll Analysis
June 2020

Written by Karteria and Monkey

As we mark the beginning of the end for the First Minister position, the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation has conducted and reviewed another executive satisfaction poll. 27 respondents made their voices heard in June (21 percent of the citizenry), which was a significant increase from the 16 respondents in the April poll. This jump could be attributed to the highly visible executive reorganization.

Overall Satisfaction: External Executive Branch
All seems to be going well.
N/A, I have no overall experience with them yet.
Very active!
I feel like Kura has been very visible and Mal has been reasonably visible - and that is a positive.

The External Executive maintains a high level of approval; a combined 74.1 percent of respondents said they are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with external affairs. However, this rating is a significant decrease from the combined 86.3 percent approval the last time this question was asked in January, albeit under a different administration. Additionally, a combined 11.1 percent are “dissatisfied” or “very dissatisfied” with the state of the External Executive, a marked increase from the 0 percent in January.

One out of five Senators are "very satisfied," two are "satisfied," and one is neutral."

Chief of State
No comments from me as I wasn't around during the election but everything has been ok.
Dax wasn't visible as Vice Chief of State. Malashaan is communicating pretty well.

Chief of State (CoS) Malashaan currently has a large swath of support; a combined 66.6 percent of respondents were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their performance. This rating was lower than Pichtonia's combined 87.5 percent approval in April, though Malashaan maintains a higher “very satisfied” rating (44.4 percent to 25 percent). Malashaan also has a combined 11.1 percent disapproval rating, which is due to multiple respondents bestowing similar dissatisfaction for both the Chief of State and the External Executive.

Senators have similar ratings for the CoS, though one Senator is "very satisfied" rather than only "satisfied" with Malashaan, comparatively.

Vice Chief of State
I'm quite sad that Dax had to resign, but it was for the best for her mental health. Take care Dax, and come back soon! :)
Sorry to see Dax go, but was a good VCoS while it lasted. Glad to see her taking some time off.
Didn't see her doing much - at least not a lot was being publicy discussed.
Dax wasn't visible as Vice Chief of State. Malashaan is communicating pretty well.

Vice Chief of State (VCoS) DAX has one of the lower approval ratings amongst external positions, with only a combined 44.4 percent of respondents saying they are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their performance. 29.6 percent of respondents are apathetic, and 25.9 percent say they are dissatisfied. While there is substantial dissatisfaction, this high level is not a fluke; a combined 31.3 percent in April said they were dissatisfied with Aexnidaral’s performance as VCoS.

Multiple respondents stated in the comments that Dax was not “visible as Vice Chief of State,” referencing an apparent tendency of Dax to stay away from the limelight. Moreover, the high amount of disapproval is likely due to Dax’s resignation.

Two Senators express dissatisfaction with the VCoS, while one is satisfied and two others are neutral.

Council of Foreign Affairs
I am always satisfied with Kuramia's work. Keep it up!
Kura has been killing it.
Although sometimes overlooked, I feel FA has been doing great.
Delegating certain tasks in Balder can be tricky, but I'm not complaining.
Feels like there has been a LOT of engagement with our friends and allies this term, lots of stuff to work on for ambassadors, good engagement efforts.
Please refer to my above answers
Kuramia just does good work.
Kuramia brings a lot of passion into the job, she's doing great.

With a combined approval rating of 85.1 percent, the Council of Foreign Affairs maintains a high popularity amongst the populace. This rating is shared by its Councilor, Kuramia, who has even higher approval; 63 percent of respondents are “very satisfied” with their performance. Comments indicate that this popularity stems from extensive engagement with other regions and enthusiasm from the top office. Kuramia was recently appointed to fill the office of the Vice Chief of State, following Dax’s resignation.

All Senators approve of the Councilor and Council of Foreign Affairs.

Council of World Assembly Affairs
IFVs are getting done, Maowi on task, everything fine... Looking forward to WA 101!
Maowi has been doing quite well, excited for WA101.
WA proposals are evaluated on time, WA101 has been launched. Only isssue is low activity but that's more of a question to all Europeians than to the Councilor
Maowi has done a brilliant job in this role. I'm very please about the new program that was just released.
Please refer to my above answers
Seems to be going very well.

Councilor of World Assembly Affairs Maowi also receives a high approval rating, with a combined 85% approval rating, and only 11% and 4% unsure and disapproving, respectively. The comments point to the consistent release of IFVs from the Council as well as the newly launched WA101 program as major signs of success. It is clear that the Ministry’s increased visibility and activity under Councilor Maowi lends itself to a higher approval rating.

All Senators currently approve of the Councilor and Council of World Assembly Affairs.

Councilor of Coordination
Ironically, Region of the Week wasn't very coordinated, but still fine.
I'm not entirely sure what this Councilor's tasks are but I've got no issues with him; everything seems to be coordinated well
I feel like there's little purpose to this ministry, maybe I just haven't been paying enough attention though.
Has worked hard every week on events and activities to bring FA and culture together.
It feels to me like Peeps has definitely been involved in integrating responses from both sides of the executive, although there've been some rumblings of challenges in lines of communication so Peeps may have been overeager to take control at times - hard to tell how much of that is just gossip and how much is Peeps being really energetic and engaged, though.
Please refer to the above answers
I think he has continually tried to make it successful, and he deserves credit for that.
It's not a necessary position, but to the credit of Peeps he seems to be enthusiastic and was mentioned by Kuramia and Malashaan several times.

Councilor Peeps receives a much more split approval rating, with about half approving of the role in some way and close to a quarter of disapproving and having uncertainty each. It seems that the comments tend to reflect the spread of data, with some comments arguing that there seems to be "little purpose to this ministry" and other comments pointing out his enthusiasm and eagerness in the role. One comment even points to the Region of the Week program as being uncoordinated. It seems that this Ministry may need heightened visibility and purpose to achieve success.

Four out of five Senators approve of the Councilor of Coordination's performance, while one disapproves.

I would have said something here, but it's Navy secrets, so not here :p
Dax was good as GA, ops were getting done, people getting trained.
The Navy has been really quiet, doing its job in the background. But I believe that's exactly what Armed forces should do: if the Navy had the spotlight, there would be something seriously wrong with the region. Unfortunately Dax had to resign (I completely understand) but this has in no way affected my general opinion on the Navy or her performance.
The current debate over the ERN makes me question at times why it even exists anymore. I'm not in favor of getting rid of it but there is just such a wide disconnect over what it can be and what it should be that I don't know if it will ever again be anything but a weird hangover from a different era.
I have no experience with Dax in the form of the ERN but I know how she is like in TBH and she is very highly skilled so I'm under the assumption that she is like that here also
Dax seemed to actually really care about this part of the job
The Navy seems to do relatively well, but Dax didn't communicate enough. If it's true that she didn't have the ERN flag, that's inappropriate

The navy receives a conflicted response as well; a little under half approve of Grand Admiral DAX, and roughly a fifth and a third are unsure and disapprove, respectively. The comments generally trend towards praising DAX and a successful and knowledgeable Grand Admiral, but with other comments raising questions about the purpose of the navy within our region. Unfortunately, DAX resigned at the time this poll was released, and a new Grand Admiral, CSP, was nominated by Chief of State Malashaan.

Only two of the five Senators support the Navy's current performance, while two are dissatisfied and one is neutral.

Responses from Senators are of particular importance. Five self-reported Senators responded to the satisfaction poll; most approve or are neutral regarding every Council and position except for the Vice Chief of State, Councilor of Coordination, and the Navy, with multiple dissatisfied with the VCoS and Navy and one with the Councilor. While we cannot confirm whether these were genuine Senators, the responses seem to indicate that the Senate shares similar feelings with the public.

Overall, the external executive enjoys generally high approval ratings, with some spots such as the Navy and Council of Coordination undergoing rough patches, while the Councils of Foreign Affairs and World Assembly Affairs continue to receive strong ratings. With the remerge, it is also important to keep in mind that this is the last Chief of State, and in less than 30 days, Europeia will elect a president once again, in charge of the merged domestic and external portfolios.

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I personally think that despite Dax's lack of visibility as VCOS, her work as Grand Admiral was above and beyond, and as a member of the Navy and TBH I can say the she was a fun presence in the NS Military community. I was sad to see her go, I have great respect for her, take care Dax! I look forward to seeing you around!


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Thank you for the interesting analysis and the results! Is it just me, though, or do some graphics not show?


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Thanks for the graphics and analysis, nicely done!


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This is a very nice article! Good job!

Overall I think the external branch has done a good job, and I think its done well to get these positive ratings. Usually the external ministries suffer in approval polls as they aren't as visible as their internal partners, so the fact that the region is approving of their performance shows they're doing a good job.


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This is a very nice article! Good job!

Overall I think the external branch has done a good job, and I think its done well to get these positive ratings. Usually the external ministries suffer in approval polls as they aren't as visible as their internal partners, so the fact that the region is approving of their performance shows they're doing a good job.
Got to tag on to what Lime said above -- considering the prioritisation of FA, and often the lower visibility of those councils, it is good to see high ratings at this stage too.


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I was so scared of this thing. lol I have not previously done well, though I'd say I've done poorly relatively rarely and more often hit a 'meh' mark. This was...quite exciting to see. I hope I can finish out this month strongly for you all. :D