[Inside Government] Executive Mid Term Satisfaction Poll Results and Analysis - October 2021

October 2021 Midterm Executive Satisfaction Poll Results and Analysis
Results and Analysis

Written by Gaudosia
As the current Executive Branch completes approximately half of its tenure, the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) decided it was the best time to assess the Europeian's citizenry's satisfaction with their main governing body, and after polling the region, it seems we have all the answers we need in our hands. In a very promising development, 38 citizens have exercised their right to let their opinions be known regarding the Government, a rather large increase of 13 citizens from the last Executive Satisfaction polls.


Executive Satisfaction Rate
: 21.1%

At a crucial time in the region's history, it would be reasonable to expect an overall satisfaction rate that is lower than the immensely popular previous administration which had ended at an all-time high of a 92% satisfaction rate. However, it is likely that most wouldn't go so far as to expect the current administration to have a rather meagre in comparison 21.1% satisfaction rate. This massive 70.9% drop from the Calvin Coolidge Administration is certainly something to consider as to the why and how. This, in conjunction with a 63.2% dissatisfaction rate is certainly worrying for the current administration which will most likely have to review and consider their term so far.

Optimism on Europeia's current trajectory: 24.3%

A mere 24.3% of respondents believe that Europeia has the correct trajectory as a region which is certainly an accurate representation, reason and foreshadowing of the current administration's approval as a whole. That in combination with nearly half of responses (48.6%) stating that Europeia is going in the wrong direction is certainly worrying as it will inadvertently undermine the confidence in the executive branch as a whole.

President Lime: 23.7%

  • "Didn’t like the swing to frontier, especially without any discussion or involvement of the citizens (besides a poll)"​
  • "I am concerned about Lime's activity levels. It often takes him days to provide responses to pressing concerns, with SkyGreen often covering for him. From the outset, I was concerned that Lime wanted to get power without a strong underlying vision. This term so far has confirmed this to me Also for the executive as a whole, I'm not really buying the narrative that everyone is busy in RL so more inactivity is expected."​
  • "He lacks communication skills and I have to assume his inability to meet people in the middle and instead double down is based on pride?"​
  • "Someone said in the radio show last night a president got taken down by a puzzle. Instead of a puzzle, just replace wheres waldo with wheres president lime?"​
  • "We have not heard a lot from Lime. He hasn't totally disappeared by any means, but his has been a relatively quiet presidency. More activity recently since he was singled out for a few things but that means most appearances have been sent describing policy positions and fewer that are just getting out and being presidential."​
  • "I personally do not think Lime has been active or even transparent enough!"​
  • "I think Lime gets some extra hate due to his history, but despite that Ive enjoyed his work so far"​
  • "Lime's done good work despite setbacks. While it's easy to hold the culture fiasco against him, I think bao's dishonesty was unexpected, unlike the initially mentioned follow-through"​

As one might expect the President's satisfaction rate is an exponent of the executive's approval overall with 23.7% saying they feel satisfied with the President and the job he is doing. On the other hand, 57.9% of people who answered the poll are either dissatisfied or strongly dissatisfied with President Lime. This is represented in the fact that 6 out of 8 of the comments about the president are of a negative tone where the general consensus is that the President is not transparent, communicative or open enough about his vision and decisions. The other 2 comments stated that whilst President Lime might have had some setbacks the disapproval he gets is inflated and maybe even unreasonable and unjustified. Maybe due to emotions running high with the imminent Stronghold/Frontier Update.

Vice President SkyGreen24: 39.5%

  • "Sky has at least been visible."​
  • "I've seen him step in when things go haywire. I appreciate his attempts at damage control. The VP doesn't have as much sway and insight as people assume, and Sky's done a great job seeing where an issue is and trying to confront it."​
  • "Invisible"​
  • "As with Lime, I just haven't seen a lot of him."​
  • "As VP SkyGreen has tried to be more proactive than the President."​
  • "I think Im doing well :3"​
  • "pretty good, maybe a bit more active"​

Things are seemingly a tad better for the Vice President with a satisfaction rate of 39.5% being 15.8% higher than the President's satisfaction rate. The overall dissatisfaction rate is also quite a bit lower at 36.8% meaning that the Vice President is technically approved of by 2.7%. This is represented in the comments where, whilst some are critical others were supportive stating that Vice President SkyGreen24 is in fact a good compensatory figure for the President's shortcomings, in their eyes.


44.1% / Frontier: 55.9%

  • "I am unsure as of which is best."​
  • "Undecided but picked stronghold for now, as it's more similar to the status quo."​
  • "I'm becoming more lenient towards Frontier at least, but I would've liked a good convo before the sudden 180 decision from the executive on this. I'm sure you did do your research, but how in the world are we supposed to know if you don't talk to us? Too bad it wasn't addressed before the midterm."​
  • "I don't see the supposed benefits Frontier as being that beneficial in the long run and the downside I think will be worse than most are crediting it."​
  • "With new info coming out Frontier seems more and more like the choice to go"​
  • "frontier seems like the more rewarding option"​

Whilst the preference is split, the Frontier option has pulled ahead, with 55.9% supporting this option. The comments replicate this split to a degree and suggest that some are still undecided.

Transition Minister Peeps: 19.5%

  • "Other than the Senate performing Oversight, we heard nothing about what was going on until suddenly a decision was made."​
  • "I forgot peeps was in government, I just remembered they were even a senator last time."​
  • "Until oversight questions was asked, we haven't not seen anything from Peeps as a minister. If the role was just meant to be entirely behind the scenes, then why have it be a ministry and not just an advisor role."​
  • "more communication and it'd be stellar"​

With only 19.5% satisfied with Minister Peeps it is indicative of the general frustration harboured by the people in relation to what is seen as a lack of transparency and public discussion about the administration's flip in favour of the Frontier option. This is emblemized in the submitted comments regarding this Minister.


Ministry of Communications: 71.1%
Minister of Communications Seva: 68.5%

  • "Things are a little late coming out, but I can see myself there's action from the minister in the ministry."​
  • "Too quiet"​
  • "Seva has done phenomenal work, getting high-quality articles out consistently. He keeps the ministry running on the right track."​
  • "Seva is doing well, the ebc has been a lot more organized the past few terms already and Im lookin forward to seeing more"​
  • "hoping for more activity, so good so far though"​

In contrast to the overall executive and presidential satisfaction rate, the Communications Ministry and Minister are approved of by a solid margin, in fact, the satisfaction rate is higher than in the last executive poll, with a 71.1% for the Ministry and 68.5% for Minister Seva. This should be particularly encouraging as not only is this Ministry approved of in relation to an overall dissatisfaction with the current executive but it also is more approved of than last time. This could be due to an increase of articles being released in comparison to the last midterm and due to more participation by citizens as writers and in the Ministry in general. One can only hope that this trend continues, as one comment so aptly stated.

Ministry of Culture: 5.2%
Minister of Culture Sanjurika: 94.7%

  • "Hearing about what happened with Bao was shocking, but I think the executive would've done well not to stick their heads in the dirt in the first place. "We told you so.""​
  • "There were issues with Bao, but the things he did actually do werent too bad, I really enjoyed TCB weekend"​
  • "a bit chaotic, hopefully Sanju will work his magic"​
  • "The Ministry of Culture has regressed from a place of bold ideas and engaging activities to a timid one that relies on one or two tropes and is afraid of what might happen if the status quo is disrupted. I hope future Ministers are willing to take risks with new ideas, even if those ideas might fail."​

With the recent developments of Minister Baobab resigning from both the Ministry and the region, it is of no surprise that this Ministry is heavily disapproved of with only 5.2% satisfied and a supermajority of 89.4% dissatisfied, making it the least approved of Ministry by far. Nevertheless, it seems that newly appointed Minister Sanjurika is someone who pretty much everyone expects will reinvigorate the Ministry, most likely due to being the Minister under the last administration, hence the high confidence rate.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 36.8%
Minister of Foreign Affairs Kazaman: 34.2%

  • "What's happening here? No idea. No one in the ministry has anything to do. There's no direction. I have no idea what's moving forward and when or why. I expect some levels of hush, hush, but I hate to be bored in a ministry I love.​
  • Ministry is too quiet, Minister rarely seen in public"​
  • "Old man does FA, very cool"​
  • "seems active"​

The FA Ministry and Minister are not as widely approved of as much as the Communications Ministry (and Minister), with 36.8% and 34.2% respectively. The dissatisfaction rate is also in the 30s for both but from the comments, it seems that whilst some believe that the Ministry is doing fine others believe that both the Ministry and Minister Kazaman are too quiet and have no clear vision of which they are acting upon. Maybe this Ministry is now more approved of post-poll due to the recent presentation of a new treaty with The Leftist Assembly.

Ministry of Interior: 81.5%
Minister of Interior Calvin Coolidge: 76.3%

  • "Recruitment has been thriving, in some ways even better than last term."​
  • "Got a game plan. Got an activity in place. Recruiting seems active! Is there anything supposed to be happening retention-wise?"​
  • "Rare lackluster term for Calvin, really disappointed"​
  • "calvin put out some numbers, looks good"​

In contrast, the Interior Ministry and Minister are seen as satisfactory and are approved of with an 81.5% and 76.3% satisfaction rate respectively. What is maybe more indicative than that many are not only satisfied but very satisfied which in light of the executive approval is certainly encouraging with Minister Calvin Coolidge earning praise in the comments with only one comment being critical. The reason for this, according to most comments, is that recruitment has thrived more than ever, there seems to be a clear vision by the Minister and Ministry and that the numbers seen by the Ministry this term have been very encouraging.

Ministry of Justice: 39.5%
Attorney General Sopo: 52.5%

  • "It shouldn't exist"​
  • "It's quiet, and I expected it to be."​
  • "Wheres sopo?"​
  • "sopo could be more active, or delegate better"​

Whilst the overall satisfaction rate isn't as high as some might wish it is important to note that a good portion of the responses was neutral indicating ample room for potential improvement and apart from that the satisfaction rate is still higher than during the previous administration's term. This might be because the Justice Ministry has engaged more with the public via radio shows and is more visibly active in general. However, it is still notable that those who are dissatisfied, whilst in the minority, are still vocal, with one comment stating that the ministry should not even exist in the first place, meaning that if the Ministry under Minister Sopo's guidance does not capitalise on those still neutral they might just become dissatisfied as well.

Ministry of Radio: 44.7%
Minister of Radio Xecrio: 36.9%

  • "Where are the shows? Doesn't seem like Nate is doing much, people are kind of doing their own things."​
  • "Belated Twitch start. Minister asks the ministry to do more without also seemingly putting in effort. Doesn't expect that has to collaborate with other ministries for events. Doesn't poke his people. We have an average minister, we have an average term."​
  • "Nate says we're getting 8, 9, 10, 11 shows, we've had a total of two. Doubt we'll even see 8 more in 30 days."​
  • "I think there were a few missed opportunities for shows, but it's still been good."​

The citizenry seems to be quite evenly divided on the Ministry and Minister of Radio with those who are critical stating that the reason for the criticism is that it seems that the minister has not been 'on duty enough'. This is in light of what seems to be a dry period in radio show frequency, although 9 shows have been released not 2 as one comment claimed. However, there is still room for improvement where this Ministry can convert some 'neutrals' into satisfied, radio-approving citizens.

Ministry of World Assembly Affairs: 86.8%
Minister of World Assembly Affairs Greater Cesnica: 89.5%

No Comments

The WAA Ministry and Minister are the most approved of this time around with a small 5.3% dissatisfied rate for both in contrast to the nearly 90% satisfaction rate for both. Minister Greater Cesnica, in particular, has a 50% very satisfied rate making them the most strongly approved for Minister this term, certainly an encouraging fact for the Minister. It can be assumed that the reason for this high approval rating is that the Ministry has been quite active with a number of citizens being involved, that it has retained a consistent presence in the forums and has generally made substantial progress in the Ministry's goals. One can only hope that this Ministry will be able to carry this satisfaction rate till the end of the term.

ERN: 26.4%
Grand Admiral Vlaska: 36.9%

  • Nothing happened this term, except for the piling on NWA, I hope to see this change since that is now obviously over. I believe that Vlaska is a capable GA, he needs to step up now and do what we all know he’s capable of doing​
  • Looking pretty grim these days. Been awhile since the Navy was so poorly led.​
  • What's happening? Are they doing anything? Are we preparing for F/S or something?​
  • Says their doing stuff buuuuuut the navy is dead in the water.​
  • When was the last op, a month ago?​

The ERN and Grand Admiral have seen a sharp drop off in satisfaction from the end of the last term. The reason for this in accordance with the comments seems to be that the ERN has become inactive and that the Grand Admiral must get to remedying that with immediate effect. This is exemplified in the fact that the ERN is disapproved of overall and that the Grand Admiral's net satisfaction rate is a mere 0.1%. Seeing as the ERN will be an important part of the transition during the update it may be quite worrying to see only this level of satisfaction by the citizens of Europeia.

Next Term’s Cabinet

Which Ministers should return?

Greater Cesnica, Calvin Coolidge and Seva are the 3 Ministers which the citizenry most want to return to their roles next term. As to the 4 other Ministers, Sopo is leading the pack with Xecrio being the least popular to return as Minister of Radio.

Other Potential Ministers.

The list is quite short, raising a few questions as to why, but one comment did state that anyone would do as long as the current Ministers are all removed indicating a vocal minority in opposition of the entire current Executive. It is noteworthy that all those suggested to be Ministers, excluding the nonserious suggestion of Dark for Culture, occupied that exact role at least once before.

Next Elections.

President Lime.

Unfortunately for President Lime as it stands right now it would seem that he would lose was an election be held today as only 10.5% would support him in his reelection bid whilst a sizable majority are against.

Breakdown By Individuals:

Gaudosia: 5
Monkey: 4
Lloenflys: 4
Istillian: 4
UPC: 4
HEM: 4
Calvin: 3
Greater Cesnica: 2
Pichtonia: 2
Prim: 2
OD: 2

Writinglegend: 1
Seva: 1

Kuramia: 1
Pland Adanna: 1
Ervald: 1

Sincluda: 1
Grandfather Clock: 1

Maowi: 1
Vlaska: 1
Darcness: 1

The top 7 mentioned are; Gaudosia, Monkey, Lloenflys, Istillian, UPC, HEM and Calvin Coolidge.

Gaudosia, a new face in Europeia, received the most mentions with a total of 5. This may be due to a variety of reasons, such as the fact that they still retain a preference to the Stronghold option, aiding them to garner support amongst the Stronghold leaning populace, that they are a relatively fresh face in the region with different ideas, that they have been able to gain name recognition due to running for Vice President and Senate, and more such potential reasons.

Monkey, with 4 mentions, is the recently elected Senate Speaker after a successful election bid. They may have been mentioned for a variety of reasons, such as often being active in the forums, and maybe because their recent senate platform might be resonating with the citizenry of Europeia, making Monkey an appealing choice for President. The fact that they were also relatively recently Vice President might also appeal to the general populace.

Lloenflys, another Senator and a former Senate Speaker, also has 4 mentions. This may be because they might have retained the support of Europeian citizens from their recent Presidential and Senate campaigns. Now that President Lime, who narrowly triumphed against Lloenflys last presidential election, has seen a low satisfaction rate, many citizens who voted for Lime over Lloenflys might be reconsidering their vote, leading to an uptick of support for a potential Lloenflys presidency.

Istillian is another person who has 4 mentions to run for president. They are the current Deputy of the Interior, and one might conclude that the popularity of the Interior Ministry along with a comprehensive resume, such as being VP before, made them a popular choice for President.

UPC, a strong proponent for the Stronghold option, also has 4 mentions. As mentioned this might be because UPC has most likely garnered the support of most Stronghold supporters, which would have definitely aided in propelling them to the top of this list. Like most others on this list, UPC has a substantial amount of experience in Europeia, and like Istillian and Monkey served as VP relatively recently.

HEM, the last person with 4 mentions in the list, needs no introduction. As the founder of the region, they have been in the region since the beginning, and with their successful Senate bid in the last senatorial election, are as involved as ever to aid Europeia in its journey through the upcoming update. Thus it is no real surprise that they are at the top of this list.

With 3 mentions, Calvin Coolidge, current Minister of Interior and President of the region last term, rounds up 7th in this list to run for president. This may be because they left the president's office with a very high approval rate and is approved of currently as a Minister, indicating that the public would most likely quite easily support Calvin if they decided to attempt to reclaim the office of President.
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Great write-up! Really not the best picture for this Administration (including - a bit - me, of course). I really wonder what will happen in the next half and if Lime can turn things around. I actually think all of the ratings are justified


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Maybe it's just me, but the images don't seem to be working?

You did really well with the write-up, though, Gaudosia! Excited to read from you in the EBC. 😃


Maybe it's just me, but the images don't seem to be working?

You did really well with the write-up, though, Gaudosia! Excited to read from you in the EBC. 😃
Hmm. It is working from my end. Is anyone else encountering an issue with images not working as intended? Also thanks!


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Images seem to work on my end.
Love the article, the numbers... we'll work on that :p
Pichto maybe you can try refreshing your cache?


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great article.

in Lime’s defense - from the perspective of someone not in the administration - i actually think the worst has passed and things are getting better. a lot of the issues this poll surfaced were really at their apex a few weeks ago and i feel like momentum is going in a new direction. i don’t think this term will break any records for best ever, but i kinda wish these poor numbers would’ve been an earlier “come to jesus moment” before, bc i am slowly becoming more optimistic.


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To whoever said we've "had a total of 2" shows so far this term, do your research before you comment. We've had 14 shows and 2 streams as I write this. Even before the poll opened there were more than 2 shows.

The rest of the criticism is warranted. I could have gone on a huge rant about how I think you're all wrong, but I don't so I won't.

I do think that I've (we) have made some good progress since this poll came out, and I expect that progress to continue.


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Less than a quarter of our citizens approve of the President's job in office, and I doubt there will be a recall petition, or even a vote just to see if the public feels like he should stay in office.

I wonder what it'd take for someone to actually be recalled.

(To be clear, this isn't a comment against Lime specifically, since I do agree with some other comments that there has been a bit of an uptick, and I hope that continues, but more of a general comment on our region's aversion to conflict)


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Images are not working for me either :(

I am going to do something unexpected here and come to Lime's defense (!!!)

The Frontier/Stronghold debate has been mentioned for several terms now, but I believe that this is the first term that tangible plans for what Europeia should do following the update have been made, as much of the two previous terms was dedicated to organizing ultimately futile opposition to the update. Lime was given the unenviable position of being the person in the chair who had to make a decision about the region's future (and even then, we're talking about his administration's plans for the future of the region, as the update has yet to drop either this or the next administration could still change course). Given that this is a highly polarizing decision, a lot of people were always going to be unhappy. Of course, the poll numbers show that Lime's performance this term has left even Frontier stans dissatisfied, but I do not believe that this term is representative of his general competence and abilities. Frankly, if I were in Lime's position right now I suspect that I would be in the same boat, and that, along with Lime's efforts in other aspects of the region that I care about (eg gameside), leave me inclined to cut him some slack.

I have not been impressed with several members of this administration, and am happy to see discussion here, in the Grand Hall, and via Senate Oversight regarding the rather lackluster term we have had thus far. I also think that under different circumstances (and perhaps with a shaken up Cabinet) Lime could truly excel as a President. The first half of this term has been very unfortunate, but I seriously hope that Lime chooses to slog through and shoot for a great redemption arc in the second half.

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Some of those comments are hilarious.

But honestly it feels like the train has started to go over the hill. I don't think I've ever seen a President rated so low.


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Wow, those numbers are some of the worst I think I've ever seen. Oddly though, I don't get the sense that there will be a recall.

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I think it's possible the images are hosted in a private Comms subforum? At the very least, it seems like Comms staff and admins can see the images, but all other people can't (at least when comparing who can and can't see it to the most recent roll call). At any rate, any chance the images could be reposted somewhere?

Good write-up though, nonetheless.


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Just a quick note that I've updated the original article to include the images Gaudosia posted. Should help with the initial read through.


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Less than a quarter of our citizens approve of the President's job in office, and I doubt there will be a recall petition, or even a vote just to see if the public feels like he should stay in office.

I wonder what it'd take for someone to actually be recalled.

(To be clear, this isn't a comment against Lime specifically, since I do agree with some other comments that there has been a bit of an uptick, and I hope that continues, but more of a general comment on our region's aversion to conflict)
Nearly all Presidents smell the blood in the water and simply resign before a recall event ever passes. Some would argue the futility, since a President will just bail before the People ever get their 'day in Court' (aka, the vote). And I definitely agree with you in that Euro has become quite averse to conflict, and think we (as a region) need to have some seriously frank discussions about what region we want to be.

Still, President Lime has been working to right the ship for a while now, and has made larger moves in response to this polling data so... it's working, yeah?