I'm Cheems


Dark's Cheemsborger
Eyyo y'all, I'm Cheems or Cheemsmarime (or Kriegs/Aexo if you know me from other regions).

The first thing you should know about me is that I rarely take anything seriously, so if I roast you or something, know it's all in good fun and don't hate me :(

The second thing you should know is that I am apparently Dark but Asian. Dark can confirm.

I'm from Hong Kong SAR, though I've lived in London and am currently living in Boston with my girlfriend for university purposes. I've travelled quite a bit (my first flight was when I was 6 months old, so the sky is pretty much a second home for me) so if you wanna talk shop about anywhere, particularly in Europe, chances are I've been there before. Pretty extroverted so if y'all wanna talk hit me up, esp on discord.


Did you just use the word smart?
Ah yes, it's a pleasure to meet you Dark! I'm also Dark from the UK. ;)

Can confirm that this HOT GUY is my literal twin brother which I never knew about. Smh regions why you never tell us how close we are. Seriously, though, welcome bud, it's a pleasure to have you here.


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It's nice to meet you and I'm glad you decided to join us!


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Hello and welcome! I'm sorry to hear that you're also Dark - we don't really want another one. :/


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So you're saying we're going to see a lot of Dark basically simping for himself?