Hunger Games IX


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Should we hold off on double-hosts? I could probably run it, but if anybody else wants to, I can step aside.
It's time for season 9 of the Europeian Hunger Games! Congratulations to Drecq for winning the 8th season! Anyway, there are 24 spots available.

The First Hunger Games
Host: Shadowlurker (As he has not been online in a while he will not automatically be included and will have to post in order to be included)
Winner: Calvin Coolidge

The Second Hunger Games
Host: Writinglegend
Winner: Common-Sense Politics

The Third Hunger Games
Host: Mousebumples
Winner: shufordbrian

The Fourth Hunger Games
Host: Kaboomlandia
Winner: Writinglegend

The Fifth Hunger Games
Host: prometheus32
Winner: Kyorgia

The Sixth Hunger Games
Host: Calvin Coolidge
Winner: Dansteria

The Seventh Hunger Games
Host: Netz
Winner: Starstream Tribe

The Eighth Hunger Games
Host: Netz (MoC)
Winner: Drecq

All auto-entrants to post if they wish to be in a specific district, or use a specific picture.

If you want to be included you will need to fill out the following form and post it on this thread.

Preferred nickname:
Image to use:
District preferred (optional):

Once all of the district spots are filled, the games will begin. :)

[class=chief_justice]Drecq[/class] has been auto-entered, as he was the victor of HG VIII.

For me:

Name: King David I of Cokeland
Preferred nickname: YOU SHALL NOT PASS!
Image to use: YOU SHALL NOT PASS! meme
District preferred (optional): 5 (didn't do too bad for me last time, came in 7th)

District 1:


Mouse ([class=vice_chancellor]Mousebumples[/class])

District 2:


NK ([class=senators]Ninja Kittens[/class])

District 3:

Shufie ([class=deputy_ministers]shufordbrian[/class])

Carrot ([class=deputy_ministers]Cpt.Carrot[/class])

District 4:


CSP ([class=assembly_members]Common-Sense Politics[/class])

Winning District! - District 5:

YOU SHALL NOT PASS! ([class=assembly_members]HM King David I of Cokeland[/class])

Winner! - Adorable Bunny ([class=citizens]Sopo[/class])

District 6:

Calvin ([class=vice_president]Calvin Coolidge[/class])

[class=citizens]Starstream Tribe[/class]

District 7:


[class=citizens]kaiser of arkdia[/class]

District 8:



District 9:

Shades ([class=assembly_members]AgentShades[/class])


District 10:



District 11:

I'm a Survivor ([class=citizens]Jone Winter[/class])


District 12:

GraV ([class=assembly_members]GraVandius[/class])


Calvin Coolidge

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Name: Calvin
Preferred nickname: Calvin
Image to use: Avatar
District preferred (optional): Wherever


The One True Owl
Name: Netz
Nickname: Netz
Avatar: Just use my avatar
District Preferred: preferably 2


Trust me.
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Deputy Minister
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Name: Kuramia
Preferred nickname: Kuramia
Image to use: My avatar
District preferred (optional): N/A

Gotta keep my kill count up.