well the time has come lol.

I would say my real name but I prefer that they only refer to me as Brubo, I was born and live in South America and I speak Spanish (which is why my English can be bad).

so they know a little more about Brubo as a nation: my other two countries are Muslim countries, so I have tried to get away from it a bit (so if you see that I get very close to Islam or to being a dictatorship they are allowed to warn me lol), I was inspired by the Bosnian war and the 1994 refugee crisis for the history of Brubo, culturally he is very influenced by his former colonizer, I have located him on the west coast of Africa; in the political sphere it is very similar to that of Ghana although it has also had its years with dictators.

As has emerged yesterday, there are still things that I have to refine, but any questions you have I am happy to answer.


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Welcome to Europeia Brubo! I hope you enjoy your time here :)


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Bienvenidos a Europeia! Es un placer conocerlo.

Espero que disfrutes tu tiempo aquí 😄

(I can't actually speak Spanish but I know a little haha)


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Welcome!!! I love how you've given a lot of thought as to the history and politics of your nation. Do you enjoy roleplaying?