Hi, newbie here.


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Hello and welcome! It's highly suggested you join the Discord server, as a lot of us talk on there. Also, if you're interested in getting involved in the government, or if you wanted to look into producing some stuff for the region, you could always look at applying to any of the ministries that are available here. I'm the Minister of Communications, so I run the EBC, which puts out articles covering all sorts of things that go on here. But you can also apply to be an ambassador, or be involved in recruitment, or join the culture team. Lots of things you can do.

If that isn't you thing, you can always hang in the arts and recreation area. There's a lot of fun stuff you can do. Lots of stuff. Bunches. Hope this helps!


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Welcome to the region! I echo everything Hezekon said, but thought I'd share my own experience. I got involved on Discord pretty much right away, interacting with people and starting to learn personalities that way. Forum-side, I started reading all the new posts. That was a great way to start learning what was going on in the region, what people were talking about, and the social norms of how people talked in the forums. As I read a bit more I started to get more comfortable and I started interacting more.

Everyone sort of finds their own way, and there isn't a right way or a wrong way. Take whatever path feels most comfortable for you - if you like Hez or my ideas, use them. If you think "These guys are crazy, I'd rather do X (or Y or Z or A, B, C, and F!) then do those things. Find what you like here! And ask any questions you may have, we'll all do our best to help you out!


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Welcome to Europeia! Again, building on what my peers have said above, I highly suggest applying to all different types of ministries and finding your fit. There's no enforced limit on it and I myself flitted from ministry to ministry until I found two which I love (Interior and Communications). Just try everything you can until you feel like you found your perfect position.


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Hi and welcome! I see you've already joined discord so yay! If you see a person on there you think is cool, you can always dm them. Some of us don't mind millions of questions being asked or just talking. (one of those someones being me :D)