Heroes of Valhalla Picks Up the Pace

Heroes of Valhalla Picks Up the Pace
Multiple Proposals Push Forward As The East Pacific Joins In

Written by Pland Adanna

This term, the Heroes of Valhalla program has made great strides. The collaboration between Europeia, The North Pacific, and Balder--and, as of last month, The East Pacific--aims to commend key members of these communities. Long-running projects within the program are now coming to fruition, and recent successes are a cause to celebrate. Commend A Leaf on The Wind, otherwise known as Sarah, passed in early February. Commend Kuramia, authored by three Europeians, is currently at vote, while Commend Istillian and Commend MadJack are receiving feedback on the NationStates forums. The addition of The East Pacific to the collaboration has even further boosted activity.

“I am super happy about the current state of the program - thanks to the work of many different people, there is a really good number of drafts underway at various different stages of the drafting process,” Minister of World Assembly Affairs Maowi told the EBC. “There are presently good levels of engagement in the discord server with some really interesting and thoughtful conversations taking place, and this is wonderful to see not only for the quality of the proposals we put out but also for the strength of the relationships between the member regions.”

As Maowi noted, Heroes of Valhalla not only provides nations with well-deserved commendations; it also fosters inter-regional collaboration and supplies opportunities for newer Word Assembly proposal drafters to learn and practice. The East Pacific also joined Heroes of Valhalla this term, adding new authors and possible nominees, while the expansion of the program has injected a new burst of energy and activity in the server.

"As I see it, there are really only benefits to pooling resources like the partners in the Heroes of Valhalla program have," Hulldom (known as Inishmaan in Europeia), the delegate of The North Pacific who has been involved in the initiative since its origination, commented. "We’ve managed to bring together some of the best writers that the Security Council has to offer in service to that most noble goal of seeing our people recognized for their hard work. I know it’s taken a bit of time to really catch fire (more than I’d hoped truth be told), but I could not be happier with how its gone and I’m sure that our success in churning out quality proposals will continue if for no other reason than that we have a wonderful coterie of authors ready to work their magic."

These developments come as the Heroes of Valhalla program pushes through its second year. Though activity has ebbed and flowed throughout its existence, the collaboration successfully put together commendations for both Calvin Coolidge and Andusre, as well as the recently-passed Commend A Leaf on The Wind (Sarah) and the currently-passing Commend Kuramia. With many more projects in the works, citizens can expect even more from Heroes of Valhalla soon.

“I think there is a lot to be optimistic about moving forward, especially with the recent addition of The East Pacific - they have had a lot of citizens join the server so hopefully we will see some awesome projects with TEP authors and on TEP nominees in the coming months,” Maowi said. “On the Europeian side, the more engagement the better really! Even though we have had strong participation so far, it would always be nice to see more people feeling confident enough to contribute their thoughts or jump into drafting.”
As a side note, everyone is encouraged to look for Easter eggs in the HoV drafts, specifically in Commend Kuramia and Commend Istillian! :p
Very nice to hear from Hull too about the program! Thanks for doing this write-up :-D
I have found the program to be really helpful at what it does - getting lots of experienced eyeballs on drafts, centralizing work on commendations.. and the results speak for themselves. It's great to see so many projects not just in the pipeline but approaching the finish line!
When I was a newcomer to NationStates, getting a WA resolution passed seemed like an impossible feat. I am very impressed with the HoV team's work!