Help This Forum is Huge

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HELP! This forum is huge!
by Mousebumples

We've got a lot of active posters in Europeia – and a lot of areas to talk about a bunch of different things. When you're new to the forums, it can be hard to find your way among all the varying threads and forums. (Mouse-confession: When I was new, I basically just frequented what was then the City Council forum and the WA Affairs forum. I couldn't remember what everything else was for, and I think I missed out on a lot.)

Anyhow, in an effort to make things easier and more straightforward, here's a guide to figuring out the forums and learning what belongs where.

LESSON ONE: Learn how to expand and collapse different subforums.
I can't really use this trick myself since I now find myself dipping my head in just about everywhere – and, more often than not, offering my opinion as well. :p However, if you're just getting acclimated in the region, this can be a good way to learn your way around a particular area of the forum. Also, it can make it easier to handle the forum, bit by bit. Heck, you can collapse and expand each subforum – bit by bit – as you work your way down the forum on a given afternoon, if you'd like.

Look at all the subforums, all collapsed:

(That's probably not an effective way to actually read threads on the forum, though.)

LESSON TWO: What do each of the icons mean?
Read/Unread Subforums

New Topics

No New Topics

If you prefer a "clean" forum - with all icons as showing No New Topics - you can click on the aforementioned buttons to "turn them off," if you're not interested in reading the contents within that subforum. New posts within that subforum will still change that particular subforum back to "unread" in the future.

Topic Specific Icons
- New posts to read
- No new posts to read

Popular threads will change color to show that they're "hot" - &

Topics that have a poll also have a different color - &

- Locked topic (read-only)

LESSON THREE AND BEYOND: What are each of these subforums for?
Like I stated above, there are a lot of different subforums here in Europeia. The exact subforums can vary, depending on festivals or the goals of a given President. However, there are a number that are fairly consistent, from term to term.

Newcomer's Hall: You're in this forum right now, as you're reading this in one of the subforums (Newcomer's Handbook). The main subforum is a great place to introduce yourself and get to know other players here in Europeia. The aptly titled “Ask Questions Here” subforum is where you can ask any questions you might have, if you'd rather post them publicly rather than contacting someone in the region directly.

Office of Citizenship and Employment: This would be where you (hopefully) have already applied for citizenship. The subforums here revolve around the Civil Service, where you can apply to be an Assistant Minister, and Leave of Absence, where you can let everyone know when you're heading off on vacation or when you're going to be really busy with that pesky thing called Real Life.

Office of Diplomats and Foreign Relations: Ambassadors to Europeia (from other regions) apply here for diplomatic status and forum embassy approval. Diplomats are welcome to apply for citizenship at a later date, after they've moved a nation into the region.

Office of Naval Recruitment: If you're interested in joining the ERN (Europeian Republican Navy), this is the forum you want to check out right away. More information on the ERN can be found within this forum or by contacting the region's Grand Admiral, whose name should hopefully be in the top “Executive Government” dropdown menu.

Miscellaneous Forums: Regional festivals are often housed at the bottom of this forum, which may include award shows, themed celebrations, or any number of other things. I'm not going to get into too much detail as to what forums can be included here because there's so much variability here. Usually, there's a welcome thread and a place to chat, so you can ask questions and learn more about these types of forums when they are held.

Palatium Manor: This is where the Supreme Chancellors hang out and make announcements. Usually, this is a pretty quiet forum, but they will often post regarding upcoming elections and the like here.

34 Goldenblock Avenue: This subforum houses both the President and the Vice President. Speeches by these officials are posted here, and this is also where the President signs (or vetoes) bills passed by the Senate.

High Court: The Justices of Europeia meet here, and if you're interested in getting involved in the legal department, you'll want to investigate the Europeian Bar Association here.

Department of World Assembly Affairs: The WA Delegate posts threads for each WA vote, to allow citizens to share their opinion on how the region should vote. The WA Delegate may occasionally make announcements in this area as well.

Administrative Bureau: This is where requests for admins are posted. Usually, as a newcomer, you won't have too much need for this forum, but if you're having issues posting or signing in, this forum has special permissions to allow you to (hopefully) get your tech issues sorted out.

Senatia: This is a fancy way of saying “Senate.” Newcomers are generally not able to post here, unless invited to do so by Senators. However, that's not to say that you can't follow discussions and debates – which is a great idea if you're interested in someday becoming a Senator.

Citizens' Assembly: The Citizens' Assembly is a legislative body that all citizens are welcome to join (that name isn't just for show :p ). It's a great way to get your feet wet in politics and learn more about Europeian legislation. Plus, there's a subforum here for discussing matters before the Senate, if you have questions or comments about what's happening in the Senate.

Grand Hall: This is a general discussion forum for issues concerning the region. Example threads include discussions about elections, the makeup of the Senate versus the Citizens' Assembly, announcements of polls coordinated by the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation, and more.

Oval Room: Standing (or self nomination) for regional elections occurs here. Those citizens that are running for office will then post platforms here for questions and consideration by the rest of the region. The Voting Booth is a subforum within the Oval Room.

These can change depending on what Ministries a given President wants to include within his Cabinet. Generally, there's one subforum per Ministry. (i.e. Ministry of XYZ) The last two subforums are standard, however.

Octagon: These are the offices of the ERN, headed by the Grand Admiral. Reports on missions and other news announcements are made here.

17 Dove's Swoop Lane: Embassies with other regions are housed here, which is the primary way in which individuals with Diplomatic status interact with Europeians. Diplomats are welcome to get involved in other areas of the forum, but representing their region here is usually their primary goal. While here, watch for doves. Apparently they swoop in this lane.

The Republic Square: Talk here about anything and everything. Got a fun link you want to share? Link us up! Heard a funny story? Make us laugh! Birthday celebration threads are often posted here for fellow Europeians, too.

Debate Hall: If you have a contentious topic that you want to debate, this is the forum for you. There are threads on a variety of topics, so feel free to jump into the fray.

Europeian Broadcasting Corporation: The EBC is the public media outlet for Europeia. Articles posted here may be poll analysis, satire, editorials, or more. This is also home to the EBC Wire, which aims to have near daily updates of what's happening around the region.

LethoMonarchy Media Center: This is the home of private media. Citizens who want to run their own newspaper and publish their own articles can do so here. Any citizen can apply for their own paper, and if you are so inclined, this is the place to apply.

Cultural Hub: Lots of games and activities going on here, if you're looking for an easy and fun way to get involved in the region.

Wellbeing Hub: This subforum covers a few different religious and community organizations that you're welcome to participate in.

Spam Zone: Looking to play mindless spam games? Check out this subforum!

Roleplay Central: If you like to roleplay, this is the subforum for you![/spoiler]

Pine-Euro Regional Library: Most of Europeia's archived forums are here. This is also home to the Law Index – although an easier way to access the Law Index is through the link in the header.

Europeian Hall of Fame: Want to learn more about the storied Europeians that came before you? Then this is the subforum to check out.

University of Europeia: There isn't much active “teaching” happening in the University right now, but lessons from previous classes are still available for review, if that interests you.

The exact subforums here will vary over time, as new parties come and go, but each active political party in Europeia gets a subforum for their wheelings and dealings. If you're interested in joining a political party, check out what they each have to offer here.

Think of it as a forumside RMB, as it's an easy way to share messages with your regionmates!

Really not that interesting, I'll fully admit. However, you can see who's online (unless they're surfing anonymously) and check out how many posts have been made in the forum. There are a few other stats to check out, but most of the good stuff is up the forum listing.
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