Harassment in NationStates

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Harassment has been an issue within NationStates as a whole and gameplay communities in particular for a number of years. Recently, steps have been taken by Europeia and other regions to put a stop to this troubling behavior. However, there is still more that we can do and more that we should do.

Harassment can appear in a wide range of a guises. So when does a post or message cross the line? Are your words intended or very likely to harm or frighten, even if it is unintentional? Are you using threats or intimidations to attempt to get your way? Are you telling offensive jokes or sharing memes that target an individual's race, sexuality, gender, age, disability, or some other personal attribute?

We all sometimes say things we don't mean. Occasionally we'll post things that we immediately wish we could take back. Fortunately NationStates is an online game, so we can take as much time as we need to review our posts and messages. We can and should do this, to make sure that content we post or send doesn't harass or bully other players. Harassment is sadly something that happens everywhere, even in Europeia. As such, it is important that we know how to identify it and how to deal with it when it occurs.

Even if you are not the target of harassment or bullying, you should report what you know to the appropriate individuals so that all players in Europeia can be properly protected.

If something happens in EuroChat, alert the Forum Administrators. If you're active in chat when this is happening, stand up for the individual being harassed and make it clear that we don't tolerate that sort of behavior in Europeia.

Posts and Personal Messages from the Europeian forums can be easily Reported to the administrators by clicking the Report button on the bottom left of any message. You're provided with an area to explain why you're reporting, to allow for better followup.

Whether on the forum or on EuroChat, if possible please take a screenshot of the harassment. Proof makes taking action a lot easier.

If you see or experience harassment on our Regional Message Board, telegram one of our Regional Officers.

You can also contact the NationStates Moderators about inappropriate content on the Regional Message Board, in your telegrams, or on the forum. Submitting a Getting Help Request is your best bet. Clicking on the timestamp of an RMB post or telegram brings up a separate webpage with a green Report link in the lower-right corner below the message. Detailing your concerns makes it easier for the Moderation Staff to address the issue.

If you are aware of inappropriate conduct that occurs on a different region's off-site forums, please contact our Forum Administrators with that information so that they can determine if any action needs to be taken with accounts here in Europeia.

Our region can only hope to stay the open, inclusive, and bright place it is today if we do not tolerate harassment.


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Supreme Chancellor of Europeia

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