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Chapter I: Overview of Europeia
In this chapter you learn the basics of Europeia; the structure of its government and what each of the three branches does. You will also receive a basic overview of the Arnhelm and the Navy, two very important aspects of the regional community.

Chapter II: Guide to Navigating the Forum
Here you will find a handy guide to navigating the forums; as well as an explanation for most of our main page forums and categories. You will also find explanations of what the various forum markers mean, and how to avoid seeing those forums that you don't really have any interest in seeing.

Chapter III: Joining the World Assembly
This chapter teaches you how to join the World Assembly. It will also teach you the basics of swapping endorsements with other members (endotarting), as well as give you a very basic overview of the World Assembly itself.

Chapter IV: The Executive
Have you ever been curious about what the executive government does? Don't understand what people are talking about when they talk about things like interior and foreign affairs? This chapter will give you a general overview of Europeia's executive government as well as the various tasks it performs from term to term.

Chapter V: The Legislature
Similar to Chapter V, this chapter gives an overview of the legislative goverment, covering both Arnhelm City and the Senate with a brief overview of the role of the Speaker, as well as information on where you can go to get more information.

Chapter VI: The Courts
The third in the trilogy of chapters detailing Europeia's government. Chapter VI will do its best to answer your questions about the courts, their functions and members, and how they operate. Like the previous chapters on the function of the government it also provides you with some references to more in-depth reading on the matter.

Appendix A: How to Be Awesome in Europeia
Appendix B: Guide to Europeian Positions
Appendix C: Guide to Abbreviations
Appendix D: How to Code BBCode
Appendix E: FAQ
Appendix F: Depression & Suicide Support Resources
Appendix G: Harassment in NationStates
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