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The Heads of Government are the First Minister, who is elected every 60 days by the People, and the Chief of State, who is elected every 90 days by the Senate. They appoint Cabinet Members and Councillors of State respectively to help govern the region. The Chief Executives are aided in this role by their Deputies, the Deputy Chief of State and the Deputy First Minister. To check who the current Chief Executive, and Ministers/Councillors are, scroll over the "Government" tab on the website menu.

The Chief Executive and their nominated deputies together form the Executive branch of the Government. The Executive is defined as: "the branch of a government responsible for putting decisions or laws into effect."

These are the activities of the Executive:


Integration is all about getting people who are new to the region to be more involved, interested, and familiar with the region. This can be done in a variety of different ways, such as: mentoring, making information more accessible for newcomers*, updating forms made for newcomers, answering questions, interacting with newcomers etc.

Therefore, if your skills align with interacting, tutoring, answering questions, and contributing to a key factor of regional development, you very possibly will enjoy integration.

Apply to the Ministry of Integration!

*: 'Newcomers' is a word commonly used for describing members who have relatively recently joined the region.


Recruitment is the process of getting people to join our region. Recruitment work is done by manual recruitment, where messages are sent to players, inviting them to join Europeia. Recruitment is a vital part of the region, because it is the most prominent way of growth for the region, and coupled with integration, absolutely necessary to keep our region diverse and fresh.

If you have a love of numbers, being competitive, and knowing that you are an intrinsic part of helping Europeia grow in size, you very well might be interested in recruitment.

Apply to the Ministry of Recruitment!


Communications, as a responsibility of the Executive, is the main activities of news, editorials, and outreach. Those experienced in communications are most commonly writers, editors, analysts etc.
Communications has the task of discussing important topics, and informing the citizens of Europeia about what is deemed relevant at that time. Furthermore, a great variety of articles is written, edited, and published. These articles cover a wide range of subjects, which can range from the history of Europeia, to an opinionated article about a certain issue, to a detailed analysis of an issue.

So whether one is a gifted writer, skilled analyst, or talented editor, there is definitely an opportunity to work on Europeia's Communication, as part of the Executive.

Apply to the Ministry of Communications!

Diplomacy and Foreign Outreach

The Executive is also responsible for the outreach and diplomacy of Europeia. Europeia is not an island (technically, we're an archipelago!) that stands by itself in the great ocean of NationStates. There are many regions that we are in contact with, and many treaties have been made between various regions. Diplomacy and Foreign Outreach concerns communication with foreign regions, establishing embassies abroad and monitoring embassies in our own region, and building relations with foreign regions.

Being successful in these diplomatic and foreign endeavours requires excellent communication skills, patience, a good attitude, being trustworthy, and the ability to capably work with others that may not share the exact same approach or philosophy as yourself.

Apply to the Council of Foreign Affairs!

World Assembly Affairs

World Assembly Affairs are the focus from the Executive side on how Europeia approaches and engages in the World Assembly. A focus is given on drafting and submitting proposals that further Europeia's agenda and ideals. Good writing skills, the ability to communicate with other regional authors and delegates, and the occasional research are all skills that the people working on World Assembly Affairs need to have.

What sets World Assembly Affairs apart from many other Executive activities is that your work here can not only have a direct impact on Europeia, but all of NationStates!

Apply to the Council of World Assembly Affairs!

If you want to know more about joining the World Assembly before engaging in Executive activities, click here


Radio focuses on the development and broadcast of content for our Mixlr channel such as interviews, debates, and even games. A focus on quality and consistency is an important facet of Radio, as well as having an engaging personality and good communication skills. Being able to lead and engage in discussion is a vital part of being on air, and those qualities are greatly utilized within Radio.

Apply to the Ministry of Radio!

Europeian Republican Navy (ERN)

If you commit yourself to the Navy, you'll be assisting in the defense of Europeia and their allies against every threat that could conceivably face them. This selection allows for the most movement up the scale and a good Seaman will do well! Also, working within the ERN will give you valuable foreign affairs experience.

Within the ERN, you can apply for Volunteer Status and Active Duty, this will determine if you are requested to take part in every operation, or just certain ones. It is recommended that those with tough time constraints only register as Volunteer.

Being a member of the ERN requires the use of a World Assembly nation that can be moved to & from Europeia. If you are very fond of Europeia's Endotarting Program, the ERN may not be for you. However, if you think you would enjoy taking part in the military gameplay aspect of NationStates then you can learn more here about the Europeian Republican Navy!

Join the ERN on Active Duty!
Join the ERN Reserve Squad!

Cultural Activities

Cultural activities are great to participate in if you're a creative type that wants to help build up interpersonal relationships between our members through the use of games, stories, artwork, and big ideas. Culture has the important task of developing our own unique personality and helping share that with new members and across all of NationStates.

Apply to the Ministry of Culture!
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