Guide to Navigating the Forum

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How to expand and collapse sections:

The forum is a very large place, and it's unlikely that every forum will contain information that is relevant to your experience. While it's not advised to collapse and ignore any section of the forum, you never know where the next big story will come from and it's always good to stay abrest of all the happenings in the region. However, if you want to ignore specfic categories of the forum you can collapse them and they will appear as nothing more than a colored strip with the categories name.

Symbols and Prefixes:

Europeia, as most if not all forums do, makes use of a series of symbols and prefixes to give it's users a plethora of information about it's forums and threads at a glance, below is a quick overview of some of those symbols and prefixes.

- When you see this on any forum it means that there are things in the forum that you have not yet read. It can mean either that there are new threads in the forum, or that old threads have new posts. If you have no interest in reading the threads in that forum you can click the icon and it will mark all current threads in there as read.

- This, like its partner, appears on forums. When you see it it means that you have read, or at least seen, everything in the forum.

[icon]file[/icon] - This symbol appears on threads when there are new posts for you to read.

[icon]file[/icon] - This symbol appears on threads when there are no new posts for you to read.

[icon]lock[/icon] - This symbol appears on threads when they are locked. A locked thread can no longer be posted in; except by certain groups or with the permission of certain groups.

Pinned: - When you see this prefix on a thread it means that the thread is pinned, which is called stickied on some forums. When a thread is pinned it will remain at the top of the forum even if new threads are posted after it. Pinning is usually done to draw attention to important threads.

The Purposes of Categories and Forums:

Almost every forum has a description telling you about what the purpose of the forum is; what is sometimes less apparent is why forums are grouped in a particular way; though this information is often second nature to our older members. Below is an overview of the forums categories; and the purposes of some of the most important forums in each of them.

Europeian Station - The Europeian Station is the port of call for new arrivals to Europeia. Which is why our Newcomer's Hall, the Office of Citizenship, and the Office of Diplomates and Foreign Relations are all located here on a permanent basis. It gives our new members, or those arriving to our region on diplomatic missions a place to bring their arrivals to our attention. When Europeia hosts multi-regional festivals or events, they are also often housed in this category.

Arnhelm Capitol District - Arnhelm is the capital city of the region of Europeia; speaking in purely role play terms. The Capitol District is where the high offices of the government are located. The Palatium Manner is the home of the Supreme Chancellors, 34 Goldenblock Avenue is the home of Europeia's President, where his office and the office of the vice president are located, 21 Tomlinson Street is also located here (but is hidden from public view) and functions as the nerve center of the high executive; where ministers can meet with the president and each other to discuss the goings-on of the government, the r3naissanc3r Administrative Bureau is the home to our forum admins, whose duty is to keep our forums, our community, and our members safe and in compliance with the Zetaboards Terms of Service.

Palace of the People - The Palace of the People is where both the Senate and the Citizens' Assembly make their home; they meet within their respective chambers to make decisions and vote on things that could effect the future of the Republic. The Palace of the People is also home to the Oval Room, which is where political elections are held, and where campaigns are run. Within the Oval Room is the Voting Booth, though you require a Citizen level masking or higher to see it, the Voting Booth is the single most important subforum in Europeia as it is where our citizens go to cast the votes that decide the course of the Republic, whether it's from electing senators or the president, to casting votes for the next chair of the Citizens' Assembly.

Cabinet Offices and Embassies - The Cabinet Offices portion of this category is the home to the body of the executive government; our ministries. The various forums for any given ministry come and go as presidents need new ministries of have different priorities; generally the description of a ministry forum will give you an idea about what it does; and more information about a ministry can be found by asking the minister overseeing it. The Embassies portion of this category is located in the 17 Dove's Swoop Lane forum, which is where various embassies from our friends, partners, and regions who want to keep us updated are located; news about important events and festivals in other regions are often posted in these various subforums.

The Red Light District - The Cultural heart of Europeia the Red Light district is home to the Republic Square; where debates and discussions on things not impacting the region can take place. Frequently there are clickbait threads posted here, or threads that just make no sense. In addition to the Republic Square the Europeian Broadcasting Coroporation and the LethoMonarcy Media Center are found here; housing the State Run and Independent News Media respectively.

Thinker's Row - Housing the Pine-Euro Regional Library and the University of Europeia, Thinker's Row is a repository of knowledge and information available for anyone willing to take the time to read it all.

Political Parties and Societies - As the name implies this category is the home of our political parties and various societies. This is where like-minded citizens come together to pool their power, or simply gather together to discuss the events of the day and how they impact the region, nationstates, or the world at large.

Thanks to Mousebumples for writing the original guide, which can be found here and contains some information which was not included in this updated version.
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