Greetings from the Free Territories of TKae!


Hi everyone!

My name is TKae! My nation is a loose-knit confederacy of territories bound by the ideals fo freedom, liberty, and democracy. We're also well armed mostly inebriated pirates fun at parties. It's nice to meet you all.

What sorts of activities are you looking to get involved with on the forum (Government, World Assembly, Games, etc.)?
After looking around, I'd say the Government or World Assembly. I'm really interested in engaging with others for the benefit of the region, so I've been really interested in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Citizen's Assembly. Also, I'm pretty interested in the Navy since my WA nation isn't my main nation. I think my only concerns with Navy involvement are time-zone issues

Mostly I'm interested in working together with people, making things work, and helping out.

If you would like having a mentor guide you in learning more about your interests, mark this box with an 'x': [X]
Sure, why not? I'm always open to meeting new people!

Are you interested in chatting with other region-members on Discord?


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Hey! Welcome to Europeia, glad to have you!


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Hello and welcome to Europeia! It's nice to have you with us.


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Hey hey, we need some more inebriated pirates around here. I'm still sad that our cat pirates are gone, RIP Port Meowi.

And yeah, we're always looking for active people in the Navy, Foreign Affairs, or World Assembly Affairs. :)
Oh, you checked the mentor box too, I'll send you a DM on discord. (y)