Goodnight Europeia

I don't know many people know this or not, but I've never been much for journalling, or reflections. It's difficult to know where to begin. Today I had an excellent conversation with Lexus, where much development and finalizing of Culture ideas was done. I'm always rather impressed by his passion, I don't know why, I have this image of him as stoic, old and frowny, but he's a very clever, funny, and passionate person, especially with regards to his work as Culture Minister.

I posted a rather massive speech today, and it was nice to finally see that get out. I'd been struggling with the wording for almost two days, and it felt really good to have the language fall together as it did. What's most important is the message seemed to be well received, I think, and hopefully it will spur some people to action.

I've also started with making preparations to begin discussions with TNI. I joined their forums, and I'm beginning to acquaint myself with the region. I had an interesting discussion with NES, the details of which I can't really disclose, but it was a pretty frank discussion on both sides, something I think we need to establish on a broader scale with TNI.

I hope this provides a little insight into my day, and maybe a little into the way my mind works. It's still early days for the Government, so there are no grand stories to tell yet. For now, though, I believe I shall say Goodnight Europeia, and good luck.


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Your speech was good Ollie, I enjoyed it and I do enjoy it that you keep us informed about what you are working on. I am not sure if you can keep this up on a daily basis and I would settle for a weekly update. In these days leadership is mostly about communicating, explaining why you have chosen certain directions etc.

So far this term seems to be heading in the right direction.



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Today, I sat through a lecture on Europeian History with a few others, delivered by HEM. It was interesting, though admittedly the timing was pretty rough. I'm certainly looking forward to more random surprise history lesson.

I've approved Asperta's work on the Hall of Recruiters. It's nice to finally have a serious testament to the work all these people have done in growing Europeia. I applaud Asperta for his work, both in recruiting, and in creating this monument.

I've also chatted with Sopo about his plans for the Welfare Ministry. We're going to see some forums in the near future that most of you won't be able to see: Forums for new members and Welfare helpers only, to provide new players a place that's a little less intimidating than the rest of Europeia.

It wasn't the most productive or exciting day, but I did spend a fair portion of it either on the highway or visiting with family, so I'll take it

Goodnight, Europeia, and good luck.


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Good afternoon Europeia. I've had a lazy couple days, but everybody needs a little slow period every now and again. Our Navy has jumped in to help briefly with an offensive action taken by the LKE. This segues rather nicely into the preliminary discussions we've having the LKE in regards to renewing our relationship. As of yet this is just a friendly meeting, we're keeping it light as we continue our campaign to reach out to our neighbours.

We're also speaking with Absolution about opening the most basic of diplomatic relations, much like the meetings with the LKE, and I look forward to meeting with the leadership of both regions in the near future. I'll be visiting the LKE Monday, and we haven't yet pinned down a date with Absolution.

On the domestic front, I still have to do my recruitment. I should get on that. :unsure: Recruitment continues, though, and welcoming continues, we're seeing new members sign up and apply for citizenship almost daily.

I've been proud to keep an eye on legislative debates, both in the City Council and the Senate, and though I've said it already, I'm particularly proud of the Honourable Senator Rachel Anumia, for her fantastic work in both analyzing difficult issues and providing strong, positive legislation to deal with them. Kudos to you, Rachel, and I hope the rest of the Senate will follow this example.

It's going to be another somewhat lazy day, but I'll be around if I'm needed.

Good day Europeia, and keep on rocking out.


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I'm very disappointed to hear from Absolution that they consider themselves to be an isolationist region, and do not intend to pursue relations with Europeia or any other region in NationStates. I consider it somewhat regretful that a large region such as Absolution is unwilling to take any part on the world stage, and I very much hope that, should the region change its mind, they will come to Europeia to make amends for rebuffing our friendly advance.

There is likely some concern in the region with Sopo's likely absence on Mondays and Tuesdays, but I remain confident that, with the support of his junior ministers, he will remain able to work positively for Europeia's welcoming and naturalization. The ideas and direction being taken this term are rather uniquely Sopo's, and attempting to purse them without him would be, while technically possible, disappointing compared to the gains we will see in the Ministry of Welfare with his support.

Tomorrow we will see our first foreign visit to the LKE, a visit for which I am quite excited. We expect that we will not make any major decisions regarding the relationship between our two regions, but this visit will serve to improve the general status of our relations.

After the complaint on our Civil HeadQuarters by a person who received one of recruitment telegrams, we're examining the formatting and text of the telegram in cabinet as we speak. We are likely to write a new version and use it with some of our manual recruiters for a few weeks and see if there is any measurable improvement in the success of the telegram.

The culture ministry continues to roll along positively. The Word of the Day continues, and our Minister even managed to secure a visit from Santa! I'm sure there are many more interesting things cooking away in the veritable Willy Wonka's Factory of Lex's mind, and I cannot wait to see what's next.

So, as you can see, there's lots going. And with that; Goodnight Europeia, and good luck.



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I've gotten tired of the tiny and red. Even more tired of the giant and green, but I can't stop you :p.


Both of you need to nut up and shut up about what Santa wanted you to do... *grumbles*


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Well, work continues on our alternate telegram. It's a bit slow-going, I'm working with the desire to go in two different directions, one where the telegram is only nominally different (easier to prove the science with reference to the formatting if I control the variables) and one where the telegram is totally different, just to try something new.

I'm helping Sopo update and rewrite the Newcomer Guides as part of the Welfare Ministry's objectives for the term. I'm sure we'll have a little more on that from Sopo when he comes back on Wednesday, but preparations and work on this front is continuing.

With Culture, we've got a surprise party coming (the surprise is what it's about :p), and we're looking at a fascinating idea for a game as well. As usual, keeping the details on this close to the chest, as Lex works best when he pops up like a jack in the box with surprise culture.

We've started our meetings in LKE; so far CSP has expressed a preference for coffee or whiskey over tea, and we're generally just settling in. I'm sure some more interesting discussions will take place over the next day or two.

Interior is still rolling along. Despite an impressive number of CTEs over the last 48 hours, we're holding steady at roughly 920 nations! Kudos to the recruitment team for overcoming this temporary setback.

With that, goodnight Europeia, and good luck.