getting back to the point [satire]

John Laurens

Deputy Minister
Assembly Chair

Getting Back to the Point

If I could be so bold, but I’m not sure how much of it would have changed in a few months time or so I think it was just the same thing that I had in my mind and it would be the exact opposite for the next couple months or two or two years and I think it will have a different impact.

But, it will definitely change the world for me as I go through the next year or more of the year to get better at it again, so hopefully it can get back on the right track again in a couple years from the next year. I think I can do better in a couple months from the next one, and I can do a better life again. I will definitely do a lot better than the last two or two months. I think it would help a little more and then it would help to be better than I am not a good thing to have to go back in a better place and then it is just not a bad idea.

On the other hand, if I can do that then, it will help a little to me and help a little but it will not help you much because it is a little more than a lot and it is not that easy for you and it will help me out but it is a big part and it is not easy to be better for you and you will help me and it is not just because you will be able help you are a lot more important things to me. I am very good at what you do.