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Where can I get involved?

Europeia is a large and dynamic region with many dedicated, active individuals. We have several ministries that provide our citizens with various activities and events. We are eager to help guide new players toward these ministries, which help develop various skills and leadership potential. We aid in this venture by informing applicants about the Europeian Republican Navy and the Ministries of Culture, Foreign Affairs, Interior, World Assembly, Radio, and Communications. We welcome you to look through this quick guide which has links to each Ministry and a general summary of suggested skills and traits.

If you are a Citizen that is more interested in legislation, you should have a look at Arnhelm City, our lay-legislative training ground for aspiring legislators and politicians alike. (Click here)

And those interested in judicial affairs, such as criminal cases, should have a look at becoming a Law Clerk. (Click here)

What is a Junior Deputy, and how do I become one?

In Europeia, almost all of our government offices are divided into “Ministries”. These are led by a singular Minister who was nominated by the President and confirmed by the Europeian Senate to lead that particular governmental focus. Ministers then have the ability to appoint Deputy Ministers as their second-in-command and to invite citizens that wish to assist and learn in that particular field. These members are called “Junior Deputies”.

Junior Deputies are the entry-level positions in each ministry or council. They will be collaborating with the Deputy Ministers to complete projects, develop activities, and improve their skills. These Junior Deputy positions are the stepping stones to higher office. Junior Deputies, in future terms, will be seen as potential picks for Deputy Ministers, and eventually even the Minister position itself.

The process of becoming a Junior Deputy is simple - just find the Ministry you wish to join and apply within their application or job thread which are all located here. The following are the current ministries and in Europeia and a brief synopsis of each:

Ministry of the Interior


The Ministry of the Interior handles the recruitment and integration of new citizens into Europeia. If you have a love of numbers, being competitive, and knowing that you are an intrinsic part of helping Europeia grow in size you may enjoy the Recruitment aspect of Interior more. If your skills align more with interacting, tutoring, and answering questions you may enjoy the Integration aspect of Interior more. Either or both, Interior is a very important part of Europeia as without new members to drive energy and innovation, we suffer as a region.

Ministry of Culture


The Ministry of Culture is a good place to make your mark if you’re a creative type that wants to help build up interpersonal relationships between our members through the use of games, stories, artwork, and big ideas. Culture has the important task of developing our own unique personality and helping share that with new members and across all of NationStates. A staple of our current Ministry of Culture is Weekend Games, which are held every weekend night on our regional discord server.

Ministry of Communications


The Ministry of Communications is our center for news, editorials, and outreach; so they are always looking for skilled writers, editors, and lovers of data. With the task of informing and discussing important topics that are at the forefront of citizens' minds, Communications has to have its finger on the pulse of the concerns and questions of Europeia. So whether you are a gifted writer, skilled analyst, or talented editor, there is definitely a place for you in the Ministry of Communications!

Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Europeia is not an island (technically, we’re an archipelago!) that stands by itself in the great ocean of NationStates. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the outreach and diplomacy of Europeia. Being successful in this Ministry requires excellent communication skills, patience, a good attitude, being trustworthy, and the ability to capably work with others that may not share the exact same approach or philosophy as yourself. If you think you possess these skills you should check out the Ministry of Foreign Affairs!

Ministry of Radio


The Ministry of Radio focuses on the development and broadcast of content for our Mixlr channel such as interviews, debates, and even games. A focus on quality and consistency is an important facet of Radio, as well as having an engaging personality and good communication skills. Being able to lead and engage in discussion is a vital part of being on-air, and if you think you have the chops then come on by!

Ministry of World Assembly Affairs


The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs is the focus of the Executive to how Europeia approaches and engages the World Assembly. Attention is given with writing IFVs (Information for Voters) that inform citizens of a proposal up for a vote, what way the Executive (alongside our allies, WAA Minister, and WAA Delegate) recommends to vote and why. The WAA also helps with drafting and submitting proposals that further Europeia's agenda and ideals. Good writing skills, the ability to communicate with other regional authors, delegates, and our allies, and researching the origins, history, and debate surrounding proposals are all strengths that the Minister of the World Assembly has.

Europeian Republican Navy


If you commit yourself to the Navy, you'll be assisting Europeia and their allies against every threat that could conceivably face them through the act of raiding. This selection allows for the most movement up the scale and a good Seaman will do well! Also, working within the ERN will give you valuable foreign affairs experience.

Within the ERN, you can apply for Reserves and Active Duty. This will determine if you are requested to take part in every operation or just certain ones, sometimes after the raiding time is over. Since the act of raiding itself occurs at specific times of each day, it is recommended that those with time constraints register as a Reserve. You can always switch between Active and Reserve at will.

Being a member of the ERN requires the use of a World Assembly nation that can be moved to and from Europeia. Please keep in mind you can only have one nation signed up for the WA on NS at a time. For this reason. if you are fond of Europeia’s Endotarting Program, the ERN may not be for you. If you think you would enjoy taking part in the military gameplay aspect of NationStates, you can join the ERN and set sail!

Onwards and upwards!
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