First Minister Election November 2019: A Recapitulation


All's well that ends better

First Minister Election November 2019
A Recapitulation

Written by Xecrio and Istillian

This November witnessed the much anticipated first minister elections. In what was an extremely hectic week, the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation wishes to enlighten its viewers on this election fall-out.
Standing for the position of first minister opened on November 11 2019; by November 12, four candidates had declared their intention to run. Cuddles was first to announce his candidacy. It originally seemed like he would run unopposed as his eventual opponents, Calvin Coolidge (Calvin), Dax, and Olde Delaware (OD) didn't announce their candidacy until a day later.
With voting polls opening on November 18, vibrant discussion was beginning in the party platform threads and across the region, taking hold of citizens' attention leading up to this date. The election was certainly gearing up to be an energetic race.

A number of polls were taken in the lead-up to the election, and on November 13 the Europeian Research Institute (ERI), in collaboration with The Arnhelm Review, published a poll analysis on Europeian first minister election priorities. This analysis assisted candidates in fine tuning their platforms, and gave a good perspective on what the public would find favourable in potential first minister candidates.

By November 14, candidates had released platforms detailing their ideas and intentions for how they would lead in the first minister role. The Arnhelm Review conducted a poll on November 16, to gather impressions on who the Europeian citizenry would most likely vote for. Dax, with Istillian nominated as second minister, were early front runners, solidified by an endorsement by outgoing First Minister Pichtonia. Calvin Coolidge (Calvin), alongside second minister nominee Rachael, and Olde Delaware (OD), with Kuramia chosen as his second minister, were a closely tied second place. Cuddles, with Bowzin nominated as second minister, polled lowest in fourth place.

Once the party platforms had been announced, United Vietussia privately contacted all potential candidates in an effort to organise a debate between the first minister candidates, and separately, a debate between the second minister candidates. A transcript of the second minister debate has yet to be produced.
The E-News Network (ENN) reported some fascinating poll results on Dax's lead, and provided some discussion on advantages and disadvantages of candidates, elaborating on the ongoing updates from The Arnhelm Review. Chief of State HEM and Councillor of External Engagement Sopo then conducted a radio show, and also ran a somewhat satirical live blog to follow along with the first and second minister debates, much to the enjoyment of the public. Many citizens also avidly discussed the debates through discord and various forum threads.

The Arnhelm Review later conducted an analysis discussing the debate outcomes, with Calvin and OD reportedly edging into the lead for the debates, changing public perception and potentially garnering more votes for the leading tickets.
While the second minister debate was somewhat more demure, it did have some humorous live blog discussion, with the ENN summarising the debaters comments as follows:

Istillian: I don't know how to lead
Rachael: I post on the RMB
Kuramia: OD will be the cop that punches people on Law and Order SVU but I will be the good female cop who uses her words
Bowzin: I will use tarot cards and chicken entrails to somehow make sense of cuddles

Despite wide coverage of the debate, the ENN reported that the debate actually had little impact on the next poll. Analysis revealed that voters fluctuated between Dax and Istillian, and Calvin and Rachael. With impeccable timing, GraVandius, writing for the ERI, thankfully provided a useful guide on how to 'Get Out the Vote' on November 17, one day prior to the election, much to the satisfaction of those in the running.

With the votes fluctuating between Calvin and Dax as most likely to attain the first ministership, Dax was able to culminate the most endorsments - including a surprising declaration from OD and Kuramia to support the Dax/Istillian ticket. The vote resulted in Dax and Calvin Coolidge heading to a run-off, with Calvin edging out Dax by a result of 17-13 votes (41.5 - 31.7 percent). However this wasn't the original first round; a mistake in the original ballot, with re-open elections not represented, resulted in the running of the first round again. This could have had a part to play in Dax finishing second in the first ballot, when Dax was projected to win originally.

Whilst Dax held the lead position in the runoff for a majority of the time, almost looking like an easy victory, an unprecedented turn of events in the last few minutes of voting in the runoff election tied the two tickets, for a final vote to be held by the Senate.

On November 21, the vote was taken to the Senate. The Senate allowed a 48 hour period for questioning the candidates, although both Dax and Calvin were quick to answer all queries asked, and senators motioned to move to a vote early.
The vote was tight and could have resulted in a tie - however Calvin, as the only remaining Senator left to vote, tipped the scales in his own favour, winning a narrow victory of 5 votes to 4.

This election was intense and emotionally exhaustive on all participants, but it has also been recognised as strategically well done, particularly by now First Minister Calvin and Second Minister Rachael. With Calvin and Rachael now at the helm of Europeia, there is no doubt that they have earned the respect of the public by battling their way to lead the region's domestic executive. This display of Europeian politics at its best shows the full force of our citizen spirit, determination, and incredibly hard work to make it to the elite level of leadership.

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Calvin, as the only remaining Senator left to vote, tipped the scales in his own favour, winning a narrow victory of 5 votes to 4.
Just a note here that Drecq stated that he believed it to be foolish for Calvin to abstain from the vote (as some suggested he should have). Drecq went on to say that in the event that Calvin abstained from the vote AND it was a tie, Drecq would have (in his capacity as Election Administrator) awarded the election to Calvin anyway.