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A: Europeia is a Region of NationStates that follows the principles of Republicanism, meaning the Officials of Europeia are elected by the people and of the people.
A: The Executive is the body of the government that has the sole responsibility of the day to day governance of the Region. This encompasses all ministerial activities, such as: Integration, Recruitment, Foreign affairs, The Navy, Culture etc.
A: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs manages our Ambassadors, forms agreements with other Regions and sends updates to other Regions.
Europeia is neither a raider Region, nor a defender Region. It is an independent Region. This means that Europeia reserves for itself the right to pursue raider and defender Policies. Further Europeian Foreign Policy is characterized by three basic ideas-(1) the right of each region to self-determination, and a corresponding distrust of supra-regional organizations; (2) the right of indigenous communities in GCRs to sovereign control of their home regions, and corresponding opposition to those who treat GCRs as trophies to be captured; and (3) a particular affinity for our fellow independent regions, and also for imperialist regions that tend to share similar ideals.
A: The Ministry of Culture manages cultural activities in the region, including planning fun events for the region.
A: The Navy, or the Europeian Republican Navy, is the Military Arm of Europeia. The ERN trains Citizens in the Art of NS war and partakes in military operations, such as seizing the Delegate position in Inactive Regions to advertise Europeia through the World Factbook Entry.
A: The Senate, led by the Speaker of the Senate.
A: The Senate is a deliberative body whose primary role is to create and amend laws.
A: Senators are elected by the Citizens of Europeia every 90 days. It is easiest to be elected if you have prior legislative experience.
A: You can join the Citizens Assembly. The Citizens Assembly creates sub-legislation, which is then passed on to the Senate. It also discusses any Legislation currently on the Senate floor.
A: The First Minister and the Deputy First Minister can create Executive Orders, which are, in effect, laws. They can, however, be amended, vetoed or repealed by the Senate.
A: The Law Index is always current and up to date.
A: Europeia has a High Court. There are 4 judges on the High Court. One Chief Justice and three Associate Justices.
A: The High Court answers legal questions and hears criminal cases, looking to the laws of the Republic, both statutory and common, to render judgment.
A: You can either defend yourself or, if you wish, can employ the services of a public defender.
A: You can ask any other Citizen. As a whole, we are a warm and welcoming crowd and will try to help in any way we can. The easiest way to figure out who best to ask is to look into the header, that is the menus that drop down when you hover over the link at the top which says "Government". The people listed there are the current elected Leaders of Europeia and should be able to answer any questions you might have.

You can also join us on Our Discord Server. People are usually available 24/7 who can help guide you and answer questions.
A: The first thing to do would be to check NationStates FAQ or the NationStates One Stop Rule Shop. If that doesn't help you, you can ask anyone either here on the Forum, on the Regional Message Board, or In-Game through a Telegram.
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