EuroWeekly Midterm Executive Approval Poll Results: Growing Levels of Discontent and Restlessness


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EuroWeekly Midterm Executive Approval Poll Results
Growing Levels of Discontent and Restlessness
By Lime
EuroWeekly held a midterm executive approval poll between the 2nd and 4th of January 2022. The aim of the poll was to gauge the public's level of approval towards the executive and each Minister at the midpoint of this term. The poll received a total of 30 respondents, and at a 95% level of confidence the margin of error is 15%, however, like any poll conducted in Europeia this should be taken with a grain of salt, as polls are not conducted scientifically. In lieu of written analysis, myself and a couple of guests will provide our on-air analysis in a special EBC Radio show in the coming days.

Overall Approval

Screenshot (67).png

Very little progress has been made on campaign promises, and a lack of activity from the Vice President has lead to a dismissal effort.

What is being produced? I'm not seeing a lot. I understand the holidays are a tough time so I haven't spoken up much but if things don't accelerate rapidly in the next week or so, some people are going to have to lose their jobs.

I'm going to say it's just the holidays, but things got quiet.

Okay for now

I noticed throughout the first part of the term that the Ministries have done some good stuff for Europeia and the people who chose the Ministers did a good job choosing them.

Seems like some areas are really shining, and others are struggling, not a bad term, but could use a bit of a pick me up in some places.

It is the holidays to provide them with some slack, however not much appears to be progressing in any of the ministries, and there have been no updates from the President, Vice President or much in the way of F/S updates.

This has been... Quiet.

Hasn’t seemed overly visible. Doesn’t seem to have a ton of activity.

Presidential Approval

Screenshot (68).png

President Darcness has not made true on many of his campaign promises. While there are certainly many factors outside of his control, and another half of a term to fulfill them, it is not a promising sign. Additionally, he was unable to keep his Vice Presidential pick active on the Forums.

Darc started off strong but has been wobbly recently with both an LOA and then the holiday season

The administration is not delivering on the promises made (across the board) during the election and we have not seen enough of the President himself in the Goldenblock or as a part of his team's initiatives. It's time to step it up in a big way.

We're waiting for stuff to come out and platform promises to be updated, specifically around the F/S update.

He seems to be doing fine, not great not terrible

Darcness has not really shared anything that has been happening in Europeia and we have not saw much being done by Darcness as the public as well. I am not sure what to say about Darcness's term so far, because we are not getting any signs that Darcness is doing anything.

Not demonstrating a lot of public engagement, so I can't tell how things are going honestly.

Isn't visible or appears particularly active.

Vice Presidential Approval

Screenshot (69).png

Is he alive? Virtually hasn't posted since mid-December, forumside or on Discord.

Vice President UPC has not maintained a good presence on forums, which is not a high bar. I understand holidays can get in the way of such things, but you're expected not to disappear for a month if you choose to be vice president.

Same as darc, seems to have fallen off

Where is UPC? It feels like I haven't seen him in weeks. I think it's past time to make a change here if there's any hope of making the king of gameside progress that was ultimately a big part of why I voted for this ticket.

Where did he go? He just vanished, and he's an integral part of the gameside part of the F/S update.

A bit of a dip in activity, hopefully he bounces back in the second half

I have barely seen UPC online and I have not seen anything done by UPC besides making a welcoming bot on the RMB. That is just basically it. At least he has done something in his term so far and I will give him credit for that.

He's kinda...disappeared recently.

I haven't seen much of UPC since mid-December, either in eurochat or the forums. I know he had been doing some background work, and if he comes back that's great, but to miss roughly three weeks of the term with no public output? That's incredibly concerning.

Completely disappeared and shouldn't be in the role anymore.

Seems to have recently disappeared.

Has seemed to be nowhere. Maybe I’m missing something though,

Where is he?

Grand Admiral

Screenshot (70).png

With Grand Admiral Writinglegend at the helm, we've seen some major successes in The United Front and The Nordic Lands, as well as the introduction of a new game that is sure to boost membership.

Overall doing alright, especially in comparison with some other ministries. We will need a larger, more targeted effort to upgrade the Navy's capabilities and numerical strength before the F/S update though. WL can definitely deliver that but if he's not being pushed from the top, that doesn't help.

Organizing things, dming people, and generally a ray of sunshine anyway. More updates on how the game is coming along would be cool.

The ERN is active again thanks to the work of several people, Gleg included

GA Writinglegend has done an amazing job doing operations with an extremely skilled personnel and it has been successful. I could say this is Writinglegend's best term as Grand Admiral so far being in Europeia.

Gleg is a great GA. Very impressed.

Certainly doing a good job.

Certainly seems to be an excellent recruiter for the Navy.

Ops are being run but mostly it seems by others. I think Gleg has run at least one but he hasn't been as visible as I'd have liked.

Minister of Interior

Screenshot (71).png

It's no secret, we've lost a good amount of members. Simply having more telegrams is not enough, we must have telegrams that compel people to come to Europeia, and we need to have more cooperation between Culture and Interior to make events that will draw people from outside of the region.

What is being done is great but the Ministry of Interior should be more than the Ministry of Recruitment and right now, it's just not. We don't need a whole ministry or a full-time minister to have a recruitment contest every term.

He's active, he's pumping out data in his reports. I like it.

Seems good

Calvin Coolidge as being the Minister of Interior has done some good stuff for making people who are recruiters getting encouraged by playing a game of Candy to boost sending out recruitment telegrams. That I give good credit for that to him. I am satisfied with his term so far and I am looking to what he does with the Ministry of Interior for the second part of his term as well.

Recruitment seems to be going fine but nothing on the integration front

Candy land was a great idea and very effective

Calvin is right in his element here. Absolutely love the game this term, and his and his team's output is excellent.

Calvin's done a good recruitment drive this term and last, but that's about it. People consistently appear to ignore his shortcomings due to his popularity.

Minister of Communications

Screenshot (72).png

I have not been following the region's dispatches and the Ministry of Communications, so I have no comments on Minister Sincluda's job.

I love Sincluda but Comms this term has been a little underwhelming.

Sincluda seems like a very nice person but has a record of failure in leading this ministry and doesn't seem to know what to do about it based on their public comments. I think it's time to make a change.

Sincluda dropped off the face of the earth in comms and then says no one is doing the work? What work? I think dming people and giving them assignments can help to liven the place up. We aren't doing polls, so now the lack of activity is very clear. Step it up. Now.

He did a good job last term, but Comms is a big challenge to handle for a full term, but there was a lot of inactivity across the board so I wouldnt blame him too much, then again his midterm address didnt offer many solutions either

I gotta say Sincluda has been honest with us with why Communications has gotten a bit inactive. He managed to have people share some good articles in the beginning of his term, but is gotten downhill because of Sincluda being inactive. There is also a bit of things I believe he should have done better, but he has been inactive. I am not so sure what to say about Sincluda's term as being the Minister of Communications.

While the quantity of articles isn't ideal, what has been published is pretty high quality, and Project Moirai is especially interesting, even if this can't all be attributed to the Minister himself.

I like Sincluda, and I think he could be quite capable in the role, but I don't think communications is being run correctly at the moment. Sin has mentioned he'll step up, but you really need to personalise ideas for articles per individual, and engage staff differently. Darcness knows the ministry of communications though, so I have faith that he can help with direction though.

Four articles at this point in the term is ... bad, and at least two of the articles released had issues that should have been corrected before publishing. His public comments also suggest that he doesn't really know how to run the Ministry and inspires little confidence in his ability to improve in the remainder of the term.

I LOVE the idea behind Project Moirai!

Not a lot of content being put out.

Minister of World Assembly Affairs

Screenshot (73).png

Minister Greater Cesnica has made Europeia one of the largest voices in WALL, assisted new members in taking more active roles in the ministry, and pioneered a new interregional cooperation program to help our distinguished nations be commended, the heroes of Valhalla. I'd certainly consider him the most accomplished minister so far in this term.

GC continues to do excellent, although activity seems to be falling a little

The wheels, they keep a-turning. I'd like to hear more from this administration and this ministry about how WAA is a vital component of Europeian foreign affairs as opposed to a fun a thing to do for the sake of itself. How's the Valhalla thing going?

IFVs come out. Discussions happen. That's a good.

Its good, though Im still disappointed we didnt see a different person leading the mowaa this term simply to shake things up

Greater Cesnica is consistently always sharing IFVs with great content about proposals that is currently at vote. I say that Greater Cesnica is doing an amazing job as being the Minister of WAA and as always doing a good job even in the earlier previous term.

IFVs are still being published but it seems very quiet otherwise

An absolute workhorse, very satisfied.

He's doing fine, but a change at the top might have been appropriate.

Very good. Outstanding term from my protégé. 😛

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Screenshot (74).png

Minister Lloenflys' term thus far has been a mixed bag. While the embassy with the South Pacific is a great achievement, there has been scant activity since, and this administration's request that ambassadors actively seek out information on their region has the chance to undermine trust in Europeia abroad.

I wish we could hear more about what's happening in MoFA

Lloen has really stepped up given the absence of the higher executive of late

Again, overall fine. I don't think Lloen is getting a lot of guidance on what he should be doing so he's focusing on ambassadors which is underwhelming but it ain't nothing. It's trickier to "show your work" in FA than in other ministries so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt whether he deserves it or not is for people with more information than me to decide.

It's kinda quiet. Was hoping for more FA-related updates with the F/S update and the things that should be tied to it closely.

Need more info

I am happy to work with Lleonflys and he is doing a good job managing all us Ambassadors. I am happy and glad to work with a great guy and I believe he is doing a great job talking and communicating with people and always making sure FA is being operated as it should be. I am very satisfied with his term so far.

I like Lloenflys engagement this term, his diplomatic skills are top notch, and he's earned a very satisfied rating from me as he's made up for my concern about a lack of FA experience.

His midterm address placed a great deal of emphasis on ambassadors and talking to them, but I haven't been reached out to since I was given my assignments at the start of term. Maybe I'm just in unimportant regions?

No big problems from the Birb, but definitely seems to be less impactful as MoFA than he was as Senator.

Minister of Culture

Screenshot (75).png

Culture is painfully stagnant; it's been seemingly forever since a fresh idea popped up.

Minister Sanjurika has done an excellent job planning and supervising the Winter Festival, encouraging Ministry members to share their ideas, and making use of such ideas.

This Winter festival was...pathetic. Like, all-time bad. If that's the kind of effort we're going to put forth, let's not bother with a festival. Nobody's going to be upset about it. Woof, what a stinker.

Winter festival was fun. :D

Sanjurika is doing quite a good job setting up and organizing events for Europeia. He is also communicating with the Culture staff about potential ideas and I like that about him. He is a decent fella for the role of being the Minister of Culture.

The most active of the ministers. His work is incredible

Sanjurika has made me love culture even more.

He's active in culture discussions and is certainly a good leader, but the Winter Festival was a big disappointment. That could have been a really fun and ambitious event, but it was a bit of a damp squib.

Disappointing. Doesn’t seem the big cultural initiatives of a winter festival and stuff had quite the impact we thought it might.

We've seen some stuff but the Winter Festival seemed kind of minor in tone, not a lot of big ideas. A strong EuroChoice would counteract that though.

Minister of Radio

Screenshot (76).png

Minister Pichtonia is always a welcome presence on streams and broadcasts. He manages to keep everything entertaining and educational, and has been effective in inviting guests that contribute to topics important to Europeia.

Radio shows are happening. That's pretty much the bar we've set for this ministry. Do we really need a minister to manage the schedule, i.e. say yes when people ask to do a show? I'd say we don't. Does the MoR do more than that? I'd also lean toward no. That's not necessarily about Pichtonia but it's also about Pichtonia, you know what I'm saying?

Radio is running itself, which is always good that it can. When you don't need to prod people to work, you've done something right.

Pichtonia is always a great guy in any role he does and he has under his leadership provided Radio staff to produce quite entertaining Radio shows. I gotta say this is one of the better terms for Radio.

Pichtonia? More like ... beautiful.

Shows are ongoing, but he doesn't appear to be leading the Ministry himself and just appears to be approving shows.

There may not have been many shows, but he certainly seems enthusiastic.

Attorney General

Screenshot (77).png

It's no secret that the Attorney General is not a demanding position. I have no opinion regarding Attorney General GraVandius' performance.

Has the AG actually done anything yet this term?


He's doing his job.

I disagree strongly with the way Darc just dropped legal education, and I dont think we have been seeing the Executive doing enough to handle the process of setting up a new system alongside the other branches

I have not really paid attention to the Ministry of Justice all that often and that is why I not really have a opinion on GraVandius's term as being the Attorney General of Europeia. Also the Ministry of Justice has gotten quite inactive and that is why another reason I really not have a opinion on his term.

I forgot we had an Attorney General, which makes me really hope the senate focuses on this more, or the next executive term something is done in this space.

Considering Darc made clear he didn't want his AG to do any legal education, there's little to comment on here.

Presidential Re-Election

Screenshot (78).png


Screenshot (79).png

Istillian as Grand Admiral

PA - Comms, Kuramia - FA

Monkey (Interior), Kazaman (FA or GA), Istillian (GA, FA, Comms), CSP (GA, FA, Interior, Radio), Peeps (GA, FA, Interior), SkyGreen (domestic ministry), Le Libertie (Interior), Sarah (FA, Culture)

SkyGreen24 as MinCom, Istillian as GA (and then he resigns and UPC is nominated)

Calvin Coolidge - Minister of Interior. Lleonflys - Minister of Foreign Affairs. Greater Cesnica - Minister of World Assembly Affairs. Writinglegend - Grand Admiral. Astrellan - Minister of Culture. Pichtonia - Minister of Radio.

Icarus, SkyGreen

Istillian as GA

Kuramia: Communications Icarus: Minister of Radio/Culture

Lime: Radio/Comms/FA, Istillian: FA

The term's been fine but I still wish it were better.

Would like to see more from the Exec in regards to the bigger projects of the term like update preparations

This Cabinet term so far has been quite average I say.

Everything is uncomfortable quiet. Usually, that's not a good sign.


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Deputy Minister
Thank you for running this poll!!! Very interesting to see that the opinions seem to be fairly split in some places although there are areas where many people agree. I’m looking forward to the second half of the term


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Senate Speaker
Vice Chancellor
I think a mixed reaction to my term so far makes sense, I wouldn't give myself more than a C at best :) Just since there was a question about it from an ambassador, I have mostly tried to reach out more to those who either have had active questions, who hadn't had a lot of ambassador experience previously, who have had regions where I have had questions or the administration has had questions, or where things were a bit "active" for a variety of reasons. Everyone should have been reached out to at MINIMUM once when given initial instructions, as those instructions differed a bit from expectations in the past. Most will have also received second, third, and possibly fourth communications with a refinement/clarification of expectations and/or with me just doing a temperature check. If an ambassador hasn't been reached out to more than the initial reach out it doesn't necessarily mean you're in an "unimportant" region (there are no unimportant regions!), it just means there haven't been concerns there that have had me looking in that direction so far!

There was also one comment worried about ambassadorial instructions possibly undermining our relations with our allies and other regions with which we have ambassadors exchanged. Hopefully this response will clear up any confusion on that front - no ambassador is being asked to do ANYTHING other than gather (1) basic information that is publicly available to anyone with diplomatic rank (i.e. structure of government, who to talk to if we have FA concerns that come up, etc.) or that is (2) publicly discussed. Our ambassadors are not being asked to be spies, nor would we want them to be. Think about this more as these people are being asked, to the extent possible with the information available to them, to become "mini-experts" in the region. If we have an issue pop up that involves StarTrekLostLandia (yes I just made that region up), we want to be able to talk to the ambassador to StarTrekLostLandia and get any insights they have. No one should be active beyond that mandate in any way that would jeopardize any relationships that we have and if they are, they are acting way out of the scope of their mandate!


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In regards to the Winter Festival, I’m hoping to release the exit poll results as well as my own reflections. I agree that the Winter Festival was far from perfect.

Common-Sense Politics

Acta Non Verba
Honoured Citizen
Rough stuff but not unexpected. Time to see who responds by doing things and who decides they'd rather get salty and continue not doing their job.


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Deputy Minister
I think Culture is in a weird place in this region, with some people liking or being fun with how current events are run, some people wishing for more, and then a third group that probably is totally disinterested in culture altogether and doesn't care about it at all. If I remember correctly, our current President Darc also has not been the biggest proponent of culture in the past, so it makes leadership of this ministry probably a tiny bit difficult.

I think the best way for the people who expressed dissatisfaction with the winter events to see new events from culture is to either join the ministry, or even just provide feedback regarding the event and what they'd like to see in the future. Minister Sanjurika has gone as far as to release an exit poll for this event, so I hope people look at that seriously and consider giving their thoughts.

As a staffer, I will say that there were several pages of discussion and numerous people involved with planning this festival. Throughout those discussions, no one really expressed major dissatisfaction or concerns with the events we planned. If during the planning process everything seems to be approved and going well -- and no one says otherwise -- then it's a bit impossible for us to course correct and make changes, because all we're hearing is the ideas we're coming up with are great. So I think one of the most important things is just voicing what you'd like to see from that department, and if the minister isn't making that happen -- that's another story, but I don't think that's what happened here.

Lastly, I will say that totally new, innovative, and big cultural events can take a while to plan and execute. These usually go smoother if we have a lot of people who want to participate, and can do so actively throughout however many days the event is. This can be hard during the holidays, as a lot of people have other commitments and such. I thought the events regarding gameside nations and the Secret Santa exchange was a pretty good balance of being interesting and not too much of a time commitment. But I think we've all seen that there have been other times when culture does try to go all out, and it flops a bit because we don't get enough interest as we need, and sometimes that can dissuade us from making these huge projects if we can't guarantee interest (for whatever reason, LoA timing being included).

All that being said, I think our region needs to take a look at what role culture needs to fill in our region. There are quite a few citizens who are very important to our regional culture, but don't often participate in our cultural events. I don't know if this is indicative of the kind of events we are putting on, their availability, or maybe there's nothing we can do to attract them because they just aren't interested. So I believe it's really important that those who were dissatisfied with this event do speak up (either publicly or privately through the form), and give us some concrete feedback on what they would have liked to see, and more importantly, what we could have done to get them involved.


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Deputy Minister
Overall I don't think many of these ratings particularly stand out to me, except for Interior, where Calvin receives wide approval in terms of numbers, but the comments seem to tell a different story. I do agree that Interior lately has been very recruitment heavy, but I'm not sure that it should be a surprise to anyone, as Calvin has voiced his thoughts on big grandiose integration programs several times in the past.

Darc's platform heavily focused on recruitment as well, so again, I'm not totally surprised that there's no big integration proposals this term. Maybe citizens who want to see that should make sure that concern is addressed during the next election cycle? A lot of their recruitment plans do seem to focus on gameside though, and with the departure of UPC, it'll be interesting to see how they adapt.


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There are quite a few citizens who are very important to our regional culture, but don't often participate in our cultural events. I don't know if this is indicative of the kind of events we are putting on, their availability, or maybe there's nothing we can do to attract them because they just aren't interested.
For me, it's a combination of things. Availability is definitely one of them; I just don't take time when I'm on the forums to visit our festivals. That being said, I feel like our forum-based festivals have become pretty predictable and stagnant and rather boring. Unless it's a marquee festival (e.g. our first EuroPride, the Women in NS Symposium), there's nothing really bringing me in. And any of the more "fun" (usually interactive) events are shipped off-forums to Discord (e.g. live games) or radio (e.g. shows and broadcasts). I know I've said this all before, and I'm sure I've said more in-depth thoughts on the subject elsewhere.