Europeia's Weekly Update November 30 2019


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Europeia's Weekly Update
November 30 2019

Written by Xecrio

Senate By Election
Standing for the Senate by election opened on November 23, after Calvin Coolidge had to resign his seat due to being elected first minister. Cuddles originally put his name down for candidacy, but withdrew shortly after. Xecrio put his name down in his first ever attempt at running for an election. Originally, it appeared as though he would be unopposed. Bowzin, however, announced his candidacy the next day, followed later by Izzy, who stood under the Europeian Cosmopolitan Party membership. Bowzin, Xecrio, and Izzy have all released their platforms and have been subjected to questioning by Europeian citizens ahead of the November 29 election. Bowzin and Nate reviewed the first and seond most votes, leading to a run-off. Results are expected on Sunday.

Cabinet Nominations
At the start of the new term, First Minister Calvin has put forward his and Second Minister Rachael's Cabinet nominations to the Senate. Istillian retained his post as minister of communications, as did Dax with minister of culture. Cuddles takes the reigns as minister of radio. Second Minister Rachael is the nominee for minister of interior, while Prim is nominated as attorney general. All nominees were confirmed unanimously. Start of term statements are likely to be posted shortly.

A Plea For A Private Ballot
After the incredibly close first minister election, a debate began over whether or not to enact private ballots for future election. Citizens took to the forum to have a debate on this. Key figures in Europeia gave their verdict on whether Europeia should use a closed ballot for future elections. The EBC column At Home In Europeia conducted a poll on regards to this. Analysis of the results which can be found here, concluded that the electorate were divided on electoral reform. The poll coverage gives information on how citizens feel about Getting Out The Vote, whether citizens look at the poll results before voting, and whether a future private ballot would be wanted by the electorate.

EBC Election Coverage
Courtesy of Xecrio and Istillian, the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) has enlightened readers on key aspects of the first minister election. The report gave coverage of who stood as a candidate, private media articles written in response, polls that were released, and how the first minister debate may or may not have influenced the result and much more.

Radio Show
Minister of Radio cuddles and Xecrio, for his first time ever, released a fun broadcast this past Sunday, in which they discussed Europeian life, their time on NationStates and just general conversation. Citizens interested in getting involved should contact cuddles.

ERN Call To Arms
The Europeian Republican Navy (ERN) has requested a call to arms to fortify the region North Ustaynga, which has been held by Europeia and allies for over 4 days. The ERN reveals that attention to toward Europeia and allies means that it's likely that defending regions will seek to destabilise the ERN. Citizens who can are asked to use a puppet nation to go to the above mentioned region and endorse Azeala.


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