Europeia's Weekly Update - November 16th


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Europeia's Weekly Update
November 16 2019

Written by Xecrio

Upcoming First Minister Elections
Standing for the position of first minister has opened in anticipation of the upcoming first minister election. Standing is open to all citizens. Currently, Cuddles and Bowzin, Dax and Istillian, Olde Delaware and Kuramia, and finally Calvin Coolidge and Rachael have announced their standing for first minister and second minister respectively and released their platforms. In what is set to be a very competitive and exciting election, the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) wishes everyone the best of luck.

Polls of the Week
After the conclusion of the recent chief of state election, the Arnhelm Review conducted a poll on the election. In short, the review concluded that the electorate proved a "divided but happy electorate." The vote was mainly split, with 54.2 percent saying that they would vote for HEM, while 45.8 percent inclined toward voting for JayDee. Overall the poll discussed various factors that may have influenced voters and how the electorate feel the Senate is currently performing.
Aside from this, a domestic poll is currently undergoing final analysis. The poll asked voters how satisfied they are with the current domestic executive term. A third poll asked what requirements and skills the electorate think candidates standing for the position of first minister should have. This poll has also finished and the results can be found here. A fourth poll, released on Friday by the Arnhelm Review, is conducting a poll on the upcoming first minister elections.

Inside Government - Istillian's Article
Istillian and Maowi released an article for the EBC column Inside Government. The article, based on an interview with Senate Speaker Drecq, gives another perspective on manual recruitment, after the past couple of weeks have been very busy for recruitment with many different articles being released on this topic.

Quidditch Recruitment Tournament
After a week of extensive recruiting the Quidditch Tournament has finally come to an end. Over 10,000 telegrams were sent during the tournament and Europeia's population has seen an increase in numbers. SlytherPuff, lead by Bowzin, came out victorious with 6,000 more points than rivals GryffinClaw led by Maowi. Cuddles won the prize for most telegrams sent, while Xecrio and Acapais won the prize for the most valuable member of their team. Xecrio also won a prize for recruiting every day. In what has been a very successful week for the Ministry of Recruitment, the EBC hopes that this success continues.

World Assembly
The NationStates World Assembly has been busy this week. The General Assembly has rejected a resolution at vote, The Amelioration of Maritime Conditions, and currently has a proposal in queue, now voting on a resolution titled Convention on Animal Testing. The Security Council currently has a resolution at vote: Condemn Atlantic.

ERN Operation
Grand Admiral Bowzin has provided an update on a recent Europeian Republican Navy (ERN) operation, which occurred last Sunday. The update informs that a group of sailors teamed up with The North Pacific to conduct an operation on the New Western Atlantic. The operation went successfully until their founder returned and foiled plans. The ERN has given recognition to HEM, Rachael, Istillian, and GraVandius for their work.

Maowi's Article
Maowi conducted an interview with Lloenflys for the EBC column, Inside Government. The article discusses Lloenflys' experience as first minister. The article mainly asks him about his experience as first minister, what he liked about it, what were the positives and negatives. The article also asks if Lloenflys was against the executive split. The interview does give a good insight to citizens who are eager to know more about their fellow region mates.

EBC Radio Coverage
The Ministry of Radio produced a radio show on Saturday. Sopo and HEM discussed the outcome of the first minister election poll. Discussing the results, who's most likely to be in the run off and where the candidates could gain or lose votes.

Brí Shakespeare's trial
The Europeian court has initiated a trial of Brí Shakespeare, who is accused of unlawful interference with recruiting by utilizing the recruitment helper to artificially increase his recruitment count. Attorney general Drecq, prosecuting, alleges Brí Shakespeare's actions and intent constitute a crime. In contrast, Malashaan argues for the defense that there is insufficient evidence to concludes that Brí Shakespeare committed a guilty act or had the required guilty mind. The defense also contends that the presumption of a guilty mind laid out in the criminal code is unconstitutional. The trial continues, with a verdict likely next week.



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