Europeia's Weekly Update (July 19, 2019)


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July 19 Update
Milestones and Modifications

Written by Maowi

Citizens’ Assembly Passes the Charter of Arnhelm
On Saturday 13 July the Citizens’ Assembly passed the City Council Act (2019), or the Charter of Arnhelm, with 13 votes in favour, 6 against, and 1 abstention. Should the act be passed by the Senate and approved by the first minister, it would disband the Citizens’ Assembly and establish a new body, the City Council of Arnhelm, which would roleplay as the governing body of the city-state of Arnhelm. Arnhelm would be entirely independent from Europeia and the laws passed by the City Council would not have any effect on Europeia outside of Arnhelm; the Council’s main purpose would be to teach legislators and to act as a stepping stone to running for the Senate. Indeed, one of the concerns voiced about the Citizens’ Assembly which led to the proposal of the City Council is that its stated purpose as a school for legislators has been unfulfilled and that it has instead taken the role of a political body. Although some expressed the view that the Citizens’ Assembly should never have taken on an educational purpose, general apprehension about the body’s inactivity were sufficient for a majority to support its disbanding.

Senate Passes the Attorney General Restriction Alleviation Act (2019)
With a unanimous vote in favour, the Senate has passed the Attorney General Restriction Alleviation Act (2019), which will shortly be presented to the first minister for his approval or veto. The discussion on the act began with Senator Rand proposing an act "to move the Attorney General from being a jointly-appointed office to being an office appointed only by the first minister." Following further discussion, however, the idea was not brought forward and instead an amendment to the Attorney General Act (2012) removing the restrictions barring the Attorney General from taking on the role of deputy first minister or deputy chief of state was proposed and passed.

Carathetopia Nominated as Radio Minister
First Minister Pichtonia and his deputy, Whitmark, this week presented Carathetopia to the Senate as their nominee for the office of Minister of Radio. In response to a series of questions asked her by the first minister, Carathetopia expressed hopes of implementing a regular schedule of radio programmes, promoting activity in the ministry and increasing the popularity of radio programmes across all the residents of Europeia. She wishes to collaborate with the Ministry of Culture to use radio to call attention to upcoming culture events such as the weekend games and the random weekly roleplays. Pichtonia has said that he will continue to train Carathetopia while she carries out her job, although, in his words, "what we're seeing early on is extremely promising." Carathetopia’s first broadcast took place on July 16: an interview with this term’s Minister of Communications, Hezekon, about his plans as minister, his aspirations, and much more.

Minister of Communications Gives Opening Address
Hezekon, who now begins his second consecutive term as Minister of Communications, made a speech on Sunday outlining his intentions for the ministry in the coming term. He has announced that Astrellan will continue as his Senior Deputy Director of the EBC, Darcness will become his Deputy of Dispatch, and DictatorAnna10 will serve as Deputy of Fun & Games. He mentioned plans to diversify the ministry’s output by encouraging writers to choose topics to cover in their articles.

Navy Celebrates 1M Forum Posts
On Saturday the Europeian Republican Navy (ERN) celebrated an important milestone for the region - the posting of the millionth forum message - by sending a merry band of three ERN members (Grand Admiral HEM, Lieutenant Commander Darcness, and Lieutenant Sopo) to conquer two regions. The invasions of Happy Valley and Monarchist Gang were both carried out with resounding success and our glorious Europeian colours now proudly grace two more regional World Factbook Entries. Well done!

Weekend Games Revived
Last weekend Europeia celebrated the return of the much-anticipated Weekend Games, with board games online, trivia galore, and much more. They turned out to be a great success with plenty of residents taking part: in fact, they were so popular that the fun and games spilled over into the weekdays with impromptu Mafia and Uno games. This show of interest suggests that Minister of Culture DictatorAnna10 has succeeded in resurrecting what was proclaimed last term to be a dead ministry. On the contrary: Europeian culture is very much alive.


Minister of Music
Deputy Minister
This is a wonderfully done article, Maowi. It's very, very thorough, covers a lot of ground, and delves just deep enough to get a sense of what's going on, without becoming too bloated. Well done!


The first good SM™
Lovely article Maowi! I can't believe we hit such a big milestone unexpectedly (and I love how everyone started spamming when they realised how close it was) and the new Weekend Games seriously give me life. I love playing games with people and I'm glad the Ministry of Culture have brought them back so i can play em with all my Euro friends :^)