Europeia's Weekly Update - January 4th 2020



Europeia's Weekly Update
January 4 2020

Written by Xecrio

HEM's New Year Address
Chief of State HEM released his new year's address. Entitled "The Promise of 2020," the address outlines 2019 for Europeia and what the future holds in 2020. The address also states what citizens need to do to make the coming year the best for Europeia.

Midterm Executive Satisfaction Poll
Maowi and Bowzin collaborated this week in analysing the midterm executive poll. Overall the analysis revealed that the executive has a strong approval rating of 85.5 percent. Ministries are all shown to have an approval rating above 50 percent, most notably Minister of Culture Dax, who has an impressive overall approval rating of 95.2 percent. The analysis reveals that there is work to be done in the Ministries of Communications and Radio to increase approval before the end of term.
The chief of state has an impressive 80 percent approval rating, whilst Attorney General Prim has an outstanding 100 percent approval rating. Again, councils and ministries have an overall approval rating above 50 percent.

Executive Midterm Addresses
Minister of Communications Xecrio and Minister of Culture Dax have released their midterm addresses to inform Europeians how well each respective ministry is doing and what the remainder of the term holds for them. The Ministry of Culture revelled in the success of the Yule Ball and the continuation of weekend games. The Ministry of Communications mentioned the steady stream of articles coming from the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation, but focused more on what the future would hold.

Private Media Competition
In response to a lack of private media, the Ministry of Communications is hosting a competition to encourage people to develop their own private networks and write articles for the competition. Each writer will receive a prize for their hard work.

World Assembly
In the Council of World Assembly Affairs, Deputy Councillor Maowi has had her proposed General Assembly resolution put at vote. Currently, the vote stands at a hefty passing margin and voting will cease on January 5.

The Yule Ball
The Yule Ball came to and end on December 31 after a couple of weeks of festive fun and games. Citizens got to spend time in their Hogwarts house while competing for spam points and playing weekend games. The Ministry of Communications has provided a recap article on the festivity.

Arnhelm Mayoral Election
The City Council mayoral election has commenced with only Prim standing, with voters choosing between him and the option to re-open the election. Only the few who have signed up to join the City Council can vote in this election, but it is recognised as a part of Europeia's elaborate culture.


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Thanks for the update!

Also I know this might just be a "me" thing, but I miss updates from Ministers and Councillors constantly. It could be because I'm an admin, so I see *every* thread in each forum and it drowns out their updates/speeches when viewing from the main page, but I feel like it doesn't help that the Cabinet and Council forums are all at the bottom of the forum.