Europeian of the Year - Calvin Coolidge


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Firstly, my apologies to my nominee for this nomination not being as long or as thorough as he deserves. However, I'm coming down to the wire (if not already past it), and I need to make sure that he is, in fact, nominated!

The ENN is proud to nominate Calvin Coolidge as this year's Europeian of the Year. Calvin has had a difficult track record as president, often facing controversy or inactivity during his terms. Yet, this year, Calvin served as president twice, first near the beginning of the year, where his term was well-received and marked by statements of support for our allies, cultural celebrations, and a high level of communication. He opted not to seek a second term, but stepped up to the plate again 70 days later, defeating incumbent President Kazaman's re-election bid. Calvin then had another great term, including an important statement on what was then called the Democracy/Autocracy update, staking out Europeia's leadership position on what would become Frontier/Stronghold.

So, for 140 days of 2021, Calvin Coolidge provided exceptional leadership to the Republic of Europeia. But what really amazes and impresses me about Calvin, even more than that, is his consistent dedication. Most people take a step back following the presidency, but Calvin kept right on at it - serving for two consecutive terms as minister of interior through the end of 2021. He excelled at it, providing exciting contests and incentives for recruiters, keeping our numbers consistent. And beyond Cabinet service, Calvin is a constant presence on radio, at cultural events, and, of course, organizing this very Europeian of the Year event through the Organization of Independent Media.

Calvin is, and always has been, the best of us. But this was an exceptional year for him. I am honored to nominate Calvin Coolidge for the 2021 Europeian of the Year and hope the voting public will forgive my brevity and tardiness in favor of such an excellent nominee.
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A true servant of the Republic, we probably owe him a lot of our success this year.

A good nomination!