Europeian of the Year 2019 Nominee: Maowi


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Europeian of the Year 2019 Nominee: Maowi

In mid-2019 the Ministry of Communications was under the adept leadership of Hezekon, who had at the time, to quote Maowi, "picked it up by the scruff of its neck, placed it firmly on all four feet, and set it trotting along happily." Under Hezekon's Ministry I felt that there was a great camaraderie and flurry of activity with the other writers in the EBC, but there was a natural stand out successor to take over the reins of leadership next - Maowi.

Maowi, to me, and clearly also in the eyes of someone like Hezekon, exemplified everything that an aspiring leader should. She was committed and dedicated, ready to edit articles at a moments notice, provide constructive advice, and golly could she write a lot of content. Her focus in the ministry showed her ability to grind into the basic functions when developing her skill set, but also to set a precedent for how anyone can put their work ethic into practice by contributing their time.

Sun is shining in the sky
There ain't a cloud in sight
It's stopped raining
Everybody's in a play
And don't you know, it's a beautiful new day

- "Mr Blue Sky", Electric Light Orchestra​

The above lyrics struck a chord with me about Maowi, for I feel that this has been the case with everything and anything that she has invested her abilities in. She jumped into Europeia whole heartedly, ferociously and positively. Beyond the borders of communications it is clear that Maowi has a passion for world assembly affairs, even penning her own General Assembly Resolution, she has talent in Europeian law, and seemed to have boundless energy when taking on the minister-ship in recruitment when asked by Pichtonia to take over the role. Maowi has contributed to radio, culture, and dedicated hours upon hours of her life to our spam threads. Notably she has been awarded three Order of the Sapphire Star's, an Order of Mercury, an Order of Dedication, two Golden and one Silver Pen - all for work in the last year alone.

"The things which are most important don’t always scream the loudest." - Bob Hawke​

In 2019, Maowi instigated debates across the region on mandatory recruitment through an op-ed piece, spurning heavy discussion on the matter, reigniting the fire of recruiters that had diminished over the past two terms, and created a healthy competitiveness in the ministry of recruitment (although I don't know if I'd call cuddles and Xecrio's insane recruiting streaks healthy … .) She brought senators into ample debate on requirements for mandatory recruitment for executive positions, and had our ministry of justice reviewing legislation to that effect. Maowi single handedly and masterfully invigorated the region with her written words.

While I might not always agree with everything she says or does, I can attest to her commitment to our community, and her love of helping others develop their careers and their lives. Despite a literal age gap between us, I have learnt so much from her guidance - which I think would apply to anyone in Europeia, or across NationStates regarding her tutelage.

I can think of no other Europeian in the past year that has invested as much of themselves, no other Europeian that has brought as much tenacity and liveliness to each and every ministry or council, and no other person that deserves the honour of being declared Europeian of the year as much as Maowi.



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An excellent nomination. I have so much respect and admiration for Maowi's work ethic and everything she accomplished here last year.