Europeian Hunger Games XI


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Welcome to the 11th Hunger Games, being hosted by Mousebumples! Big shout-out to Drecq who became the first-ever repeat champion in the running of X.

Mousebumples is hosting this one, but she asked me to open signups as she is busy.

So, right to it. Auto-qualifiers:
- Writinglegend
- Mouse
- Shufie
- Kaboom
- Prom
- Kyorgia
- Calvin
- Netz
- Drecq
- Starstream
- HMKDI of Cokeland
- Sopo

District 1: Yaman
District 2: GraV
District 3: Kaboom
District 4:
District 5: Calvin
District 6:
District 7: I Do Not Exist
District 8: Mount
District 9:
District 10: Kyorgia
District 11: Shufie
District 12: Plemby, Fortunando

[b]District preferred:[/b]

Calvin Coolidge

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Name: Calvin Coolidge
Nickname: Calvin
District preferred: Wherever
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Netz claimed a spot on Skype. I'll go post around to the RMB as well, and then I'm planning to "fill this out" and get this started either tonight or tomorrow morning. So ... claiming a spot now versus later is best.


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Name: Mount2010 (the republic of extreme fairness)
Nickname: (I'm assuming this is for in game?): Mount
District preferred: 8
Image: Err, must I have this? If needed, use my flag.