Europeian Hunger Games X


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PSAD and Kyorgia tell stories about themselves to each other.

Kaboom begs for Fortunando to kill him. He refuses, keeping Kaboom alive.

Prom convinces Drecq to snuggle with him.


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Kaboom said:
Fortunado said:
I let kaboom suffer the ultimate punishment, life.
So much for the ruthless killer :p
Your character found life to painful to live. I think my character is just as ruthless as he needs to be, if life is the source of your suffering.


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Fortunando explores the arena.

Drecq steals from PSAD while he isn't looking.

Kaboom collects fruit from a tree.

Prom convinces Kyorgia to not kill him, only to kill him instead.
1 cannon shot can be heard in the distance.

District 10


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These two are quite anti-climactic, so I'm posting them both at once.
The final arena event will be tomorrow morning.
Prom, Fortunando, PSAD, and Kaboom tell each other ghost stories to lighten the mood.

Drecq goes to sleep.
Fortunando is pricked by thorns while picking berries.

PSAD and Prom work together for the day.

Drecq discovers a cave.

Kaboom questions his sanity.


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Here comes the finale!
A cloud of poisonous smoke starts to fill the arena.

Prom is engulfed in the cloud of poisonous smoke.

Kaboom and PSAD decide to run into the cloud together.

Drecq slowly pushes Fortunando closer into the cloud until he can't resist any more.
4 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.

District 1

District 9

District 11

District 12
The winner is Drecq from District 4!
1. Drecq
2. Fortunando
4. Kaboom
5. Prom
6. Kyorgia
7. GraV
8. Plem
9. Starstream
10. There Will Be Blood
11. Calvin
12. Shades
13. Seymour
14. CSP
15. RHS
16. Noto
17. Mouse
18. Insert Name Here
19. NK
20. Writinglegend
21. wfa19
22. Kuramia
23. Netz
24. PASD