Europeian Hunger Games - V3.0


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I found a different Hunger Games Generator that lets me determine M/F for each district, so - looking at it - I think I should be able to send two males from a given district. (If you're female, and it's not obvious from your name, let me know. I'd like to try to get proper pronouns where I can.)

Who wants in? I don't want to leave out anyone who's interested ... so I figured I'd leave this open for claiming a District and slot. You can also suggest other players that should be included, and I'll work them in either tonight or tomorrow morning when I generate the Reaping.

This generator also permits both Names and Nicknames, so if you want me to put in a nickname for you, let me know. There's also a slot for an image. Right now, I'm going with avatars (and I used the flag for Wozzy's nation since he doesn't have an avatar yet), but I can go with a different image for you, if you give me a link to a hosting site.

District 1:
A - Writinglegend [icon]mars[/icon]
B - Fortunado [icon]venus[/icon]

District 2:
A - Brunhilde [icon]venus[/icon]
B - Zapper [icon]mars[/icon]

District 3:
A - Wozzy [icon]mars[/icon]
B - Cpt.Carrot (Carrot) [icon]mars[/icon]

District 4:
A - Mousebumples (Mouse) [icon]venus[/icon]
B - Common-Sense Politics (CSP) [icon]mars[/icon]

District 5:
A - Prometheus32 (Prom) [icon]mars[/icon]
B - Calvin Coolidge (Calvin) [icon]mars[/icon]

District 6:
A - Shufordbrian (Shu) [icon]mars[/icon]
B - GraVandius (EmperorME) [icon]mars[/icon]

District 7:
A - Kuramia [icon]venus[/icon]
B - Kaboomlandia (Kaboom) [icon]mars[/icon]

District 8:
A - Kraken [icon]mars[/icon]
B - Haley [icon]venus[/icon]

District 9:
A - Plembobria (Plem) [icon]mars[/icon]
B - Shadowlurker [icon]mars[/icon]

District 10:
A - Kyorgia [icon]mars[/icon]
B - Asian with Crazy Mustache [icon]mars[/icon]

District 11:
A - Erebox [icon]mars[/icon]
B - Rylian [icon]mars[/icon]

District 12:
A - PASD [icon]mars[/icon]
B - Cassy [icon]venus[/icon]



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Added PASD, and just an update that there is an "image" option on this new generator as well. Right now, I've been going with everyone's avatar, but I can use something else if there's a different image that you feel "depicts you better" or something. Also: for Wozzy, I used your nation's flag.

EDIT: I'm off to work shortly, but I'll run this (and post The Bloodbath) either after work tonight (after 11p EDT) or tomorrow morning before work (probably around 8a EDT). Depends on how exhausted I am tonight, mostly. :p


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Name (Nickname): Fortunado
M/F: female, just cause
Preferred District (and slot, if there are options a preference): district 1-v


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Added Fort, and a few other notes as I've done some more exploring of the site in question:

1) I can add or edit different "events" that happen at each stage of the Games. [Bloodbath | Day | Night | Feast | Arena | Fatal: Bloodbath | Day | Night | Feast]

You can see the current (default) events here and make suggestions for new ones to be added. I won't add all the crazy ones you guys come up with, but there might be some good options. (and making them WL-specific, for example, re: turtle attacks, won't necessarily work since we can't ensure that WL is involved in said attack)

2) I can set a High, Medium, or Low Death rate. If High isn't preferred, give a shout.

3) I might need the images to be smaller. Not sure since I haven't done any runs with our images yet, but the bottom of the tributes page says: "Avatars for custom display at 90x90 pixels." So they might get shrunk, but we'll see. If someone is bored and wants to crop/create avatars for everyone, that could be fun. :)


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Name (Nickname): Zapper
M/F: Male
Image: I'll have a look later

Preferred District (and slot, if there are options a preference): 2

Calvin Coolidge

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Name (Nickname): Calvin
M/F: M
Image: You can use my avatar
Preferred District (and slot, if there are options a preference): Wherever


Name (Nickname): Kyorgia
M/F: M
Image: Use my avatar
Preferred District (and slot, if there are options a preference): 10


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Name (Nickname): GraVandius (EmperorME)
Image:My avatar
Preferred District (and slot, if there are options a preference):wherever


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Name (Nickname): Kaboomlandia (Kaboom)
M/F: M
Image: Avatar
Preferred District (and slot, if there are options a preference): wherever