Europeian Hunger Games II


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I never actually grabbed anything from the Cornucopia, yet I've lost my supplies twice and spared PASD's life.


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Day Five
Starstream, CSP, Moly, and Kraken raid Mouse's camp while he is hunting.

Drecq travels to higher ground.

Sopo severely injures Zapper and leaves him to die.

Calvin Coolidge collects fruit from a tree.

Anumia receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor.

Fortunado searches for a water source.

Kaiser diverts Shadowlurker’s attention and runs away.

Haley searches for a water source.

1 cannon shot can be heard in the distance.


District 8



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Drecq sets Sopo on fire with a molotov.

Kraken kills Mouse while he is sleeping.

Kaboomlandia begs for Kaiser to kill him. She refuses, keeping Kaboomlandia alive.

Haley begs for Shadowlurker to kill her. He refuses, keeping Haley alive.

Calvin Coolidge tries to treat her infection.

CSP receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor.

Anumia lets Starstream into her shelter.

Moly accidently steps on a landmine.

Fortunado sees a fire, but stays hidden.