ERI Report: What's the Best Meme? Part IX


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ERI Report: What's the Best Meme? Part IX

Our illustrious meme reviewers caught up to the end of the meme thread for the first time since Meme Review Part II in January of 2020. The broadcast was a marathon at over two hours covering 106 memes, pushing the grand total to 680.

There were no major changes to the top tier of meme creators. Notably though, Istillian reaches the 3 meme minimum and debuts at 7th. On the other end of the spectrum Kharn debuts at 7th from last.
In terms of number of memes Sopo maintained his massive lead by adding 15 memes this past review. His total is now almost double that of myself who sits in second place with 50. Lethen continues to rise of the ranks in production passing Monkey to move into 4th. Comfed, Vlaska and Sincluda added a number of memes to their own total.

Here is everyone's ratings for this most recent part specifically. Calvin achieved the highest average rating with two memes. Sopo came in with a rating just above 6 despite a ridiculous number of memes posted. On the flip side Comfed came in at a below average score among a vast many memes.

Well that's another one of these I suppose. The data spreadsheet is here if you would like to view the raw data, or analyze it yourself. I quite frankly am beyond out of ideas for analysis on these things so suggestions would be very welcome. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas if they celebrated and have a wonderful holiday season in general.