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Clerk accounts

This is a list of existing accounts in the Clerks usergroup, and the members that have access to each of those.

If you believe you should be granted access to one of these accounts, you can either post a request here or ask someone that already has access. If you yourself have given the password for one of these accounts to some other member, then you should make a post below mentioning that account and member. This way, you help us keep the list accurate and up-to-date.

For more information on clerk accounts, please read the first post in this thread.

Assembly Clerk
Moderated areas: People's Assembly (and subforums)
Members with access:

Judiciary Clerk
Moderates: High Court Archives (and subforums).
Members with access:

Executive Clerk
Moderated areas: Newcomer's Handbook
Members with access:

SkyGreen (via Lethen)
JayDee (via Lethen)
upc (via Lethen)

Navy Clerk
Moderated areas: The Octagon
Members with access:

Sincluda (via Lethen)

Senate Clerk
Moderated areas: The Law Section, Failed Bills, Law Index 2.0 (and subforums).
Members with access:

Gem (via Lethen)
JayDee (via Gem)
Rand (via Gem)

University Provost
Moderated areas: University (and subforums)
Members with access:

Updated by: Lethen, July 14th, 2024
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Please can I have access to the Senate Clerk account as I've volunteered to help with the law index :)

EDIT: Don't worry about sending it to me, as I now have it from Asperta, but I still need adding to the list :)
All Clerk passwords have been reset. If you need access and you don't receive a PM from me in the next five minutes, please post here.
Clerk passwords reset and sent to those on the above list.

Those without access who require access may post here.

Please be reminded that if you have been given the details to a Clerk Account and pass on those details to someone else*, you need to post in this thread to tell us which account it is and who you gave the details to.

*Only do this if you have the permission of a responsible official or the Administrative team.
I was just about to go update the Newcomer Handbooks and I forgot the password...may I haz pleze? (And maybe update my name?)

I would very much like access to the executive clerk. Used to be named welfare clerk but the name and password I have from my last rodeo isnt working anymore. Thanks.
I did a reset of all clerk passwords, as we had starting losing track of who had access to what. The current list should be up-to-date.

Please remember to post here every time you provide a clerk's password to someone, so that we can update the list.
If I could have access to the Executive Clerk account (for overseeing the Newcomer's Handbook, etc., as MoI), that would be fabulous.