[Breaking News] Writinglegend on Track for a Trio of Terms

Writinglegend on Track for a Trio of Terms
The Europeian citizenry places its faith in Writinglegend for president once again

Written by Maowi

Over a twenty-four-hour voting period that began on Friday, September 2, fifty Europeian citizens congregated in the Oval Room to choose their next president. They were faced with the choice of reelecting incumbent President Writinglegend to his third consecutive term in the Goldenblock or reopening elections in the hopes that a challenger would throw their hat into the ring. As expected, Writinglegend was comfortably voted back into office for his tenth presidential term alongside Vice President Sarah, although 14.0% of the vote did go towards reopening elections. This was likely an expression of discontent about the lack of competition, as very little (if any) criticism of the Writinglegend campaign was publicly voiced.

Writinglegend revealed his intention to run for a tenth presidential term on the E-News Network’s Ministry of Pod Election Special 1, saying “I don’t think our work is finished. I still personally have a lot of goals from my last platform that I wasn’t able to achieve for time reasons this past seventy-day cycle [...] I think we can do a lot of building off of the Modern Gameplay Compact, making that a staple, and I think there’s a lot of directions our foreign policy can be taken.” He and Sarah released a comprehensive platform, Ultralight Beam, promising a proactive, outwards-facing communications strategy; a focus on solidifying friendships within Europeia’s treaty network as well as seeking new cultural partners; replacing the Navy’s reserve system with a militia system that will be better suited to defensive operations; and a new arm of the Welcoming Committee on Discord.

While Europeians strongly approve of the Writinglegend administration’s work – the executive achieved an exceptional 100% satisfaction rating in the latest midterm poll – citizens are also conscious of the apparent lack of interest in the presidency from those without previous experience in the Goldenblock. In his platform, Writinglegend expressed a desire “to crumble the proverbial walls around the presidency to give everyone a glimpse into what life is like” through a weekly podcast discussing different aspects and strategies of executive leadership. His keenness to make the presidency more accessible was also reflected in his campaign’s emphasis on providing opportunities for citizens to learn about foreign affairs.

Despite the election ultimately being uncontested, it could not be described as uneventful. With three days to go before polls were due to open, Comfed released a joke platform and stood for the presidency listing himself as his own running mate. While joke campaigns have in the past caused controversy, this one drew particular attention as some commenters argued that replacing the option to reopen elections with a non-serious candidate was unreasonable. Furthermore, it prompted Vice Chancellor Istillian (who was responsible for administering the election) to file for an Advisory Opinion from the High Court regarding the legality of standing as both president and vice president; the opinion has yet to be delivered. Comfed withdrew his candidacy before the vote, wishing not to remove the choice of reopening elections.

Following the conclusion of the election, Writinglegend nominated a new field of ministers to the Senate for confirmation. His nominees, listed below, are all returning to serve from the outgoing cabinet except Sanjurika and Le Libertie, although Pland Adanna was previously leading World Assembly affairs, Sopo was leading foreign affairs, and Lime was leading radio.

Interior: Le Libertie
Culture: Turbiatop
Communications: Lime
Radio: Sopo
Grand Admiral: Icarus
Foreign Affairs: Pland Adanna
World Assembly Affairs: Sanjurika
Attorney General: Olde Delaware

The next election in Europeia will be the general election for the Senate due to be held on October 7.