[Breaking News] Vice President SkyGreen24 Announces Presidential Bid

Vice President SkyGreen24 Announces Presidential Bid
President Lime Not Running for Re-Election

Written by Writinglegend

(Europeia – November 13, 2021) – Vice President Skygreen24 has announced his candidacy for the upcoming Europeian presidential elections. His running mate will be former First Minister and long-tenured Europeian Istillian.

“I have been interested in the office of President for a while now,” Vice President Skygreen24 told the EBC when asked to comment on his campaign. “With Istillian by my side I believe we can offer an administration that is both transparent and efficient.”

News of the Vice President’s candidacy came hot on the tail of President Lime announcing that he would not seek re-election.

“Certainly I would like to run for re-election, as there is a lot I would like to achieve,” President Lime stated on EBC Radio’s recent We Have Issues broadcast. “But I have to acknowledge the fact that I would not be able to give up the time to be president.”

Recent private media polling from The Europeian Citizen, run by Common-Sense Politics, indicates that Vice President Skygreen24 is a front-runner for the presidency. “In my opinion, Sky would be crazy to not run for President right now,” Common-Sense Politics stated in his recent flash poll analysis. “He's neck and neck with the cream of the crop and pummeling everybody else.”

Both Skygreen24 and Istillian are members of “Forward Europeia!,” a new political party that aims to advocate for Europeia to become a frontier region in the upcoming NationStates update. As Skygreen24 is the current Vice President and a key member in coordinating the current administration's pro-Frontier communication efforts, it is likely that he will continue to advocate for Europeia to be a frontier region in his campaign.

Mid-term polling by the EBC indicated that the region was split 55-45 percent in favor of the frontier option, although recent private media polling shows that the gap is only widening. This comes after President Lime proposed the Frontier Act (2021) to the Senate, which would create a gameside Regional Security Council (RSC) to protect a future founderless Europeia.

Official standing for the presidential elections is set to open in the coming days.



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I'm excited to see who will challenge this ticket


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Sky is a good candidate, and I think it's good if you can find someone from the last administration to stand.

I'm curious to see who else will stand, however! It could wind up to be a very interesting election.