[BREAKING NEWS] United Kingdom faces domestic turmoil as Treaty of Westminster on brink of repeal

United Kingdom faces domestic turmoil as Treaty of Westminster on brink of repeal
Recently resigned Prime Minister releases logs confirming treaty violation with LKE and growing ties to Brotherhood of Malice
Written by PhDre and Pierce

On April 23rd, the Land of Kings and Emperors (LKE) terminated the Treaty of Argyll with the United Kingdom (NSUK). Less than a week later, Prime Minister Alexis-Ka Sherwood (a.k.a. Arynnia) of NSUK would resign their position after two other treatied allies, Balder and Europeia, gave notice of the dissolution of their treaties with NSUK. In the wake of a Parliamentary inquiry into the treaty dissolutions, PM Sherwood posted private communications between the PM and a number of high ranked Europeian, Balderan, and LKE officials as well additional conversations between the PM and NSUK government officials. Within hours, multiple cabinet members included in the released logs resigned, and a former PM launched a public petition calling for Sherwood to resign or be removed from office. On their 12th day in office, after three dissolved treaties, one Parliamentary inquiry, the resignation of their cabinet, and the start of a petition for removal, PM Sherwood resigned all positions in NSUK and announced their intention to leave the region. Ray V. Arcadia-Sova-Bauheim, a former LKE Prime Minister, is now serving as acting Prime Minister.

Europeia and Balder’s joint announcement of their termination of treaties with NSUK came on April 27th, after days of then-private negotiation with PM Sherwood. President Writinglegend described the need for outreach to NSUK in his statement:
these conversations were not solely about the dispute between the LKE and UK. Of far greater concern to both Balder and Europeia has been the UK's burgeoning relationship with the Brotherhood of Malice. This organization has repeatedly and openly antagonized Balder, Europeia, and our allies. It is unsurprising then that both of our regions were greatly concerned by their outreach to UK so soon after the termination of UK's agreement with one of our mutual allies.

Meanwhile, within the NSUK cabinet, members associated with the Brotherhood of Malice (BoM) loudly advocated for a foreign policy change. “BoM hate is dumb, tbh” said one NSUK official declared persona non grata due to their attempted subversion of the LKE and ties to BoM. “If anyone got to know Koth or Venico, there’d be no hate… it's a gameplay thing, it’s fairly straightforward to opt out of… I would suggest we get a treaty with [one of BoM or LWU], for training and recruitment purposes.” When asked for comment, President Writinglegend said:
The comments by the Cabinet as revealed by PM Sherwood reveal a foreign policy choice by NSUK to affiliate themselves with an organization that has threatened Europeia and her allies, and the doctrine of Independence itself. The comments within the NSUK cabinet reveal the influence of BoM associated individuals that are PNG from Europeia for exactly the kind of behavior they continue to display in NSUK.

Between the termination of Treaty of Argyll and Europeia’s announcement regarding their intention to terminate the Treaty of Westminster, Europeian officials met with NSUK leadership to discuss a number of concerns, as outlined by the President::

  1. The current Minister of Defense in the United Kingdom is Rose Weisberg-Talleyrand, someone we PNG'd for subversion in the LKE and is affiliated with the Brotherhood of Malice and the raider unity network.
  2. Astrid Weisberg Talleyrand, who we have PNG'd here for subversion in the LKE, was the individual in question receiving citizenship by the UK. The LKE approached the UK about security concerns as this individual was responsible for attempting to destabilize and subvert the LKE government. The UK then talked to Astrid about these concerns, breaking their treaty with the LKE. The UK has since lied about this in NSGP, despite their Prime Minister directly telling the Europeian government that such communication did, in fact, occur. To make matters worse, Astrid made an inflammatory region here towards Balder and LKE on the same day as their citizenship application in the UK.
  3. The government of the United Kingdom approved a forum embassy application with the Brotherhood of Malice thirty minutes after the LKE terminated their agreement with the UK.
  4. Mary Spencer, the Deputy Prime Minister in the UK under Sherwood, was responsible for leaking a citizen-only announcement here under the name "Felix Wants to Diminish Democracy". They were made Deputy PM despite this occurrence.

In an episode of the Ministry of Pod, President Writinglegend described the conversation with NSUK’s PM, saying “[at first,] talks went really well… The Prime Minister came back the next day and was very hostile and aggressive and said that … we were kissing the feet of the LKE.” The EBC can confirm the authenticity of these remarks.

The EBC can also confirm that the Prime Minister went on to tell Writinglegend and Sopo that a “deep, effective relationship doesn’t exist right now” between Europeia and the United Kingdom, while ignoring concerns raised by Foreign Affairs Minister Sopo regarding a growing relationship between the Brotherhood of Malice and the United Kingdom. After the escalation in rhetoric and the PM’s failure to respond to Europeia’s concerns, Writinglegend said:

Europeia [feels] that our recent attempts to redress our concerns with the UK caused more problems than they resolved. We hold no ill will towards UK, as it is well within its right to determine its own path forward in the gameplay sphere, but it is clear that the path they are choosing diverges significantly from that of Balder and Europeia.

The PM’s decision to release all conversations surrounding the events of the last week give the EBC unparalleled insight into the mindset of the PM in the crucial negotiations with Europeia. The Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) pushed back against the hardline rhetoric of the PM, saying “the narrative that Europeia is demanding things to a Junior partner isn’t really true. It’s a friend talking about a relationship.” In response, the PM said, “Ordinarily, I’d agree, but their public response to LKE’s statement before they’d heard our position seems to think [Europeia] don’t care much about [the NSUK] relationship.” The EBC can reveal that the PM’s perception that Europeia supported LKE over NSUK was based on eight “likes” on a post from LKE Emperor Felix in the LKE embassy in Europeia. When the DPM asked if these concerns had been raised with Europeia, the PM said “I’m about to [raise these concerns].” Moments later, PM Sherwood responded to Foreign Affairs Minister Sopo, raising the issue of Europeian citizens “liking” the LKE statement. Sopo commented that “none of [those liking the statement] have purview over matters of foreign affairs. They are responding as private citizens.” In response, the PM issued their now-infamous comment that “[NSUK] are watching as Europeia’s citizenry effectively kiss the feet of the LKE.”

Tensions between the LKE and NSUK have grown since late March, when an LKE defector, Astrid Weisberg-Talleyrand, seized a colony of the LKE after being banished. Astrid was declared persona non grata by then-President Common-Sense Politics. Immediately after being banished by the LKE, Astrid went to NSUK to apply for citizenship. In response, the LKE reached out to NSUK to raise concerns about the citizenship request.

The EBC can confirm that Madeline Mikaelson, PM at the time of LKE’s request, told someone very close to Astrid Weisberg-Talleyrand that the LKE was opposing her citizenship application, which is a violation of the LKE-NSUK treaty. Mikalelson privately told PM Sherwood that they “[technically] broke that part of the treaty [with LKE], but [it] was more of an unintentional break.”

In the reason given to LKE officials as to why the NSUK Government could not reject the citizenship application over concerns from an allied region, Ms. Mikaelson stated that there was “no legal route for [the NSUK Government] to act preemptively unless we have reasonable cause [that] they would do the same [in NSUK].” Since “all they did was take a colony” and NSUK does not possess colonies, they “have no grounds to prevent entry or citizenship if Astrid chooses to do so”.

One of our reporters reached out to JayDee Bonaparte, an expert in NSUK law who possesses Bachelors’ and Doctorate degrees from their university and who previously served as chief judge of their Crown Court, to ask if treaty obligations that are passed in a similar way through NSUK Parliament could serve as a basis for an implied power of the NSUK Government to deny citizenship to an applicant who is an enemy of an allied state after hostile action to the latter. Mr. Bonaparte stated that for this scenario, this is untested in their case law from the courts and in their statutory law. He went on to tell us,
“If there is a question of the law, it is inevitable that the Crown Court will be petitioned to hear the case. Unlike Europeia, there does not need to be a specific stake for a legal review and the UK’s version of the Advisory Opinion is binding on Parliament and HM Government; so it is a tenable solution for [the] region”.

Meanwhile, Ms. Mikaelson responded to OnderKelkia in the NSGP forums, saying:
My mother raised me right and part of that is to call out people who are quite literally lying to paint themselves as the ever flawless victim.. actually the UK never breached that provision of the Treaty, so you burned a bridge and tried to make us look bad, for what exactly?

PM Sherwood privately told Europeia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Sopo that their predecessor, former PM Madeline Mikaelson, “reached out to the individuals in question about the circumstances to get their side of the situation regarding the issue." In the wake of the PM posting all private conversations in a public location, Sopo confirmed the treaty violation.

The decision by PM Sherwood to post all communications surrounding the LKE Affair did not only confirm knowledge within the PM’s Administration that NSUK had broken their treaty obligations with LKE. It also revealed a cabinet with individuals who are PNG in Europeia urging for closer ties with regions that are provocative and adversarial to Europeia, and resulted in serious political consequences for the PM. As of this article, the PM has resigned and new elections are scheduled shortly.

On the Ministry of Pod (Episode 2.13, 42:15), Writinglegend highlighted concerns raised by NSUK regarding the state of Europeian-NSUK affairs, saying “we need to have strong cross-cultural and social foundations [with allies].” Sopo chimed in, saying “we have to be more intentional.. And make sure allies don’t fall through the cracks. There is no reason we should go for a year without having any sort of meaningful interactions with our allies… it’s definitely a fault of our region, and others as well - it’s a two way street… we need to do better.”

Since ascending as Acting Prime Minister in the wake of Sherwood’s resignation, acting Prime Minister Ray V. Arcadia-Sova-Bauheim has appointed Foreign Secretary Owen Stewart as Deputy Prime Minister. Arcadia-Sova-Bauheim and the other ministers will serve in the interim until the conclusion of the by-election for a replacement PM. Valfor Talleyrand, a former Crown Prince and PM in LKE who published a scathing account of his time in LKE after departing the region following disagreements with their leadership, has since applied for citizenship in NSUK, which their Government has approved– a troubling sign ahead of the elections for a replacement premier. All eyes remain on the by-election and what approach the next successor will take.

As of the 29th of April, the Europeian Senate has officially repealed the Treaty of Westminster with NSUK by unanimous vote at the President’s request. It remains to be seen whether the Europeian Government will continue informal dialogue with the NSUK Government after the new Prime Minister is elected, but the President and Foreign Minister’s remarks in the latest Ministry of Pod episode seems to indicate that they may be open to future thawing of relations if the situation allows it. Given that members of the Brotherhood of Malice have growing ties with multiple members of NSUK’s government, this seems unlikely in the near future. . For now, this marks the end of the years-long relationship between Europeia and the United Kingdom.
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“Given that members of the Brotherhood of Malice are deeply within NSUK’s government,”

Apologies, should read:

Given that members of the Brotherhood of Malice have growing ties with multiple members of NSUK’s government, this seems unlikely in the near future.

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bro you had me scared for a good second right there

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In all honesty I don’t think there will be any sort of relationship with BoM…. I don’t think there’s an appetite for that.


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This was fantastic! I've been keeping somewhat abreast of the situation, but I've also been much busier IRL this week, so a good recap like this is really useful.


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After having a little bit of time away this week, this was fantastic to come back to and see. Wonderfully researched and incredibly informative, thank you Pierce and PhDre!


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Europeia's ability to find the meat and bones of events as they unfold and present them in an informative manner still continues to amaze me.

Edit: You can use my Euro name in the future, Bonaparte is only for regions that have "NS family" stuff like NSUK
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Great work folks!


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Strong and powerful journalism, PhDre and Pierce! Not that I expected anything less when I saw your names on the author line, but this one of those pieces of work that can be passed around as a clear example of the quality that comes out of the EBC and Europeian writers in general.