[Breaking News] The League and Balder sign Treaty of Savotta and Ribe

The League and Balder sign Treaty of Savotta and Ribe
New treaty between two allies of Europeia another in a series of moves bringing the winter sinker closer to defenders.

Written by Comfed

The Realm of Balder and the Republic of The League and Concord signed a mutual defence treaty on Sunday, September 5. The statement issued by both parties emphasized both the cultural cooperation of both regions and their mutually aligned interests.

This move is the latest in a pattern of foreign policy moves by both The League and Balder which have resulted in the former becoming closer to independent regions and the latter aligning itself towards defenders. Both moves can be illustrated by the signing of the Treaty of Moyra between The League and Europeia and the Pact of Runes and Tacos between Balder and 10000 Islands.

The Europeian Broadcasting Corporation reached out to Kazaman, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Balder, and Quebecshire, current Consul and Chief Consul Emeritus of The League and Concord (the signing officials of Balder and The League respectively on the treaty) for their comment on this historic new treaty between their regions.

According to Quebecshire, this treaty and the workings of The League-Balder ties have been long in the making, saying “We've been excited for some time in The League to finalize the Treaty of Savotta and Ribe, and it's the logical next step in our relationship with Balder. It's always wonderful to find new partners to collaborate more with, be they defender, Independent, or otherwise unaligned. Our relationship thus far has been beneficial to both our communities and I only see that becoming more noticed as things move forward in our now treatied-state.” He also remarked on the region and community of Balder itself, remaking “Despite the increasingly frequent incoherent shrieking directed towards Balder from certain elements of raiderdom as of late, it is truly a lovely region with an admirable community and culture that we're happy to have as an ally.”

Kazaman shared the Chief Consul Emeritus’ view on the forming of ties between their two regions, saying “Balder is glad to have The League among its many allies, and to continue to grow and make friends in the Defender sphere. It felt like a natural step for both regions, I think.” He told us as well about the strategic benefits of this treaty to Balder and it;s foreign policy direction, remarking that “of course for a sinker, the primary benefit of any alliance is defence. We've striven over the past year to have a variety of allies from different spheres, which has meant both signing new treaties with Defender partners, including TSP and our historic agreement with XKI, and expanding and reaffirming existing relationships with independent and neutral regions. Thaecia is a new addition, and we've updated treaties with Lazarus and the members of the Modern Gameplay Compact.” The Minister of Foreign Affairs additionally responded to many comments which have been made about his region, commenting that “many people might get the impression that Balder is a sleepy region that rests on its laurels, but the truth is anything but that. We are aware of how important it is to create and seize opportunities, and to alter course. This string of new treaties is an example of that.”

The League and Balder are both allied to Europeia, and this new treaty serves to cement the relationship between independent and defender regions which has seen itself develop rapidly over the course of the past year.



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Great work here Comfed!! I like your analysis in the article linking the wider FA developments we've seen the past year or so, that along with the quotes really adds to the article. It's more than just a recap, it is actively contributing to the news.