[Breaking News] President Writinglegend Re-elected

President Writinglegend Re-elected
Becomes first re-elected president since executive re-merge

Written by John Laurens and Seva
Edited by Moon, McEntire, Dracondra, and Prov

Arnhelm, Europeia - In what many viewed as an impending coronation due to his high approval ratings, incumbent President Writinglegend won re-election over former Vice President and multi-time cabinet member Monkey, who led the Government Accountability Office for part of last term. Writinglegend is the first president since the re-merge of the executive branch to be re-elected, and this will be his record-breaking ninth term as President.

The campaign was relatively quiet, and did not even feature a presidential debate between the candidates. Polling showed a massive lead for the Writinglegend/Sarah ticket, with Monkey/Calvin Coolidge ticket only taking up 13% of the vote in the last poll before the election opened.

Writinglegend took an early lead when polls opened, and his re-election was never in danger - his ticket emerged victorious with 80.6% of the vote. The absolute number of votes, 57, broke the record for most votes for a candidate for a contested election in recorded history - records of election results are only available from July 2015 onwards.

The re-election of Writinglegend brings a new Vice President in Sarah, replacing Sincluda who chose not to run for re-election for real life reasons. Sarah was Culture Minister under Writinglegend in the previous term and has been Statsminister of Balder and Delegate of The Rejected Realms in the past.

Since the polls closed, the President has published his inaugural address where he stated that he “wanted this term more than any of [his] previous terms.” As opposed to the last term that was “about challenges and roadblocks”, Writinglegend has declared this term will be “about opportunities.” He promised to “flip our domestic ministries inside-out to support our ambitious foreign affairs agenda” and to “seek out newfound opportunities”, echoing his promises in his campaign platform. “It is the people of our community,” he concluded in a call for all Europeians to get involved in the region, “who harness our greatness.”

The President has also appeared on radio to make his cabinet nominations, which were largely well received. Right now the nominees are undergoing Senate confirmation. The proposed cabinet is as follows:

Minister of Interior - Poseidon63

Minister of Culture - Istillian

Minister of Communications - Seva

Minister of Radio - Lime

Minister of Foreign Affairs - Sopo

Minister of World Assembly Affairs - Pland Adanna

Grand Admiral - Icarus

Attorney General - United Adaikes.

Although the Senate has voiced mostly support for the nominees, the confirmation process has not been completely smooth. For instance, the nominee for minister of radio, Lime, has faced questions about a term as President where he earned a 5% approval rating and resigned. The consensus, however, seems to be that he is qualified to lead his ministry given his knowledge of and contributions to Europeian media.

Another potentially controversial choice for minister was the Interior nominee Poseidon63, who recently resigned from the Senate after facing a recall petition for posting in spam threads during his leave of absence. However, he is the incumbent minister, and Writinglegend defended the nominee's record last term by publicizing high recruitment telegram numbers under Poseidon's leadership.

Istillian, the nominee for minister of culture, was on a break from cabinet positions during the previous term and therefore faced some questions about his readiness to go back to the cabinet in a position he has never served in before. He has outlined the ways he got involved last term and declared he is “bursting with excitement” about his new role.

Sopo, Icarus, Pland Adanna, Seva, and United Adaikes were all heavily involved in their departments last term, Sopo as the incumbent Minister of Foreign Affairs, Icarus, Pland Adanna, and Seva in deputy positions in the Europeian Republican Navy, Ministry of World Assembly Affairs, and Ministry of Communications respectively, and United Adaikes as Deputy Attorney General. Therefore, they were seen by the citizenry as the natural choices for their positions.