[BREAKING NEWS] Condemn Reventus Koth Repealed by Security Council

Condemn Reventus Koth Repealed by Security Council
Landslide vote seen as rebuke to Brotherhood of Malice

Written by McEntire and PhDre

A showdown is taking place in the World Assembly. The resolution “Repeal: ‘Condemn Reventus Koth’” is a dramatic flash point in the conflict between the North Pacific (TNP) and the Brotherhood of Malice (BoM). Authored by three-time TNP Delegate and two-time Minister of World Assembly Affairs Pallaith, the repeal recently passed the Security Council by a wide margin. It comes in the wake of BoM antagonizing TNP by repeatedly raiding Stargate, a TNP-allied region.

The repeal focuses on the premise that the original condemnation did not include enough clear information about Koth’s specific roles in raiding organizations or major operations, and that some of the arguments in favor of Condemnation are not notable. The original resolution, SC #225, was passed in August 2017, and proponents of repeal say it does not meet modern authorship standards.

Reventus Koth, or Koth, is the founder of BoM, and has held significant roles in the Black Hawks, the Black Riders, and Osiris. Hours after an initial draft was posted, reaction was already divided. TNP-allied regions, as well as defenders, issued comments of support.

It is widely acknowledged that raider-leaning players view Security Council condemnations as a significant accomplishment. Many voices in opposition focused on the lack of a replacement condemnation resolution, arguing that Koth’s career is well worthy of condemnation and that TNP is using its political influence in the World Assembly to compensate for an inability to defend Stargate.

TNP’s delegate Madjack acknowledged the retributive nature of the repeal, saying that work on the resolution “started sometime after BoM's first or second hit on Stargate,” and that “people used to be smart enough” to avoid attacking TNP partner regions.

Two days after a “Repeal Condemn Koth” was circulated on the NationStates forum, Koth entered the NSGP discord and responded to the resolution:
Whatever anyone's justification is for wanting to get rid of my condemn, whatever, it's a game, it's a game mechanic, use it how you see fit. It just became very clear very quickly to me how people like MadJack want to erase me from the game, scrub my history …. Like nothing I did in the last 10 years ever mattered. That's what's upsetting me, not losing a badge

The Brotherhood of Malice has risen in prominence in recent months, destroying The Mystical Council, scrubbing over a thousand embassies from EmbassyRegionia, and antagonizing regions that have spurned their advances.

Days after Europeia declined to accept a forum embassy request from BoM, the raiders began retagging regions hit by the Europeian Republican Navy, and attacked regions founded by Europeia’s founder HEM.

Several leaders of the Brotherhood of Malice, including Koth, were declared Persona Non Grata on March 30th by then-President of Europeia Common-Sense Politics. When reached for comment, President Writinglegend said:
Koth is a leader in BoM… I don't think we should be awarding these individuals with any type of distinguished honors, which is what they hold condemnations as.

Europeia’s delegate Prim voted in favor of Repeal Condemn Koth. Other delegates voting in favor included those from the South Pacific, the East Pacific, Refugia, the Pacific, 10000 Islands, and Balder. Voting against were delegates from Osiris, the Rejected Realms, and the Communist Bloc.

Expect to see the Security Council continue to be a battleground between BoM-aligned regions and regions opposed to BoM. Already, a draft is being circulated in the Security Council to repeal Condemn The Black Hawks (SC #52), a historical and much lower quality condemnation of the raider organization than a more recent condemnation (SC #217). “Wonder how many of these we’re going to get,” said one World Assembly member, who later added “now that I actually read through [it] ... if there's any proposal that does warrant a repeal for poor writing it's definitely this, I'm surprised it's lasted this long.” Another, firebrand raider RiderSyl, said “Well, I know that the raiding/defending sphere currently contains an IC effort to erase significant achievements of raiders.” Whether repeal efforts grow to encompass all raiders, or whether they continue to only target low quality condemnations associated with BoM, remains to be seen.

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