[Breaking News] Commend Europeia to Be Repealed and Replaced

Commend Europeia to Be Repealed and Replaced
Pallaith and Hulldom Draft Repeal-and-replace with Writinglegend's Blessing

Written by Seva
Edited by Maowi and Leo

On Wednesday, July 27, two proposals appeared in the Security Council forum. One repealed the Commendation of Europeia, written by Ever-Wandering Souls (Souls). It was authored by Pallaith, Delegate of The North Pacific. The other one was a replacement for the Commendation, authored by the North Pacific Foreign Affairs Minister Hulldom, also known as Inishmaan in Europeia. Hulldom and Pallaith were each listed as the co-author of the other’s resolution, making it clear that the repeal and replace were a cooperative effort.

The effort also had the blessing of Writinglegend, President of Europeia, for whom repealing resolutions authored by or bringing attention to members of the Brotherhood of Malice, Europeia’s main opponent on the gameplay scene, was a goal for this term. In his platform, he listed “repealing condemns of prominent raiders who are connected to the Brotherhood of Malice [BoM]” as one of the long-term tasks, but repealing a resolution authored by Souls, who is in BoM leadership, also fits well into that strategy. “Just want to confirm that Europeia is in full support of a repeal and replacement of our commendation. I want to thank our friends for taking the time to draft a stellar replacement that captures what makes our community special, and I think this repeal proposal aptly highlights the flaws in the commendation currently on the books,” Writinglegend commented on the thread.

Souls’ persona, however, was not mentioned by Pallaith in his pitch for the repeal. Instead, he focused on the fact that some things in the target resolution had not “aged very well”, while others weren’t “quite up to code.” The repeal mentions a military agreement that was not successful despite being included in the Commendation; criticises the target for focusing only on the number of people that led Europeia without giving enough credit to the depth of the region’s political system; points out that Europeian archives, while useful to the region’s citizens, are not visible by anyone else, thus rendering the clause mentioning them factually incorrect; and states the desire for better coverage of Europeian contributions to the World Assembly (which are not described in enough detail) and to interregional media (which are somewhat overstated). In the thread, people unanimously agreed with the repeal and offered no substantive edits.

The replacement Commendation attracted more attention, but after some edits were made, it also received overwhelming support. The proposal fixes the flaws the repeal points out, recognising the depth of Europeian democracy, celebrating Europeian nations that have had a major influence in the World Assembly and were Commended for it, and describing Europeian media contributions more accurately. In addition to that, the new Commendation highlights Europeian foreign affairs influence via the Independent Manifesto and the Arnhelm Declaration of Recruitment Standards, which ensured a level playing field in recruitment. Closely tied to that is the clause about the Europeian Republican Navy and its role in multiple operations, including large interregional anti-fascist ones. Finally, the proposal praises Europeia for promoting and celebrating inclusion and diversity via the “Women in NS” symposium, Project Moirai, and the annual EuroPride.

After a bit more than two weeks of drafting, the repeal landed on the Security Council floor on August 14 and is at the time of writing enjoying 95.4% support. The next step will be to pass the replacement, which appears very likely as Europeia has a vast treaty network. We congratulate the authors on such overwhelming support for their repeal and hope the new Commendation will pass and stand the test of time - and that the Senate approves an amendment to the Holiday Act to set a new date for Commendation Day.



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