BREAKING: Maowi Commended

BREAKING: Maowi Commended
The commendation passed with an overwhelming 90.9% of the vote.

Written by Pland Adanna

Commend Maowi passed the World Assembly Security Council at the minor update on Monday by an overwhelming vote of 11,170 (90.9%) to 1,124 (9.1%), a margin not met in the council since Commend Trotterdam passed on August 6, 2020 with 91.2% of the vote. The commendation praises Maowi for her service to Europeia through the Ministries of Communications and World Assembly Affairs, for her authorship in the World Assembly, and for her contributions to the regions of Sky Haven and South Pacific. Maowi, a beloved Europeian, has served as First Minister, Minister of Recruitment, Minister of Communications, and Minister (and Councillor) of World Assembly Affairs. She joined Europeia on June 25, 2019.

The commendation was authored by Hulldom, known in Europeia as Inishmaan, along with Orca and Narwhal and Mancheseva City (also known as Seva, who is also a Europeian citizen). The original draft was first submitted to the Europeian Summer Olympics’s Commend/Condemn Contest, where it took the gold medal after receiving a perfect score. It then proceeded to the NS forums where it was further developed into the final draft.

“As long as I’ve known Maowi, she’s been a very kind and very compassionate soul who selflessly gave her light and energy to all of us,” Hulldom told the EBC. “I view this simply as repaying a favor that has been done many times over.” Many in Europeia feel the same way, especially in the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs, which met the commendation with great enthusiasm. In the Information for Voters, written by Baobab, the ministry declared that Maowi’s service to Europeia and NS as a whole has been immense and her “impact is one to be remembered.” On Monday, the World Assembly officially agreed.


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