[Beyond the Borders] Condemn Ever-Wandering Souls Repealed

Condemn Ever-Wandering Souls Repealed
The Black Hawks invade The East Pacific Ally, draw heat from Security Council

Written by PhDre

Condemn Ever-Wandering Souls was repealed by the World Assembly Security Council on November 22nd. The Repeal resolution was authored by The League’s Quebecshire and Europeia’s Writinglegend. The target of the resolution, Ever-Wandering Souls, is highly involved in both The Black Hawks (TBH) and the Brotherhood of Malice (BoM). Souls authored Commend Europeia (#234), which was repealed (#412) and replaced (#413) earlier this year.

The final result was 64% in favor of Repealing Condemn Ever-Wandering Souls, in what author Writinglegend called a “focal point for interregional conflict.” Coauthor Quebecshire described the original Condemnation as a “congratulatory raider condemnation,” describing the repeal attempt as a “longstanding policy for my ideological beliefs and my region."

Immediately after being proposed, the resolution was criticized by a number of raiders, who escalated their words and then actions over the course of voting. After the Repeal went to a vote, Ever-Wandering Souls sent out a Telegram to World Assembly Delegates campaigning against the resolution. The telegram was widely distributed, including to delegates who have a policy of always voting the opposite of how World Assembly Telegram campaigns tell them to vote.

In addition, Souls did not disclose in that telegram that they were actually Ever-Wandering Souls, rather using a puppet nation. These acts led to criticism in the Security Council, and a counter-campaign fromWorld Assembly Delegate Tepertopia of feeder region The South Pacific. “[Souls] think they can manipulate the voters of the World Assembly into supporting raiding's goals by hiding behind puppets,” they said.

North East Somerset (NES), honoured citizen of Europeia and then-King of Balder, expressed disappointment “to see Ever-Wandering Souls directly campaigning to hang on to his own condemn by sending out paid for stamp telegrams from his own puppet nation.”

After their puppet campaign failed to sway the World Assembly, Souls took to the World Assembly forums to critique powerful World Assembly delegates, saying “I'm glad to see that thousands of GCR [Game Created Region] votes cannot do anything besides make inflated posts and beg for their own citizens to get in line.” Those thousands of delegate votes, and the diplomatic efforts of those delegates, were seen by many watchers of the World Assembly as critical in the Repeal vote. NES pointed to the margin of the Repeal, which gained more support from the World Assembly than the original condemnation.

The repeal comes in the wake of Repeal Koth, which removed World Assembly recognition from BoM co-founder Koth. At the time, Koth said “I know there's gonna be consequences, even if I don't at all agree with the angle of attack [of repealing Condemns]. It's something we're gonna have to figure out as players moving forward.” The Europeian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) covered Repeal Koth at the time, describing it as a “rebuke to the Brotherhood of Malice” and a “dramatic flash point” in ongoing tensions between feeders and the Brotherhood of Malice.

In the final 24 hours of the voting period, Koth’s BoM and TBH raided regions which voted in support of the repeal, stating that “the raiding will continue until the Security Council improves.” One of the regions targeted was The Free Nations (FNR), an ally of feeder The East Pacific (TEP). TEP released a statement “In Solidarity WIth FNR,” ordering the closure of embassies with TBH and the end of military cooperation with TBH “for the time being… until [TEP] further assesses the value of [their] diplomatic relationship.” TEP also alleged that TBH was unaware of the FNR-TEP treaty, “[suggesting] incompetency and carelessness from [TBH].” Furthermore, TEP shifted their vote on Repeal Condemn Ever-Wandering Souls from Abstain to in favor of the resolution “in solidarity with The Free Nations Region and in protest for the operation, which Ever-Wandering Souls commanded and executed.”

The final vote was 11,820 in favor and 6,660 against. As the voting period ended, EBC hosted a live radio show in the Inter-Regional Chat with the coauthors, who went into additional detail as to the voting strategy and outcome. You can listen to the show recording here.

The EBC reached out to author Writinglegend, who described the repeal resolution as “a successfully coordinated multi-regional effort built off of the hard work from many different people.” Indeed, the resolution faced concentrated opposition from a number of controversial sources - Writinglegend highlighted that “high profile security council resolutions can become the focal point for interregional conflict.” President Icarus echoed the sentiment, describing Europeia’s World Assembly efforts as an “invaluable tool to further Europeias influence and interests abroad… this was a huge collaborative effort by a lot of people and regions, something that has brought us even closer together with our allies.”

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